Swedish immigration in history
Historically, Sweden has benefitted greatly from immigration. From the skilled craftsmen of Flanders and Germany during medieval times to the industrial job immigration during the 1950s and 60s from Finland, Ireland, Italy, Spain och other European countries.

The common denominator was always work. During the Record Years of Swedish industry, employers had to all but beg people to come and fill the tens of thousand vacant jobs in the factories and workshops around the country. A family could move from the mediterranian and walk right into a vacant apartment with both parents starting their new jobs the following week.

Of course, integration and assimilation into Swedish society was never pain-free, but all the key components was in place to make it happen. And with a few inevitable culture-clash bumps on the road, the vast majority eventually blended in and became part of society like everybody else.

This focus on filling the needs of the needs of the labor market started drifting towards the “humane” during the idealistic 1970s. At the same time, leftist prime minister Olof Palme in 1973 made it the law of the land that instead of working towards integrating immigrants into society, each ethnic group was encouraged to maintain and pursue the cultures of their respective home lands. Note the keyword: Encouraged. More on this later. This encouragement could take the form of government grants to interest groups, school education in the immigrated children’s native language, TV and radio shows in other languages and so on.

By and large, the low volume of immigrants still made it all work, but the seeds of multiple, parallell societies with conflicting values and norms was sown. A dragon seed currently starting to bloom into full fruition in the ghettos surrounding Sweden’s major cities today.

During the 1980s the immigrant volumes crept up, shifting more and more focus towards asylum seekers than workforce needs. This led prime minister Ingvar Carlsson, leader of the leftist Socialdemocrat party (S), to enforce the “Lucia decision” in December 1989. This was essentially an emergency brake shutting down all immigration aside from the UN-mandated refugee quota, because the Swedish society was about to break under the tremendous pressure.

The total immigration had increased from 19,000 in 1988 to 20,000 in 1989. Today that number has increased sixfold, with promises of more to come.

As the power shifted to Rightist-party Moderaterna (M), new prime minister Carl Bildt reversed the Lucia decision in 1991. This meant the flood gates were opened just in time for the massive influx from the Balkan war.

After the Balkan war, immigration to Sweden has been high but fairly stable. Then things really took off during recent years, in no small part to the unique decision of giving permanent residence visas to everyone from Syria and Eritrea. Really. Anyone claiming to be from those countries with a semi-plausible story to prove it (the vast majority of immigrants toss their passports upon arrival) are guaranteed lifetime welfare and full benefits.

Meanwhile, the attitude towards the new arrivals continued to shift, with less and less demands placed on them. In 2010, the text of the law encouraging separate cultures was reworded to be forcing the same. Per the new law in 2010, it reads:

“Ethnical, linguistic and religious minorities’ possibilities to maintain and develop a separate culture and community must be enabled.”

In other words, an active effort is being made to create exactly the kind of fractured, enclave-based society that has proven disastrous in former Yugoslavia, Iraq and everywhere else. In 1990, Sweden had three “exclusion areas” (i.e. ghettos primarily inhabited by minority ethnic groups with low employment and little contact with ethnical Swedes). 2004 there were 136. The last reported count was 186 in 2006, but this is no longer tracked.

The situation today
Recently, the Reinfeldt government decided to pull out all stops and open the floodgates in a way no country has ever done before in history. The estimated asylum immigration number was recently upgraded to 89 000 for 2014, prompting the Swedish migration bureau to request an additional 48 billion SEK for it’s budget.


(Source: Affes Statistikblogg)

The chart above shows the initial asylum seekers. Then there is the family-related immigration to those who have already been granted asylum. The Swedish migration bureau estimates that family-related immigration will be 62 000 in 2014 and 68 100 in 2015 (July 24 prognosis, page 43).

Finally, there are about 12 000 workforce-related immigrants expected for 2014, which is a mix of highly skilled professionals and general labor.

For a country of less than ten million citizens, this is a huge volume to absorb. The housing shortage in the cities is already dire, and as of this writing there are 11 000 immigrants that have had their asylum applications approved, yet have not been able to leave the temporary housing (where they stayed while being processed) due to the extreme housing shortage. Still, all political parties except SD has announced that the inflow is to increase further in the years ahead.

Replacement of the native population
One of the arguments often posed in favor of high immigration is that native Swedes have low nativity. Simply put, there are barely enough babies being born to replace the elderly passing away, making the demographic situation difficult as more and more retirees are to be supported by those still working.

The solution is to crank up the immigration even further, which solves the problem on paper. It also has the effect of rapidly replacing the native Swedish population.

