Rewarding Jihadists

The Swedish capital of Stockholm has released its new policy document for dealing with ISIS fighters returning to the city after having had their fill of rape and beheadings of civilians. At first blush it seems strange that such a document would be all of 9 pages. 

I mean, “Shoot!” should only take up one page, even with a large font.

Oh well, let’s see how Stockholm intends to handle terrorist-trained and combat-hardened fanatics. Here are a few translated highlights to capture the gist of things:

Post-perspective: When a person wishes to leave a violent extremist grouping or coming home from combat overseas, it is crucial to provide customized inclusion efforts. Even then, it is important to have a local cooperation between various actors. Voluntary organizations can provide targeted support and advice. Even faith communities working with advice, but also psychosocial support.

When it comes to people who participated in combat there is likely to be great need of health efforts. Therefore, it is important to establish cooperation between social services, social psychiatry and drug units, as well as health centers and psychiatric services (trauma, PTSD, etc.)

When it comes to security, it is important that cooperation between social services, income support, employment and other efforts by the Labour Department, as well as assistance with job placement.
Finally, the accommodation issue is a prerequisite that must work. Therefore, cooperative housing companies needs to be included in the post-perspective.”

To summarize: The city of Stockholm will make it a priority to provide the returning ISIS fighters with housing, free health care (physical and mental) and full financial support, until they have received earmarked jobs. All this of course fast-tracked past the line of law-abiding immigrants and indigenous Swedes. 

Since they now provide all the recruitment incentives for joining ISIS, the only thing missing is a city-run recruitment office. Oh, wait. That would the Employment Office, where it was recently revealed that tax-paid clerks were recruiting for ISIS. Sorry, my mistake! 

Then it’s time to make proactive efforts to discourage radicalization. The solution, the city concludes, is to pour tax money into muslim organizations already in contact with the at-risk persons:

Support to associations and other stakeholders locally
There are examples of local actors which can contribute to efforts locally. For example, the Islamic Association and the mosque in Rinkeby-Kista has initiated education for interested parents and youths in the Järva area. It is very important to support such local initiatives. It is also important to involve local associations, some of which have contact with residents that the  authorities do not come into contact with.”

As journalist and blogger Per Gudmundson points out, the Islamic Association of Sweden is a remarkably poor choice for “fighting Jihad” since it is the Swedish branch of the Muslim Brotherhood. Their official motto reads:

“Allah is our goal, the prophet is our leader, the quran is our law, Jihad is our way, and death for the honor of Allah is our greatest desire!”

Gudmundson notes that they are in active combat in Syria at the moment, in coalition with Jabhat al-Nusrah which is a branch of al-Qaida. 


100 years of genocide


Today marks the 100 year anniversary of the Ottoman genocide of an estimated 2 million Christian Armenians and Syrians. The anniversary comes at a time when a second genocide is in full swing, once again carried out by monsters targeting civilians based entirely on their faith. 

The issue is highly relevant because politicians tend to have great difficulty separating aggressors from victims, and Sweden is among the worst at lumping the two together and treat them all as a homogenous group. It is shameful and downright stupid, since it denies aid to those who need it, while allowing fortune seekers and trojan horses to cross the borders freely. 

NATO-member Turkey still denies the genocide, and gives its implicit blessing for todays massacres by turning a blind eye to ISIS acitivity in the border region with Syria.

I encourage you to read more at A Demand for Action


“Terrorists are people too”


The headline above is the verbatim headline of today’s editorial in Aftonbladet, one of Sweden’s major national newspapers. 

I could stop right there. But let’s take a look at the arguments presented. The Swedish article is based heavily on the ideas of French prefect Pierre N’Gahane, originally from Congo. 

According to N’Gahane, the main reason for young muslims “going Jihad” is that they’re utter failures at life. Not having a father figure coupled with failures at petty crime make them vulnerable for recruitment to ISIS. Of course, poverty and social handicaps can be a contributing factor, but is not the main reason. Neither is religion (!) apparently. 

Thus, the proper way to combat Jihadism is by assembling civil society to divert young men just starting out down the dark path, similar to how families can join forces to break impressionable youth away from loon cults. And in all fairness, this probably works in many cases. Half-hearted Jihadists-to-be mostly looking for attention just may pull back from the chasm if shown ample compassion and support.

The problem is when the soft approach is presented as the ONLY solution, as is being done here. It’s all silk gloves, with no iron fist to back it up when the soft approach has failed. Furthermore, recent acts of terror doesn’t jive with any of this. The Boston marathon bombing, the most lethal terrorist attack since 9/11, was carried out by a scholarship medical student with a bright future as a brain surgeon ahead of him for example. I doubt a “Jihadist defection hotline” would have done much good there.

“We must make these people a better offer than the Jihadists can.”

This article, being fed to a sizable percentage of the Swedish population, talks exclusively about the benefits of providing support and making a better offer than ISIS. It also praises the merits of giving preferential treatment to “reintegrated” ISIS fighters returning from the Syrian battlefields. Which is of course morally unpalatable (replace “fanatical ISIS butchers” with “fanatical Nazi SS butchers” and try it on for size) and directly counterproductive, since it merely makes a stint of ISIS-service a shrewd fast-track strategy for skipping to the front of the line for jobs and housing upon return.

Imagine being a member of the Christian minority having fled the massacres of Syria, made it to Sweden, and then seeing your brother’s killer not only being let back into the country, but getting rewarded for services rendered. This has been real in Sweden since 2013.

