Sweden used as warning example by Norway police

As a current resident of Sweden, I sometimes find myself questioning my own sanity. All these problems I blog about are right there in the open for anyone to see and getting worse by the year, yet media and politicians act as if everything is hunky-dory. Most people on the street also appears to be completely oblivious to details like the enormous increase of burning cars in the ghettos, the 1472% increase in rapes and the ever bolder gangs choking their enclaves with drugs and violence. 

So I find myself wondering, am I missing something? Why aren’t people reacting? Is it really reasonable that so many are in a state of denial? Or am I somehow misinterpreting all this?

That’s why it’s oddly reassuring that the neighboring Nordic countries are in the same boat. Denmark has voiced concerns about the utterly weak background check of immigrants from the middle east, fearing radical Islamists entering Sweden as asylum seekers with the intent of building Scandinavian terror cells. My very first post on this blog was about a Danish politician openly pleading for Sweden to come to its senses.

Norway isn’t too pleased either, and they dare speak openly about the problems brewing in the cities of their neighbor.

In a new report called “Oslo 2022,” the Norwegian police explicitly use Sweden in general and the town of Södertälje as a warning example. This prompted Aftonposten, one of the major Norwegian newspapers, to do two articles on Sweden’s out-of-control immigration.

In the first part, Norwegian reporters traveled to Södertälje outside Stockholm. Entitled “We all live in the same town, but not in the same world,” the article chronicles a town in complete segregation where the immigrants gain ground every year and everyone who can escapes. Violence, drugs, lawlessness and decay eats away at the town like a cancer. 

“Why is this allowed to happen?” the reporter asks.

“Because the Swedes are weak,” says 36-year old Simon Melkemichel. “The Swedish identity will be wiped out in 20-30 years.”

The second part is called “Sweden has lost control over their immigration” and has representatives for the Norwegian government comment on the fact that, well, Sweden has lost control over their immigration. What makes it noteworthy is the difference in tone compared to the Swedish political debate.

As in Denmark, the Norwegian leftist worker’s party have a very different view on immigration than the Swedish sister party Socialdemokraterna (currently in power). In Norway and Denmark, they make a point of restricting the inflow and checking the backgrounds carefully. 

In Sweden, there are literally no limits, and any background check beyond scratching the surface is considered racist and shut down by management as has been repeatedly revealed by bloggers like Merit Wager

Not surprisingly, the police report and the articles have ruffled quite a few feathers in Sweden’s political and medial elite. But equally predictably, the Swedish response is not to acknowledge the problems, but to whine about the mean Norwegian pseudo-fascists having the gall to criticize Sweden’s enlightened stance.

While it doesn’t do squat to fix anything, it’s at least reassuring that I’m not the one losing my mind.


Malmö is exploding!

Malmö is the third largest city in Sweden, balancing on the southern tip right across the water from the European continent. It is also heavily infested with criminal gangs that have taken over large parts of the city, making them in effect no-go zones for police, emergency services and ethnic Swedes.

It appears the gangs are now upping the ante and advancing their positions against society. Shortly before midnight last night, two men were spotted placing a bomb at the entrance of Malmö’s “Justice Center,” a building containing the local court and the equivalent of the District Attorneys office. Moments later it detonated, causing severe damage to the building as well as the surrounding residental buildings.

Despite several shattered windows and debris flying about, noone was hurt in what can only be described as crazy luck.

“We’re seeing fairly massive damages in the area,” said Police Commander Fredrik Svensson. “There are shattered windows and pieces of metal from balconies that have been ripped away [by the blast].”

Unfortunately, this is but the latest in a long row of explosions rocking the once peaceful town of Malmö. The rise of the gangs combined with easy access to military-grade explosives have put Malmö at the top in Europe for bomb detonations.

Roland Nilsson, technician at the national explosives unit of the police, points squarely at organized crime as the cause for the dramatic increase. The statistics are sticking out like a sore thumb compared to the rest of the continent.

“Now we’re up at the top spot in Europe,” he said.

While most blasts are aimed at cars and businesses in the ongoing gang warfare, it is alarming when the criminals are specifically targeting the justice system. Not long ago there was a similar attack on a Malmö police station, and the message is clear: This is our town, not yours. If you try to enforce your rules, we will strike back.

Sweden’s legal system is poorly equipped to handle the new kind of organized crime. Witnesses and prosecutors alike are already subject to threats and violence, because there simply is no structure in place to shield them from the perpercussions of relatives and others gang members. Time will tell how this frontal attack on the legitimacy of the court itself will impact future legal proceedings.

New Swedish head of police announced

The rapid downfall of the Swedish police force combined with the emergence of clan-controlled no-go zones should come as news to few, except of course the Swedes who still rely on Swedish mainstream media.

As the Landskrona incident clearly showed, some thugs are losing respect for the police to the point where they openly attack officers — and when the police commander doesn’t dare send in reinforcements to back them up, it’s safe to say the situation is pretty bad.

Thus, expectations were high when there was a major restructuring of the police authority announced. Just what we needed; a tougher, more agile law enforcement apparatus to combat the new kind of crime flooding the streets every day!

Well, looks like joke’s on the Swedish taxpayer. Earlier this year it was announced that the Stockholm Police Academy will move to the infamous Södertörns Högskola, where the focus will be cultural sensitivity, gender awareness and a deeper understanding of ethnical differences. Exactly what you need when dealing with thugs equipped with machine guns.

But bold and steadfast leadership with rock-solid integrity can overcome a lot. Unfortunately, that’s not what Sweden is getting.

The new head of police is a political animal named Dan Eliasson. He was previously heading the disastrous migration bureau and the equally disastrous welfare service (notice a pattern?) Putting a real cop that has risen through the ranks thanks to skills and quick wits in charge would probably risk the new organization turning out to be an improvement, so steps were taken to prevent this.

Photo by Försäkringskassan, montage courtesy of Fria Tider

Another aspect of this is that he is heavily biased against nationalist party SD. He has been accused of breaking the law for making harsh political plays against SD, not as an individual, but in his role of welfare service director. Earlier this year he Twittered that “hearing J Åkesson [the SD party leader] debate makes me want to puke!” and accused the party of racism.

This animosity against SD is not an insignificant detail considering the widespread left-wing harassment and violence aimed at SD activists and politicians, who rely on the police for protection. If the police leadership starts cultivating an attitude of blaming the victims because they have the “wrong party affiliation,” we’re on a very dangerous path.

Other telltale signs of Eliasson’s lack of moral fiber is seen in incidents like the 2006 attempt to strong-arm the attorney general into ceasing his criticism of Eliasson’s dysfunctinal justice department despite this being exactly what the AG is supposed to do (note: Eliasson was justice minister Thomas Bodström’s right-hand man in this affair).

In August just this year, he tried to “clean up” his misdeeds a little and ordered an employee to alter his wikipedia page. People noticed the suddenly squeaky clean profile and tracked the IP-address right back to the welfare service headquarters, where a red-faced Eliasson had to confess.

Other than that, the most notable thing about the new head of Swedish police is that he is a former punk rocker who played in a band producing the immortal hit “F***ing in Bangkok“.