Goodbye Sweden


This is the last post on this blog. I am leaving Sweden for good shortly, and will no longer be following its descent from what was once the third most prosperous country in the world. Frankly, it’s just too damn depressing. 

I was born and raised in Sweden, which leaves a cultural mark even though I moved to USA in the 1990s and have spent the better part of my adult life as an American. Coming back for a few years has been a shocking experience.

When I was a child, Sweden was a dull yet very safe place to live. Yes, there was a heavy blanket of socialism and collectivist values covering everything, but there was a core of pragmatism beneath the redness. The intention and goal was always to benefit the citizens, even though they went about things in a backwards manner. 


Prime minister Löfven 
Today, it’s as if the inmates are running the asylum. The politicians are participating in a chicken race of “goodness” where everybody tries to one-up each other in caring for the citizens of OTHER countries while Swedish retirees, school children, handicapped and other vulnerable categories of people are thorougly ignored. Violence is exploding. Jihadist Trojan horses are flowing through the porous border along with the tens of thousands ID-less refugees. 

But what makes me the most pessimistic about Sweden’s future is how the social fabric itself has been undermined. 

Now, to be clear, it is my opinion that modest immigration is healthy for society and beneficial for trade, cultural development and so forth. Protectionism as a concept is counter-productive, while free trade and the ability for skilled labor to go where they’re in demand is beneficial for everyone.

Having said that, what Sweden is doing is something completely different. The once homogenous population has been forever altered by a rapid and massive addition of people from vastly different cultures and value-systems. 26,8% of the population is now foreign-born or with at least one foreign-born parent, and the national census bureau estimates that some 150 000 per year will arrive to the country of just 9,8 million residents.

There simply is no possible way to absorb and assimilate such volumes of people, period. Then you are merely creating ethnic enclaves, which due to incompatible language, culture and job skills become ghettos, which in turns brews crime, misery and extremism. Once the inflow has exceeded the capacity for absorbtion, further immigration only makes the problem worse. 

It’s like someone having read that a cup of green tea per day is healthy, so they make it a policy to chug four gallons per day, every day. It’s a good thing overdone to the extreme until it becomes toxic.

Then you have the Swedish school system. There really is no nice way to put it; it’s a complete disaster. The minister of education is a man-boy who spends his time making Youtube-videos showing heart-signs with his hands to boost school results, while university-level students can’t read and comprehend the course literature. 

Education minister Gustav Fridolin
Since there is a delay in the changes in the school system, it is only in recent years the full impact of the knowledge-averse “progressive” school system is starting to be felt. Hard facts are largely irrelevant; the important thing is to sit in a group and discuss things until a consensus is reached. But with no hard facts to base the conclusions on, it becomes an exercise in futility because it’s all random assumptions and opinions. As a university-level history student (!) was quoted as saying in newspaper Svenska Dagbladet the other day: “Why would all these dates matter? Who cares in what order things happened?”

That’s not exactly fertile soil for creating the researchers and engineers of the future.

Financially, Sweden is an oddity in that it never had its real estate correction when Lehman Bros went belly-up and the housing market everywhere in the West crashed. Sweden just kept steaming ahead, which means housing is ridiculously overinflated. In Stockholm, the real estate prices increased 19% and in Gothenburg 24% in the last 12 months alone — from an already sky-high level. 

Tear-down abandoned house from 1932 with small, unremarkable lot in the outskirts of Stockholm. Current bid: 7,5 million SEK, or close to $900,000.

As a result, personal debt of the Swedish population is at an all-time high. To keep all this afloat the normal mortgage interest rates are at 2% with central bank Riksbanken at -0,25%, and yet a significant portion of the borrowers are hanging by a thread. If and when foreign banks and investors decide it’s time to turn their backs on Sweden (as happened in the early 1990s) there’s going to be a lot of pain.

Then you have the financial obligations going forward. Like much of the western world, there is a demographic change where fewer tax-paying adults are to support a glut of retirees. What makes it especially dire for Sweden is that in addition to the old Swedes, there’s also a ton of elderly immigrants that are granted “family visas” based on younger relatives having been granted asylum. They’ve never paid a dime in taxes, yet enter the system with full benefits from day one. In theory, this would be made up for by the younger relatives working and paying taxes. Sadly, this is not the case; while ethnical Swedes have a 82% employment rate, immigrants only have 57% with non-Europeans coming in at just 51%.