Looking back to the beginning of the millennia, the population growth is almost entirely attributable to immigration, depending on whether you use the old vs. new measurement. The population of Sweden is 9,7 million as of July 2014.


(Source: Affes Statistikblogg)

Malmö, Sweden’s third largest city, has now hit the point where native Swedes are the de facto minority. It is especially noticable in the 0-44 age range.



(Source: Affes Statistikblogg)

Unrest in the “exclusion areas”
The ghettos, called “exclusion areas,” have been growing in number and size for many years, but it wasn’t until the riots of summer 2013 that the international community took notice.

Truth is, the gang rule, rampant vandalism and more or less constant unrest has been simmering under the surface and growing steadily for many years. The incidents of torched cars is a pretty good measurement for this type of unrest. Note that the chart below only reflects number of fire responses; a case of ten burning cars on the street shows up as one incident.

(Source: Affes Statistikblogg)

Another less than flattering record is the number of burned schools, where Sweden now holds the number one spot. In 2012, 70% of teachers reported having witnessed some form of school arson, and it is unlikely that number has decreased since.

The ghettos are effectively no-go zones for ethnical Swedes, as the risk of violence is too great. Firefighters and ambulances cannot enter the area without police escort. If not, they run the risk of getting pelted with rocks, have their fire hoses cut or simply beaten up and mugged. Logistic firms like Schenker as well as buses has been forced to suspend services in some areas due to the personal hazard.

Perhaps most striking is when even the police are afraid to enter these ghettos. In May 2014, two policemen were in pursuit and ended up in one such ghetto in the southern town of Landskrona. After continuing their pursuit on foot the table was soon turned and they ended up cornered by some 60 gang members. The situation was critical and the policemen had to draw their weapons to hold the crowd back while calling for backup.

Amazingly, the police commander did not dare enter the area. Instead, the commander ordered the backup units to halt some 500 meters away outside the gangland “border” so as to avoid confrontation. After a while the two police officers managed to flee, more due to sheer luck than anything else.

Anti-semitism on the rise
There have been a few notices in international news about the peculiar rise in anti-semitism in Sweden in general and in the city of Malmö in particular. The number of hate crimes against jews has tripled, which prompted president Obama to send envoy Hannah Rosenthal to the town in 2012.

The mainstream media are vague about the causes for this surge in anti-semitism, often hinting that increasing numbers of neo-nazis would be to blame. I find this questionable, for the simple reason that whites are the minority in Malmö and any nazi wouldn’t get more than 100 yards before receiving a severe beat-down. It’s as if someone was to claim that groups of Klansmen with white hoods were running around in the black ganglands of L.A. stirring things up.

Fredrik Sieradzki, head of the information committee in the Jewish congregation in Malmö, has no hesitation of where the real blame lies.

“It is exclusively muslims. We have a problem in Malmö; that we have muslims here who don’t like jews. But that is something the media chooses to cover up. Talking about it openly is not politically correct and there is a fear of coming across as racist.”

“Children” arriving
Immigrants under the age of 18 without an accompanying parent is a special category with particularly lenient rules. These “lone children” are considered extra vulnerable and are fast-tracked while enjoying much higher chance of approval along with special housing with 24/7 staff to see to their every need. Needless to say, this makes each such “child” considerably costlier than regular asylum seekers. The daily cost ranges between 3000 to 6000 SEK per person, but there have been cases where the costs exceeds well over 15 000 SEK per person per day. The Swedish migration bureau estimates there will be 6500 such arrivals in 2015.

Strangely, there has been an inexplicable surge in this particular category of immigration. The neighboring Nordic countries saw the same phenomenon and suspected that it had to do with the higher odds of acquiring asylum, so they started age-testing those who claimed to be minors.

In Finland, 65% of “teens” turned out to be adults, some up to age 29. In Norway, three out of four turned out to be adults.

In Sweden, SD spokesperson Kent Ekeroth inquired about enforcing the same age-testing. The answer from migration minister Tobias Billström was that a voluntary test was going to be “made available” to those asylum seekers demanding it. I have been unable to find any data regarding how many have taken him up on the offer.

What is clear is that both Norway and Finland has seen a dramatic decrease in this category of immigration since implementing the age tests, while Sweden continues to skyrocket.

Lost passports
A Swedish passport reportedly sells for around €3000 in the middle east, granting the buyer free access to the European Union. One would think that a person “losing” 20 passports in a short period of time would be viewed with suspicion, but in Sweden that’s not the case. The authorities are well aware that human trafficers rely on such stolen passports, yet there is no tracking, no flagging and no consequence for people engaging in obvious passport selling.

