Sweden is often used as an example that a heavy dose of socialism can indeed be combined with a capitalist market. The result, it is said, is a wealthy society with personal freedom, rock-solid democracy and extensive safety nets for those who become sick, unemployed, or otherwise down on their luck.

As an American citizen currently living in Sweden, I find that the simplistic view outlined above is rather outdated.

The purpose of this blog is to highlight some of the news stories that don’t show up under the International News-section of your newspaper, yet might be of interest for your investment decisions, understanding of politics in the Nordic region, or perhaps just your vacation plans.

Naturally, most quoted sources will be in Swedish. If your web browser does not provide an option for automatic translation, Google Translate can be used for manual translation.

This blog is entirely non-profit. All ad revenue is donated directly to A Demand For Action, a support organization for christians and other minorities in Syria fleeing the ISIS reign of terror.

About me: I was born and raised in Sweden, but moved to USA as a young adult in 1999. I acquired naturalized American citizenship 2007. In recent years I had to relocate back to Sweden for family reasons, only to discover that much had changed in my absence.

I am not affiliated with any political party in either country. I hold a B.S. in Finance and an A.S. in Accounting from Excelsior College, New York.

E-mail: TheSweReport (at) gmail.com

Housekeeping notice:
Please note that I enforce a zero-tolerance policy towards racism, violence and extremist comments. Occasionally I get linked by unsavory sites because of my writing about ISIS, but I want to be exceedingly clear in that my critique is against religious intolerance and fanaticism, and nothing else.

Judging other people by the color of their skin is manifestly absurd. So please don’t submit such comments here; there are other sites that will not delete them upon sight. Thank you.

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  1. Surely the change that you discovered must be disconcerting to you. Am I correct? Your native country seems to be on a path to self-destruction. Is this what extreme left-wing political correctness has wrought? Will you reply or do your reports merely speak for themselves? I have just discovered your website and find it fascinating, frightening, and disturbing. I intend to read your site regularly now that I have stumbled upon it.


  2. Wondering, is birth rate of “original” Swedish people (not politically correct word, but I am sure that you know what I mean) really so low (i.e. do you really need migrants)????? If Sweden really needs migrants why you dont “take” people from Central and Eastern Europe (ok, some of them would misuse your welfare system, but they certainly would not beat people, burn cities, etc) ?


    • I agree…. I was born with duel citizenship (U.S /Sweden). Later in life, I learned that I no longer had my Swedish passport. I have looked long and hard into re-gaining my duel status. The Swedish do solute informed me it was impossible. I am troubled, because I was told that if I were from any of the countries you mentioned (Middle eastern nations especially…) I would be welcomed with vigor….. Why is this? I am a teacher, highly educated, upper middle class…… Yet I have no chance of returning to Sweden as a citizen…. Why don’t they want someone like me?


  3. I’m British and I lived and worked in Sweden in the late Sixties and early Seventies, I learned the language and got to know and love the country and people. I’ve lived outside of Sweden for more than 40 years now but I visit the country on average about once per year, some years a couple of times, some years not at all. I follow Swedish media, online newspapers and TV current affairs programs, Uppdrag Granskning and the like, over the internet.

    I found your website a day ago and it reflects exactly how I see Sweden. The country seems to be self destructing. I follow developments in Sweden with wide eyed, open mouthed amazement.

    Your statement about Sweden as “a wealthy society with personal freedom, rock-solid democracy and extensive safety nets for those who become sick, unemployed, or otherwise down on their luck” describes how I saw Sweden when I lived there decades ago. The Swedish model worked. Sweden produced what the British Guardian newpaper described as “The most successful society the world has ever known”:


    But something happened. Sweden with its Swedish model is now a sinking Titanic after being ruptured by an iceberg. What happened, as far as I can see, is that Sweden worked just fine when the safety net was was made and maintained by Swedes and for Swedes, but for some reason the Swedes decided to extend their welfare generosity to encompass the entire world. To facilitate this munificent solidarity with all the downtrodden on the face of the Earth the Swedes threw open their borders to all comers who want to partake of the Swedish smorgåsbord. This, coupled with a large dose of post modernism in which there is no such thing as Swedish culture and identity or, conversely, the entire third world are to be regarded as “Swedish” is the cause of the coming demise of Sweden.

