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This is the last post on this blog. I am leaving Sweden for good shortly, and will no longer be following its descent from what was once the third most prosperous country in the world. Frankly, it’s just too damn depressing. 

I was born and raised in Sweden, which leaves a cultural mark even though I moved to USA in the 1990s and have spent the better part of my adult life as an American. Coming back for a few years has been a shocking experience.

When I was a child, Sweden was a dull yet very safe place to live. Yes, there was a heavy blanket of socialism and collectivist values covering everything, but there was a core of pragmatism beneath the redness. The intention and goal was always to benefit the citizens, even though they went about things in a backwards manner. 


Prime minister Löfven 
Today, it’s as if the inmates are running the asylum. The politicians are participating in a chicken race of “goodness” where everybody tries to one-up each other in caring for the citizens of OTHER countries while Swedish retirees, school children, handicapped and other vulnerable categories of people are thorougly ignored. Violence is exploding. Jihadist Trojan horses are flowing through the porous border along with the tens of thousands ID-less refugees. 

But what makes me the most pessimistic about Sweden’s future is how the social fabric itself has been undermined. 

Now, to be clear, it is my opinion that modest immigration is healthy for society and beneficial for trade, cultural development and so forth. Protectionism as a concept is counter-productive, while free trade and the ability for skilled labor to go where they’re in demand is beneficial for everyone.

Having said that, what Sweden is doing is something completely different. The once homogenous population has been forever altered by a rapid and massive addition of people from vastly different cultures and value-systems. 26,8% of the population is now foreign-born or with at least one foreign-born parent, and the national census bureau estimates that some 150 000 per year will arrive to the country of just 9,8 million residents.

There simply is no possible way to absorb and assimilate such volumes of people, period. Then you are merely creating ethnic enclaves, which due to incompatible language, culture and job skills become ghettos, which in turns brews crime, misery and extremism. Once the inflow has exceeded the capacity for absorbtion, further immigration only makes the problem worse. 

It’s like someone having read that a cup of green tea per day is healthy, so they make it a policy to chug four gallons per day, every day. It’s a good thing overdone to the extreme until it becomes toxic.

Then you have the Swedish school system. There really is no nice way to put it; it’s a complete disaster. The minister of education is a man-boy who spends his time making Youtube-videos showing heart-signs with his hands to boost school results, while university-level students can’t read and comprehend the course literature. 

Education minister Gustav Fridolin
Since there is a delay in the changes in the school system, it is only in recent years the full impact of the knowledge-averse “progressive” school system is starting to be felt. Hard facts are largely irrelevant; the important thing is to sit in a group and discuss things until a consensus is reached. But with no hard facts to base the conclusions on, it becomes an exercise in futility because it’s all random assumptions and opinions. As a university-level history student (!) was quoted as saying in newspaper Svenska Dagbladet the other day: “Why would all these dates matter? Who cares in what order things happened?”

That’s not exactly fertile soil for creating the researchers and engineers of the future.

Financially, Sweden is an oddity in that it never had its real estate correction when Lehman Bros went belly-up and the housing market everywhere in the West crashed. Sweden just kept steaming ahead, which means housing is ridiculously overinflated. In Stockholm, the real estate prices increased 19% and in Gothenburg 24% in the last 12 months alone — from an already sky-high level. 

Tear-down abandoned house from 1932 with small, unremarkable lot in the outskirts of Stockholm. Current bid: 7,5 million SEK, or close to $900,000.

As a result, personal debt of the Swedish population is at an all-time high. To keep all this afloat the normal mortgage interest rates are at 2% with central bank Riksbanken at -0,25%, and yet a significant portion of the borrowers are hanging by a thread. If and when foreign banks and investors decide it’s time to turn their backs on Sweden (as happened in the early 1990s) there’s going to be a lot of pain.

Then you have the financial obligations going forward. Like much of the western world, there is a demographic change where fewer tax-paying adults are to support a glut of retirees. What makes it especially dire for Sweden is that in addition to the old Swedes, there’s also a ton of elderly immigrants that are granted “family visas” based on younger relatives having been granted asylum. They’ve never paid a dime in taxes, yet enter the system with full benefits from day one. In theory, this would be made up for by the younger relatives working and paying taxes. Sadly, this is not the case; while ethnical Swedes have a 82% employment rate, immigrants only have 57% with non-Europeans coming in at just 51%.