If Sweden was a person, it’d be like the guy with three mortgages, seven maxed-out credit cards and four collection agencies chasing him that just signed a lease for a brand new BMW X6. Simply put, there’s a lot of red ink in the future; it just hasn’t been fully realized yet.

Finally, there’s the sorry state of the Swedish defense. After decades of constant slashing of the defense budget, the extent of Swedish ambition is to stall an invader for a week in a limited area. This with war raging in Europe, Russian missiles pointed at Sweden in Kaliningrad, and Russian submarines and bomber jets openly thumbing their nose at Sweden as they intrude on Swedish territory on a regular basis. The power vacuum in Scandinavia is so tangible you can almost hear a sucking sound as you fly over it. This, too, will require massive investments when the penny finally drops amongst Swedish politicians.

So while I can’t claim to be any kind of authority on macroeconomics or social predictive models, I see red lights across the board. 

In some ways, I’d compare the country to a farm. Previously, Sweden acted like a sensible farmer and planted wheat here, carrots there, potatoes over there et cetera, by implementing free schooling, sound infrastructure investments, state-financed research and so forth. A few decades later, they reaped the rewards and climbed the prosperity ladder.

In the late 1960s, this pragmatic line was abandoned as leftist idealist Olof Palme took over. But there was plenty to harvest from previous years, so Sweden continued to be the land of milk and honey for a good long while. Then things started drying up, and the process has been one of gradual erosion and decline since the 1990s. 

The famous Swedish health care system is a good example. 120 000 hospital beds in the late 1960s became 20 000 today. Cancer patients are put on waiting lists for months. Entire emergency wards shut down for summer. The crumbling Swedish railroad system is another symptom I examined in-depth last year. The aforementioned defense that now consist of about three fat generals and a rusty rifle (bullets withheld for budgetary reasons).

A sensible farmer would see the problems for what they are and hurry to plant new seeds, so as to return to bountiful harvests of wheat, carrots, potatoes etc. Instead, the Swedish politicians goes by dogma and plants what they think SHOULD grow. So they plant M & Ms, hot dogs and pretzels. The results won’t be fully evident for a few years yet, but as the last reserves of the old harvests are depleted, things will get… Interesting.

From what I can see, there simply is no plausible scenario where these social tensions and future financial committments will not lead to a downward spiral of hardship and strife. I hope I’m wrong. I really do, because I have friends and family I care about that will remain here to see it all play out. 

But I won’t. I’ll be back in the US being mad at Obama for being a lying scumbag. And if Trump manages to get elected in 2016? Whoo boy. A racist ignoramus who takes pride in the worst qualities of a cranky eight-year old should make George “Dumbo” Bush seem like Abe Lincoln by comparison. So every country has its problems. USA has its corrupt yokel in office, just as Sweden has Stefan Löfven. 

I’d like to thank you for having followed this blog and your many insightful comments. It’s been a wild ride at times with heated debates, but it’s been fun — even when I got hatemail from both left-wingers and right-wingers over the same article. 🙂

So thank you, and good luck whereever you are.



473 thoughts on “Goodbye Sweden

      • And @mupp can get that residence NOW (if he moves quickly) for only $2.5 million. BWAAAAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAA


    • Well, even though you are of course completely wrong, you are at least aware of your own limitations. Good choice of name.

      Sweden as a developed country, will not survive. If you fill a country with somalis, afghans, iraqis, gypsies and similar…whilst chasing out the intelligent and educated native population, the country WILL fail. Sweden has gone past the point of no return, at least peaceful return. To save Sweden we would need an extremely bloody civil war, and that’s not going to happen.

      White flight is still a local phenomenon in Sweden, but (as this blog indicates) it will reach national levels soon. And once you leave Sweden, you won’t return, unless you’re an IS-member of course.