    The Swedes have not understood they are a tiny country in a world which does not care about them and which owes them nothing and that they do not have the resources for the magnanimity they strive for. It will be their undoing.

    We are, unfortunately, witnessing the unstoppable demise of what was once “The most successful society the world has ever known.”


      • I read your blog all the time, and I totally agree on your views of Swedish politics/ society. It seems almost impossible to reach most swedes, because of the
        extensive indoctrination they have been subjected to. I think this country is doomed, but most people are happily unaware of this probability. Swedes trust both public, and mainstream media way to much.
        It’s really depressing to watch this disaster unfold, and not being able to stop it.


  4. I’m trying my best to play devil’s advocate with the articles and arguments you present but as someone who’s lived in Sweden for a few years, is married to a Swede and who will be moving back to Sweden for good shortly, I find it very difficult to find fault with your concerns.

    I admire the country’s empathetic disposition towards those less fortunate and find it disconcerting that other countries do not follow the Swedish model but it is the longterm problems that are being created now (and have been for many years, just look at Rosengård) that really worries me. There needs to be greater control on numbers and other countries must play a role here. I certainly would not begrudge someone assistance in the short term but ultimately I would argue that in the long run you need to be able to offer them a life worth living and not one that leads to envy and persecution which is definitely present in Malmö and other cities. The solution is to certainly continue with offering assistance to those in need but it will be interesting to see how the general population’s attitude changes as the quantity of the burden imposed on Swedish society increases and the average standard of living begin to decrease.


  5. As a “real” swede, living in Sweden I can’t help but agree with most of what you’re writing here. I a’m sometimes totally amazed over the ways things are done on the “upper level”. It is hard not to wonder if they really are so stupid and shortsighted or if there’s a hidden agenda beyond it.
    Not all swede’s believe the noncense they get fed with, and you don’t have to be a “rasist” to see the many errors in modern Swedish politics.
    Of course I wan’t to help people in need, and of course I’m not afraid of letting other nationalities and cultures in to our country, actually I work with alonecoming children, but the way it’s done now is to contribute to the deathnumbers in the mediterranian and other routes. Totally outrageous!
    There’s a lot of swedes just sitting back, scared of going against the wind and face the crowd and also used to listen and believe and get taken care of. There are also a lot who complains but do nothing more, (a swedish speciality, kitchentable-activism). And there are thoose who try to say something, do something, speak reason, and who have to answer before the crowd screaming “rasist, haverist (=someone who have failed, misfits), and other synonyms.. Kind of discouraging in land full of people raised in the spirit of Jante…


    • You´re a narrow-minded stupid cunt who should maybe stay out of other people´s country´s Before you start criticizing the people that come to yours. Do all of us a favor and keep your ugly, yellow-haired, smelly cunt out of America. We don´t want your pollution or your inbred DNA.

      Dumb whore. 🙂


      • I’m sorry for your poor reading skills, and you’re lack of understanding what you read. I’m truly sorry for your sake. Or, maybe it’s your country I should be sorry for? Are you a good representant for your country? Or are you one of them your country are ashamed of? I’m sorry for them to.
        I hope you find a good school that are willing to correct your errors…

        You poor thing


  6. Hey, I am south african and I just thought I should mention that the idea of letting foreigners (or any other group) get jobs easier is not new. In South Africa we have BEE(Black Equal Empowerment) which means if you are black or have a darker skin color you will get a job more easier. Traditionally the big “boers” (Massive strong white boys from a dutch decent) have always taken pride in how well they play rugby. South Africa’s Rugby team mostly consist of these guys who grew up playing the game and show skill. For some reason our black government sees this as racist so to combat it they have now brought out BBBEE(broad-based black equal empowerment) which allows them to enforce racial quotas in school and national sport teams!


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