Giving radical islamists a blanket excuse with only pampering as the appropriate response is just as dumb as those who declare islam a “death cult” arguing they should all be executed for safety’s sake. All 1,6 billion of them. Yes, these fine specimens pop up occasionally in both the Twitter-flow and the comments inbox. Delete/Block. Kapow.

But seriously, is it really that difficult to grasp that extremism can’t be coddled into submission?

Sweden facing “systemic collapse” in dealing with ISIS recruitment


The Swedish security police SÄPO, the first, last and only line of defense against the growing ISIS-threat, has just released it’s annual report for 2014.

The 84-page report (available as a translateable PDF here) covers Russian espionage, dignitary protection detail and other traditional tasks for this kind of government agency, but one area stands out: Counterterrorism and the surge of Sweden as a primary recruitment base for ISIS terrorists.

“In the past we’ve had issues with perhaps a dozen [Jihadists] over a span of several years, but now there’s suddenly hundreds joining ISIS in a short time period. And the growth curve is trending upwards,” says SÄPO spokesperson Johan Sjöö.

In a separate report from the counterterrorism unit released just a few days prior to the main annual report, it states: “The travel from Sweden to Syria and Iraq has become exceptionally voluminous.

Sweden has adopted an extreme immigration policy in recent years, where the tiny country of less than 10 million has only 2% of the EU population, yet accepts almost 20% of the total immigration volume to the Union. 

Despite the inflow have increased several times over in a few short years, the “red flags” by the immigration bureau remains fairly constant, observes reporter Per Gudmundson in newspaper Svenska Dagbladet. 

Gudmundson, one of the few sensible journalists who dares dipping his toe beyond the line of the politically correct, concludes the Swedish immigration system simply isn’t equipped to handle such vast volumes. As the caseload triples or quadruples, each case gets less in-depth screening for potential security hazards. And as the inflow continues to increase, the word “rubber-stamping” takes the place of “screening” altogether.

Of the more than 81 000 asylum applications as the Immigration Bureau received in 2014, they sent forth only 109 on referral to the security police. 24 of those cases hit paydirt, according to SÄPO.

“[…] we found links to terrorism or intelligence threats, which we judged that the person should not be granted asylum in Sweden. Then it is up to the Immigration Bureau to weigh that risk against the right to asylum. Many remain in the country,” Sjöö remarked.

Excuse me? Oh yes. In this country, even an internationally red-flagged terrorist can be granted asylum. By the bizarre Swedish logic, a person at risk of “inhumane” treatment or death sentence in his home country qualifies for protection. Last year I wrote an article in Daily Caller about two landmark court cases where regular thugs, convicted murderers, were granted asylum and lifetime welfare doleouts because their rightful prison sentences back home were deemed “too harsh”

And as for terrorists? Open doors and open hearts. Here’s an article from neighboring Denmark where they, for good reason, express grave concern over the extreme naivitee of Swedish immigration policy. At least 20 internationally known terrorists were granted asylum in Sweden in 2014 alone, which is a problem for Denmark too considering its capital Copenhagen being only 20 minutes away from Malmö, one of the immigrant hotbeds.

The capital of European ISIS recruitment remains Gothenburg, however. Sweden’s second largest town produces more ISIS-fighters than the entire United States. This baffling statement sounds made up, but it it’s not.

A pantry full of cannon fodder for ISIS” is the headline of this remarkably frank (by Swedish standards) article about the muslim-dominated no-go zones around Gothenburg. The headline is an actual quote by one of the residents of the area. I encourage you to use the translate-feature in your browser and read the article in its entirety for a chilling insight into the total meltdown of societal control of these areas.

When elementary schools have close to 100% immigrant children, and tykes that should be dreaming of becoming astronauts and firefighters instead talk about becoming ISIS martyrs when they grow up, you’re looking at a serious powder keg.

Indeed, Gudmunson summed it up pretty well in his article: “The security police call this a challenge. This isn’t a challenge. This is systemic collapse.”

Swedish employment office recruiting for ISIS


The Swedish national employment office has been running an extensive “establishment pilot” program for years, where the thousands of new arrivals from MENA each week are supposedly being helped find jobs. The tax-funded pilot services are often carried out by countrymen on a consultant-basis with the intent of bridging the gap into Swedish society.

Now the employment office has been forced to do an emergency shutdown because it turns out the consultants have been more focused on scams, recruiting for ISIS and setting up Swedish terror cells than finding jobs. The program has been in effect since 2010 and has been heavily criticized since the start, but this tax-funded debacle sowing the seeds of societal destruction has been allowed to run unchecked until now.

“The problems became numerous and also directly criminal. The magnitude of the whole thing is organized crime, intimidation, trafficking and extortion. People are trading registered addresses to enable welfare fraud and generally cheating the whole system,” says employment office director Mikael Sjöberg.

“We have indications that there has been recruitment attempts and contact situations to various violent fighting groups. It’s not a question of employment agency to investigate, but in such times, we leave it to the security police SÄPO.”

According to news site Fria Tider, the cost for this service was 4,3 billion SEK in 2014 — a not insignificant chunk of the total 865 billion budget.

But… At least the plug has been pulled on the program, and the “consultants” now have to go back to recruiting pro bono.

I still can’t help wondering about the Swedish employment office in Africa (!) though…