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    • No he’s quite right actually. I didn’t see it until I moved abroad. You have stand outside and look in and you will see how totally screwed up everything is. Sweden and Swedes, from a foreigners view are a naive country with a pooulation that doesn’t dare to speak loudly about problems that deteriorate the state and its citizens from fear of being clssified as this and that. That’s the reason there can never be a healthy discussion about society’s problems. The Blogger raises all the problems with Sweden and people get offended. My father, a second generation immigrant, always says that Sweden is the worlds conscience. I think there is some truth in that. From the outside it seems ridiculous the way Swedes treat its own people to not look bad in front of the world. Sweden is a hollowed out shell of its former glory.

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      • Good comment. I’m reminded of the famous comment by Margaret thatcher: “Socialism is great until you run out of OTHER PEOPLE’S MONEY.


      • Yes, in Canada, we are electing one of three Bernie the commie Sanders clones tomorrow…Each one of them is more awful than the other! At least I live up north, where there is few mud-slimes…


    • Yet you cannot come up with a single argument to support that assertion. Therefore it can only be assumed that you simply made it up.


  1. “There simply is no possible way to absorb and assimilate such volumes of people, period.” – with the current socialist system, yes. Move to a free market model and the cost of living would adjust with the demand, andd the books and immigration would balance itself.

    So my question is…. what right does any government have to deny an innocent person from living where they want?


    • What right do you have to deny your neighbor the pleasure of sleeping in your bed or watching your big screen tv? Do you believe you live in heaven with the angels or on fallen earth with broken men and women who need boundaries?


    • So you won’t mind if I and my 13 family members take over half your house? That is SO wonderfully liberal of you! Thank you! We’ll be right over!

      What? You say you didn’t mean “living where they want” included *your* house?

      Ah. So anyone should be able to live anywhere they want–*except* your house, right?

      Got it.

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    • What right do you have to deny me, an innocent person, the fruits of your hard work? Give me your money and then go earn more, because there is no limit to my hunger. By the way, I need a place to live so hand me your keys as well!


    • I want to be your neighbor. Oh, I don’t have any money, so you have to support me. House me, feed me, and pay my medical bills.
      The above is the right Governments have for denying immigration.


  2. Sorry to have to inform you of this equally depressing news, but you’ll find that the USA is only about 15 minutes behind Sweden in its new-found collectivist zeal. Where off to from here? New Zealand? Save me a seat, and please bring some Swedish hotties along for cheering up. Thanks so much!


  3. […] This report by an American living in Sweden (seen first on Ace of Spades) well supports my thesis that socialism can work for a time, if the population is small, homogenous and hard-working.  If people are naturally industrious and minded to look out for each other, then the free-rider problem isn’t so severe.  But the problem is, socialism works to undermine the very characteristics that make it work in the first place- it attracts malingerers, discourages thrift and responsibility, and causes its own collapse. […]

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    • Socialism is basically how a private club works. That’s great for a club, which is generally comprised of like-minded members. For large diverse nations, not so much. The more your country is like a small private club of like-minded members, the better socialism will work for you. The less your country is like a small private club with like-minded members — say, just for example, that your country has over 3 hundred million people of every ethnicity, nationality, religion, and mindset on Earth — the less well socialism will work. A free marketplace is the only human institution capable of handling the vast complexity of demand in such a society.


      • It continues to amaze me how people throw the words Socialism, Capitalism and Democracy around as if Sweden is Socialist and the US is Democratic and Capitalist. The US is anything but Democratic and Capitalist. ( The average citizen has no influence in US politics as corporations and the wealthy buy elections. If you define socialism as a redistribution of wealth then the US is as equally socialist as Sweden. It all depends on who is on the receiving end of that distribution. In Sweden its generally redistributed back to the citizenry through free education, free healthcare, generous work benefits including child care and parental leave. In the US taxes are redistributed as benefits through the social security system and to corporations in the form of subsidies and of course the massive redistribution of wealth to the military industrial complex where if you have the right connection you can make billions off of war. Don’t forget the prison industrial complex where the US has the highest incarceration rate in the world (big money in that) or the health care industrial complex where drug companies and insurance companies get rich through a variety of mechanisms. The US redistributes its wealth on a massive basis just like Sweden except for who is on the receiving end.


  4. As an American with a very Swedish name, I’d just like to say “thanks for coming over, Grandpa”. Not that everything isn’t going south here in the states as well,, and for pretty much the same reasons, and due to the same sort of people. Maybe we’ll wise up in time, maybe not.