If Sweden was a person, it’d be like the guy with three mortgages, seven maxed-out credit cards and four collection agencies chasing him that just signed a lease for a brand new BMW X6. Simply put, there’s a lot of red ink in the future; it just hasn’t been fully realized yet.

Finally, there’s the sorry state of the Swedish defense. After decades of constant slashing of the defense budget, the extent of Swedish ambition is to stall an invader for a week in a limited area. This with war raging in Europe, Russian missiles pointed at Sweden in Kaliningrad, and Russian submarines and bomber jets openly thumbing their nose at Sweden as they intrude on Swedish territory on a regular basis. The power vacuum in Scandinavia is so tangible you can almost hear a sucking sound as you fly over it. This, too, will require massive investments when the penny finally drops amongst Swedish politicians.

So while I can’t claim to be any kind of authority on macroeconomics or social predictive models, I see red lights across the board. 

In some ways, I’d compare the country to a farm. Previously, Sweden acted like a sensible farmer and planted wheat here, carrots there, potatoes over there et cetera, by implementing free schooling, sound infrastructure investments, state-financed research and so forth. A few decades later, they reaped the rewards and climbed the prosperity ladder.

In the late 1960s, this pragmatic line was abandoned as leftist idealist Olof Palme took over. But there was plenty to harvest from previous years, so Sweden continued to be the land of milk and honey for a good long while. Then things started drying up, and the process has been one of gradual erosion and decline since the 1990s. 

The famous Swedish health care system is a good example. 120 000 hospital beds in the late 1960s became 20 000 today. Cancer patients are put on waiting lists for months. Entire emergency wards shut down for summer. The crumbling Swedish railroad system is another symptom I examined in-depth last year. The aforementioned defense that now consist of about three fat generals and a rusty rifle (bullets withheld for budgetary reasons).

A sensible farmer would see the problems for what they are and hurry to plant new seeds, so as to return to bountiful harvests of wheat, carrots, potatoes etc. Instead, the Swedish politicians goes by dogma and plants what they think SHOULD grow. So they plant M & Ms, hot dogs and pretzels. The results won’t be fully evident for a few years yet, but as the last reserves of the old harvests are depleted, things will get… Interesting.

From what I can see, there simply is no plausible scenario where these social tensions and future financial committments will not lead to a downward spiral of hardship and strife. I hope I’m wrong. I really do, because I have friends and family I care about that will remain here to see it all play out. 

But I won’t. I’ll be back in the US being mad at Obama for being a lying scumbag. And if Trump manages to get elected in 2016? Whoo boy. A racist ignoramus who takes pride in the worst qualities of a cranky eight-year old should make George “Dumbo” Bush seem like Abe Lincoln by comparison. So every country has its problems. USA has its corrupt yokel in office, just as Sweden has Stefan Löfven. 

I’d like to thank you for having followed this blog and your many insightful comments. It’s been a wild ride at times with heated debates, but it’s been fun — even when I got hatemail from both left-wingers and right-wingers over the same article. 🙂

So thank you, and good luck whereever you are.



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  1. I am sorry to hear that. It is a great blog which is following a highly interesting story. Sweden is committing a cultural suicide and one cannot drop his eyes. It is like staring at a car accident happening. You cannot turn your eyes away but it is very sad.

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  2. Sorry to hear this. I’ve enjoyed reading your posts, which have always been informative and dignified without bitterness or hatred toward the entities that are destroying your country, and mine and others in Europe. I wish you all the best in your new home and wish I was able to relocate easily to another less multicultural/Marxist-led country in Europe. I understand how depressed you must feel and this feeling is share by millions like you around Europe and other parts of the world.

    Good luck and hopefully one day you can return to your native home when it has steered itself clear of this self destructive path.

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  3. I live in South Africa, which is a truly broken society, so your blog was often a source of solace. I’ll miss your unique insight, and wish you all the best for the future.

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    • From South Africa too here. I agree, we’re broken. In almost every possible way. I have zero hope left and I feel this guy’s pain about seeing ones home country destroyed by you know who.

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  4. Hi ! My name is Jonas and we seem to have some things in common. I too was born in Sweden but grew up in the suburbs of Chicago. I must say that it has been both pleasure, and pain reading your blog. I too agree that many things regarding Swedish politics have gone haywire, and its so damned depressing watching it happen right before your eyes. I hope deep in my heart that thing will get turned around. It’s pleasing to known that the number of concerned Swedes are growing by the day, and with a little luck even the “sheeple” might be able to think clearly one lucky day. Anyway, I just wanna wish you the best of luck, and I hope you will keep an eye on Sweden even in the future. BTW. Are moving back to the US? I have thought about it, but will stay put for now. Ps I’m going to miss reading your blog, it’s been excellent, so thanks again for a job well done! Sincerely Jonas E.

