Sweden to combat Russian subs with underwater gay neon sign

Sweden has had regular visits by Russian submarines snooping around the waters outside capital Stockholm for decades. The difference is, back in the 1980s they had helicopters, destroyers and manpower to hunt them properly, whereas now the defense cuts have scaled the response back to having an overweight general shake his fist at the water for 20 minutes per business day (10 minutes on Fridays, due to union regulations).

Clearly, the time has come for alternative solutions, and pacifist group Svenska Freds has just the thing: An underwater neon sign to scare homophobic submarine captains away!
The sign reads: “Welcome to Sweden. Gay since 1944.” which indicates the year homosexuality was de-criminalized. 

Well, if nothing else, I have to tip my hat in recognition of “thinking outside the box”. 


Swedish gay movement hijacked by extremists

As highlighted in recent New York Times articles, the extremist left is on the rise in Sweden and is beginning to seriously destabilize the political landscape. The extremists in terror groups like AFA and the Revolutionary Front (RevFront) use the internet to coordinate systematic harassment to silence political opponents, mostly aimed at centrist party SD for it’s demand that Sweden adjust it’s immigration flow to that of the neighboring Nordic countries.

Now it appears similar anti-democratic forces are attempting to infiltrate the gay movement, perverting the previous message of tolerance and equality for all to push an agenda of hatred and violence. At a recent Pride rally in the Swedish town of Falun, one of the prominent banners bore the text:

“Death to SD and all other Rightists!”

Naturally, the vast majority of the participants are not behind this kind of vulgar rhetoric. In fact, Sweden is amongst the most gay-tolerant countries in the world with same-sex marriage, same-sex adoption and special protection laws against hate crimes.

The Swedish church openly embraces homosexuality and even has had homoerotic art on display in its churches. And bear in mind that former prime minister Reinfeldt, leader of the rightmost party Moderaterna marched with the Stockholm Pride manifestation just earlier this year. The same Right now being wished dead.

So who benefits from trying to whip up hate and conflict, where none is needed? And why are they trying to pigeonhole all gays as being “naturally” leftist? Who assigned violent extremists to be the spokespeople?

Let’s hope the Swedish gay community makes a stand against such distasteful attempts to hijack the message of tolerance in the future.