    • The big difference between the US and Sweden is that they have a very patriotic heterogeneous population, and a huge market which is able to turn part of these things around. Sweden, in opposite, has a small population which is now divided in two groups opposed in interests. And here it all begins.

      The whole world is in a big leadership gaps nowadays. We have arrived to the days in which no real great man has interest in going into politics and accumulating dirt there, and only the scumbags do so. And we are the ones who pay the price.

      “Good men are unwilling to rule, either for money’s sake or for honour…. So they must be forced to consent under threat of penalty…. The heaviest penalty for declining to rule is to be ruled by someone inferior to yourself. That is the fear, I believe, that makes decent people accept power….” Objectivesea 19:59

      So, everything seemed to be fine in Bedrock, where did we go, what have we done….


  5. It’s not just Sweden. We are watching the collapse of the Western civilization right before our eyes. It’s a death by a thousand cuts from the sword of political correctness.

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    • It’s not just the muslimns my friend.
      We have imported beggars from Rumania in every street corner who has made the public parks their homes.
      The hunt for places to put all new immigrants is spreading, and even the archipelago is now filled with Somali and arabs.
      As the goverment helps the Romainan beggars with free housing, health and dental care, the working population must pay and get loans for our dental services.
      Just don’t come here, all the beaulty of this country is now gone..


      • At least the Romanians are Europeans and share some cultural, genetic, and religious traits with the Swedes. The Muslims (mostly Arabs and Africans) are a wholly alien population — and, indeed, have been Europe’s most determined enemy for centuries. Things are going to get ugly.


  6. It´s a pity you did not name yourself, because all your verbal demonstration of ” Sweden today” is ABSOLUTELY TRUE !!!! – Yes, word by word it is equivalent ! Those who doubt it know nothing about reality there / probably living in a dream of past. Regrettable enough.
    I know what i am talking about – being there several years ! We left also Sweden and do not regret it.
    Wishing you a good luck wherever you are – Agnes M.


  7. It´s a pity you did not name yourself in your verbal demonstration of Sweden today. Because you are ABSOLUTELY RIGHT !!!! – regrettable ! – those who doubt it know nothing about Sweden or have closed eyes and ears or minds. I know what I´m talking about: we lived there several decades (!) , so the decline happened directly in front of our eyes. So we also moved home to Hungary where we also have problems of course, but we don´t deny them but trying to remedy the troubles.

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    • Sir, I realize that the United States is a massive country and you have parts that are occupied by Mexicans and you also have Minnesota with their somalis and so on…but you obviously have no idea what is going on in Sweden (no offense, I wouldn’t expect you to).

      The U.K. is having massive problems with immigration. Sweden lets in 13 times as many, per capita. A small town in Sweden (Södertälje, for example) accepts more Syrians than the United States. Sweden went from being a purely white country in 1950 to having less than a percentage of people from Yugoslavia, Chile and Iran in 1970. In 1980 things started changing (for the worse), but still it was on a level that barely could be handled. Then the 90’s came and it has exponentially been getting worse since then. Now we have around 2 million non-Swedes (~20%) living here, at least 1 million of them are muslims (most likely closer to 1½). The monetary net cost is at least 10% of our GNP. Thanks to immigration, our average IQ has started to drop and we are now the no.1 European state as far as rapes per capita is concerned (and second in the world according to some). Granted, the feminazis have influenced the laws and that is part of the reason why 100 women are raped every day in Sweden (the term “rape” covers everything from looking at a woman to sexually assaulting her together with your 7 dark-haired cousins), but at least 8 out of 10 rapes are commited by “men” from the Middle East and North Africa (Afghanistan/Pakistan included). Do note that we have lots of immigrants from Eastern Europe (gypsies and albanians for example) as well…

      10 years ago we did not have beggars in Sweden, now there is at least one gypsy in front of essentially every store in the country. And this is not an exaggeration, even though it should be. I live in Stockholm (capital), but even tiny little towns on the country side have their (now) mandatory gypsy crews.

      The States have many issues (Mexicans and religion especially), but Sweden is effectively dismantling itself and its people. This country is dying. It’s good for the rest of the world though (except for Norway/Denmark for geographic reasons), as there will be millions of civilized, well-educated, intelligent people seeking refuge in other countries in just a decade or two. Just don’t let these people vote, if you let them in.