Besides opening up for illegal immigration, there is also the security aspect. As Sweden has long been a peaceful country with low likelihood of terrorism, the need for tourist visas is often waived and general security checks are infrequent. That makes Swedish passports perfect for a terrorist looking to travel and/or providing a false identity unlikely to raise red flags.

In 2008, some 45 700 passports were reported lost. In 2013, the number was 60 000.

Concerned neighbors
The other Nordic countries are increasingly expressing concerns about Sweden’s reckless immigration. I have already mentioned the Danish pleas for moderation.

Now Norway is chiming in, expressing concerns about not only the extreme volume of immigrants from third-world countries, but also because the Swedish authorities have purposefully removed all tools for tracking the situation. Education and occupation statistics for the immigrants are as unavailable as the total costs. Wide open doors to the world while willfully turning a blind eye to its consequences is a recipe for disaster, Elin Ørjasæter writes, proposing that the time has come for actual intervention.

“The Swedes really need help. Advanced ideological blockage make them incapable of helping themselves.”

So far, the Nordic countries have open borders and free relocation for its citizens. It remains to be seen how long this policy can be maintained.

Sweden has an enormous social and financial problem brewing. Every warning light is flashing red, from housing shortages and unrest in the ghettos to skyrocketing welfare costs and cultural tensions between ethnicities.

The mental blockage and severe denial that haunts the political class and the media elite probably stems from the fact that they live in ethnic white enclaves, far from the multicultural stew they cherish so much. They never wake up from gunfire in the night, nor are their cars burned. Their children go to nice schools where they never get robbed of their cell phones or hassled for being blond. When all you, personally, ever see is exotic restaurants opening down the block, it’s easy to be open-minded and all-welcoming.

I also want to again stress that my observations and objections to the Swedish immigration policy is just that — against the immigration policy. Not the individuals.

I firmly believe that genuine workforce migration should be encouraged, so that skilled labor can fill needs in the countries that require those skills. The problem is when hubris sets in and some kind of “humanitarian” messiah-complex takes the place of rational thought.

Let’s say Sweden is a small rowing boat with capacity for ten people. Any more, and it sinks. Then a 20-story cruise ship starts sinking nearby. Naturally, you try to save some people. But since you only have a small boat with ten-person capacity, there is simply no way to save all 5000. And yet that is what all political parties except SD insists that Sweden should do. In their minds, there really is no limit, and even discussing any kind of limitation equals racism.

I regret having to paint such a bleak picture, but as an outsider with one foot in each world I truly can’t see this ending well. We can only hope the mental blockage shatters before the country does.


13 thoughts on “Immigration

  1. Oh my God, Swedes. Do you have any idea what you are doing to yourselves? You are living in this ridiculous world of political correctness carried to its most extreme and you are well on your way to destroying your culture and your great nation. I find this hard to believe!!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Come to the United Kingdom. Exactly the same has been happening here with the active encouragement and enticement by successive British governments. We even have an EU funded organisation called Common Purpose which is involved in all aspects of national and local government as well as the Health Service and other public bodies. It is working towards what it calls the ‘post democratic age’. In other words it is deliberately subverting democracy in our country. It is all part of the EU and the UN’s agenda of destroying nation states and a sense of national identity and cohesion in Europe. We even have a Prime Minister who tells us that every Islamist atrocity committed in Britain, like the beheading of the soldier Lee Rigby, that it is an ‘insult to Islam’. His brother is a moslem as is the sister in law of Tony Blair.


  3. Seems like the Swedish left wants to blow up the country. In their deranged minds leftists probably think that they will have some sort of glorious rebirth; the Cambodian Khmer Rouge’s Year Zero.


  4. There’s a HUGE difference between helping immigrants and kneeling before them,denying our own culture and let the immigrants setting the political agenda for everyone. I say it has been anough for quite some time now !!


  5. The USA and Canada must stop all immigration from Sweden. We do not want Swedish people in North America (in fact, I would propose banning all Swedes from entering the USA, where I live), they will only seek
    to impose on the USA a social schematic that will require subjugating American citizens to the desires of people from Iraq, Iran, Syria, etc. This is cultural annihilation and nihilism. The Swedes obviously did not believe that their nation and their culture were worth much of anything, so they let it be disrespected by the people they put into power. Swedes are a toxic group that will seek to destroy themselves wherever they may travel. Keep Swedes out of North America.


    • Lol .. I left /fled Sweden 17 years ago .. I saw what was happening back then ..I’m a native 100% sweed and my ancestors were vikings .. I now lived in USA 17 years and I feel safe here . No way I will ever go back there ..


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