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  5. Wish Ingrid good luck. Hope Ingrid stil will write. The world is close by internet. I will never give up fighting for Skane and Sweden. Will inform more at my Twitter account whats happening in Malmo, Skane, Sweden.

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  6. I’m sort of sorry you are packing it in, but in a way not because pretty much all the things you talk about are happening in Canada too and it was a bit depressing! The phrase ‘there’s also a ton of elderly immigrants that are granted “family visas” based on younger relatives having been granted asylum. They’ve never paid a dime in taxes, yet enter the system with full benefits from day one’ kicked me in the stomach because, having worked in healthcare I can tell you our whole overburdened system probably wouldn’t be overburdened if not for immigration. When I worked at a hospital in Mississauga we had patients arrive in Emergency from the airport (parents arriving under family reunification). One patient I remember was on the verge of heart failure and was admitted directly to the Critical Care Unit. That’s easily $100,000 per year there. Another one needed immediate dialysis and will need it for the rest of his life. That’s $50,000 per year. The taxes paid by the sponsors won’t even pay their parents medical bills, let alone make a contribution to the retirement of the Canadians who built the country. You have no idea how angry medical staff get at seeing this constant stream of exploitation while they get asked to make do with less every year.

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  7. By breaking up homogenous societies (thus strong political resistance), politicians are creating more power for themselves and the “political class”.
    There are no strong groups of ordinary people any more in the West, because groups are broken and scattered. The only strong are those with money (corporate world).
    Since it helps the political class to regain and increase its power, through no political resistance and through more corporate bribes, expect things to worsen in the West. A lot.

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  8. Enjoy your life in a free country, I will not return to Sweden if I can avoid it. After tasting true freedom in more than 25 years outside the country where I grow up there’s no return.

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  9. Sad to see you go, but I understand why. I left a little over 20 years ago for the same reasons. Sure, Sweden was a lot better back then, but I could see what was brewing on this horizon. Unfortunately I was right, and I never looked back. Best of luck, it has been a joy following your blog.

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    • As a swede and a Mexican resident since 26 years I am shocked that I do not have a
      homeland I can call my own anymore

      Never met racism or discrimination in Mexico I will never have
      a chance to return to
      Sweden in my lifetime while the present
      apartheid system rules there. PC only rules in totalitarian states


  10. As a Norwegian we have seen our society following Sweden for decades. Paradoxically it was the liberation from Sweden in 1905 that sparked the industrial development of the Norwegian waterfalls into hydroelectric power plants financed by Swedish capital and built quite often by Swedish labour force. This creation of the Norwegian industry also helped to develop Sweden into a modern industrial state. So it was natural for Norwegian politicians to look to Sweden for the way forward.
    This became the main rule after WW2 but when Norway found oil in 1969 the politics did´t change. Norwegian politicians strived to become “better” than the Swedes. We started a public spending similar to the Swedes and we surely felt the effect when the economy crashed in the late 1980´s!
    It was mostly due to this Swedish inspired social policy that really moved the focus away from the need of further industrial development toward a consuming well wishing policy of social nonsense!

    But the oil saved us. When Sweden had no money to pay for the imports, Norway had USD´s in quantities! So we recovered fast, but we did´t change the politics except that the social budget was trimmed and the political parties agreed not to spend all of the oil money, right away! This restraint has recovered the economy, but the infrastructure is still lacking sufficient investments so we have spent money in the bureaucracy and health service the infrastructure has been neglected!

    Even our military is in a bad condition. It lacks efficient anti air defense and instead of focusing on replacing our ailing F-16A´s with modern air superiority fighters are we wasting our petrodollars on the F-35 which won´t have a chance against the new air superiority fighters of Russia today!

    We have simply copied Sweden, but the consequences has not yet become as severe as they are in Sweden. But we will sure suffer by a collapse in Sweden. and that collapse of Sweden will come about when the oil age is over for Norway as well so we will be dragged down by their fall.

    I might emigrate myself, but where to!?!