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  8. Written like a true Xenophobe. If Sweden is as bad as you say then the US and the UK are D O N E…..DONE!. Not sure where this bloke is going but odds are that it will rank in almost every category less than Sweden which in the categories of Quality of Life, Income Distribution, Life Expectancy, Infant Mortality, Quality of HealthCare, Quality of Education, Peacefulness and 50 other qualities Sweden ranks either #1, #2, or #3.

    I’m from the US and live in Sweden. I’ve lived in Argentina and I’ve lived in Brazil. I think you are going to be hard pressed to find a place with less issues than you think Sweden has. Sweden in fact only ranks #7 or #8 in immigrants it accepts each year as a percentage of the population. Germany, the US are much higher and its on par with Norway.

    True there is an internal debate going on here about how many immigrants to take and how to deal with them. Sweden is in fact very generous when it come to both. I think the reality is this. The birth rate of the Swedish population is less than that necessary to grow the population internally. Negative population growth is the death of any country. Japan will be the next one to blow up because of it. So there are few options to increase the tax base and I think Swedes are realizing that in addition to helping people who need it, they can turn them into productive earning citizens.


  9. For many years I was Stockholm Correspondent for The Times of London and had the privilege of charting the course of the country. I share many of your feelings but feel they’re overstated. It seems as though Sweden has no redeeming characteristics when I read your account, and your characterization of Fridolin is uncalled for. I do understand you’re bitter. The fact is, though, that Sweden remains one of the world’s most desirable countries to live in by most any comparison. Good luck in the States. While you were gone it ceased being a democracy


    • I just left. If you enjoy your tax dollars going to the elite billionaire class while the costs for health care and education accelerate out of the solar system all the while having your personal privacy invaded by both government and corporates alike, then the US is the place to be.

      The US ceased being a democracy in the early 1900s.


      • That’s fortunate, considering the United States never *was* a democracy in the first place. Nice to hear that the Republic that was founded under the Constitution was apparently restored a century ago.

        Literally everything about your statement was both factually incorrect, wrongheaded, and just plain stupid.

        And you should feel bad about that.

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      • I feel bad that you have no idea how to prove your point other than to insult me. That is a common fallacy in arguing. You clearly missed my entire point hence your inability to respond with any facts or counterpoints of your own, go home troll.


      • Joe, your belief that the ills of the USA are entirely caused by the “elite billionaire class” is overstated. Yes, we certainly do have a problem with corporate welfare. But it’s hardly the only problem. And corporate welfare, including the “military-industrial complex” – existed long before our USA began its own acceleration downhill. Yes. it is a serious problem, and the problem is only getting worse as government power increases, and the collusion and corruption within government and the private sector grows. But corporatist welfare – as stinking rotten as it is – is not the cause of our accelerating decline.


    • You’re not very bright so here’s an analogy.

      You have a clean house. I come over and spill wine on the carpet. When you try to clean it, I say “relax man, you still have one of the cleanest houses!”

      Wake up and be proactive


  10. Just a small correction in my earlier post:when I was The Times correspondent in Sweden I had the privilege of chronicling the course of events…(Not “charting” the course)


    • Yeah right, you parasites just lost another host. Where are you going to suck blood when all honest people have left? Oh well, I’m sure some raised taxes and mass imigration of brain surgeons and IT entrepreneurs from MENA will fix what ever problems you indebted socialist losers have back there in your rainy hell hole of a country


  11. The muslim invasion of Sweden continues unabated …. within a couple of generations there will be a Sweden, but there won’t be any swedes living there. Same with Italy, France, Spain and Belgium … That’s what’s up y’all ….

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      • 12% Muslims in France today. People of Muslim ethnicity reproduce at twice the rate of native French people, and marry earlier.

        Within one generation: 21% Muslims
        Within two generations: 35% Muslims

        This assumes the number of Muslims is accurate. In reality it is underreported.
        This also assumes frontiers would be closed tomorrow and no more immigration, illegal or otherwise, would happen. An obviously impossible scenario.

        The other side of the argument would argue as education levels rise, number of childs per women drop. While true, the exact extent of that decrease is an unknown.

        “Natives will be replaced by Muslim immigrants in a couple generations” is a hyperbolic statement, but there is nonetheless a trend in that direction. Not all immigrants are Muslim either.


  12. I am a U.S. citizen with a Swedish parents and lived in Sweden as a child . I have been back to sweden through out the years and noticed the change . I guess I am a racist as it breaks my heart to see this beautiful country turn in to a haven for foreign free loaders. If you’re a proud Muslim or proud Albanian stay in you’re own crap hole !!

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  13. You can bet if Sweden had let in the same number of Jews instead, they would not be having this horrible problem now. You were betrayed by the Marxists in your midst.


    • lol at this clueless comment. If Sweden had had NO Jews, it would currently have NO Muslims. Marxism is Jewish, genius, as is ‘multiculturalism’, ‘globalism’ and every other white nation-destroying philosophy.


  14. Well, good luck to you then.
    Even if things are looking bad in other nations, at least some of them still have their freedom of speech, and as long as we can discuss things openly, there is still hope.
    The ultra feminist PC evirement in Sweden has effectivly silenced allmost all opossition.
    Myself I am sailing south next year, I dont know where I am going to settle down, things are bad in most of the developped world, but in other countries you can still talk about things.
    Since there in no chance for a peaceful solution I better leave too.
    Stefan Löfven has the power in an iron grip, and it is just a matter of time before the Sweden democrats are going to be outlawed, and when that happens, all hell is going to break loose.
    Sweden had an almost perfect society, and it hurts me to see how easy we are giving it away.

    Good luck to you, it has been onteresting reding yout point of view of this mad nation.


  15. “Absorption”, for future reference, sir. Still, good luck in wherever you decide to go. I never understood why countries bring about their own self destruction from willfully turning blind eyes to such problems.


  16. I’d like to correct your notion that prior to the sixties Sweden grew “by implementing free schooling, sound infrastructure investments, state-financed research and so forth.”
    The truth is that in those days we had a strong private sector with modest taxes so even if we allocated our money poorly (through the state of course) it was such a small number that it did little harm when we built roads that no one needed and educated kids that needed no education.
    But when Sweden grew richer we flew to close to the sun and in hubris people saw correlation between Sweden growing richer and an ever increasing state budget and thought they really saw a causation, thus willingly they went down the path to ruin (or serfdom, depending on your view).


  17. As a former swedish patriot, I can honestly say that I now truly hate sweden, swedes and everything this country stands for. Great job, socialists and globalists! Hope you are proud of what you have done

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  18. Who is John Galt?

    Has anyone read Atlas Shrugged?

    Does anyone really think that the U.S. is anything but further behind on the same path?


  19. “I’ll be back in the US being mad at Obama for being a lying scumbag.”
    In less than two years we’ll have a new lying scumbag-in-chief. If you miss Scandinavia, try New England, which shares many of the features.


  20. As i see it, as every other swedes, you are turning your back toward you country but its better to points at others and say, its others fault that Sweden is like this.
    You are complaining about this government that they are ruining Sweden. Well, to be correct its the last government who is responsible. This government Try to pickup the rest. Not that they are doing a good job, no but its not right to blaim them.
    The biggest problem swedes have is that its easier for them to blaim others than that ask them self what have i done to be part of this country. You are blaiming foregines, most of us doing very right for ur selfs. The major of those 28% you wrote has higher educations Than half of the
    Swedes still we are to
    Blaim. You are very right
    About one thing, that government had lost controll ovet how many comes here when we are not able to take care of
    And state has to show some balls about this jihadist and terrorist. Others, respecfully, this stuff you right here i bull. One thing, although Sweden is in ruins, you have atleast possibility to move to a other country so somthing most be okej that gives you this chans that others dont have.
    Be proud of you and you past.


  21. You have right in many things in my opinion. That’s good! Except that on Russia. Dont forget that are no proves that Russian submarines have entered into Swedish territories. Not a single proof. Please leave an open mind that this could be western propaganda against Russia. It is Washington and NATO who starts wars and makes the world uncertain, not Russia. If You look closer in the details around these so called facts You will find that are no proofs at all, just conclusions made by … Western owned newspapers and media.


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