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  11. Sorro to hear, but fully understandable. Sweden is a swaying tree so rotten, that it will fall over any year now. I cannot feel but some degree of bitter satisfaction, as the majority of voters have voted for the vermin that has run the country to the ground. But let’s not forget that many other countries are in acute danger of islamic nazism, and that the real culprit is the ideology known as cultural marxism.

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  12. I feel there was a few points relevant to your article, but I think because you grew up in the US with a more republican view of life, success “you are your own man” “everything can be bought” etc I do understand that having to experience the destruction of a successful country with the vision that no man nor woman should not afford health care, school, to retire etc is a bad country. I happen to know many, many Americans who have chosen to stay in Sweden because they cannot afford to move back to your beloved US. They do miss family, friends, the more diverse society… but having a secure heath care, almost free daycare, parental pay, vacation, etc seem to weight more than whatever it is you are returning back to.
    We crazy “Socialist” bid you a great return home.


    • “…almost free daycare”, etc.? So how exactly are all these social services you mention “for free” – by magic? Ever heard about the concept of charging taxes? My God, Imma… it hurts my mind reading your post.

      It is strange that other countries don’t follow your concept, they must be stupid not wanting free daycare amongst others.

      For the more realistic ones; the equivalent amount of money deducted from your Swedish salary to fund your health care scheme would pay for a far beter private health insurance in the US. Provided you earn a salary and pay tax, of course.

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  13. I knew you mentioned some months ago that you would be moving back. But I still had hopes you would keep on blogging though. True that this country is a large open nuthouse. I cannot deny that. But so are many other countries. The root to the problems are the globalists. We know who they are. If we don’t stop them, we will all be dead shortly. I’m not kidding. There will be no safe place anywhere in the world. To keep some track of whats going on in the world, check out Red Ice Creations and Caravan To Midnight. They know what they are talking about and they have interesting guests for the most part.


    • Well said. Exactly you have to see this as an international political force that wants to enslave the world. To destroy the nations is just step one

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  14. Thank you for sharing
    reposted at
    it’s a Canadian version of your blog written by a former Canadian MP
    the story of Sweden exactly parallels that of Canada – you could switch the two words out and it would all be true….amazing.
    Obviously a globalist plan…

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  15. Many grumpy voices on this site, rife with negativity.
    Xenophobia, misanthropy, elitism are fitting labels.
    Maybe you’re right, or maybe you’re overreacting.

    Pundits acquire huge audiences crying “The End is Near”. Meanwhile the Swedish economy grows. You are the envy of the world in music, retail, industry, innovation. That takes optimism, energy and joy – three qualities you are dearly missing.

    You sound too much like Anders Breivik, although I’m sure you are more human, caring and loving than he. Please find some kindness and love for people who may not fit your anachronistic rules of purity or traditional values.

    The world is bubbling, thriving, moving forward with or without you.
    There’s never been a better time to be alive.
    Come on board and join the rest of the human race, leave your hate behind.


    • You are an idiot.

      What the guy writes is true, in fact it’s way worse than he writes, I think he is way too kind and soft in his words about the situation.

      The economy grows? It’s just wellfare parasites from the third world that is spending the money they are allowed to steal by the traitorous politicians that looks to you as the economy grows, but it’s a false growth.
      Money that could have been spent on research and other things that could benefit many, instead it goes to a IQ 65 third worlder that just eats, rapes and farts and will never do anything of worth ever. You could just burn that money instead it would be better spent than spending it on some lazy parasite.

      We tried your kindness way, what happened was these third world scum raped us. You are asking us to get raped a second time. F*** you, you POS. People like you will get theirs, people like you are scum of the highest order especially since you think you are good when what you do always leads to evil.

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      • I’d be the first person to admit that this is a sophisticated doomsday prophesies in the sense that the blogger has managed to cover his subjective and unsubstantiated assumptions under a layer of neatly assembled facts that appear as though they were part of a coherent analysis. But really, he is just saying what you’re writing in a much more revealing language. So cheers for clearing up that what the guy really means is that we have to blame third world immigrants for raping, farting and conquering our glorious nation in order to get it straight again. Your anti-intellectualism is weirdly comforting amidst all the bigotry.


    • “Better time to be alive” Haha go back to your pipe! Who’s talking about hate! Only you! You with your own version of love! Haha everyone must think as you I guess you mean. Go to your pipe

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      • You have a sophist, puerile take on matters, which is one reason why I left your camp ages ago. Name calling and scapegoating is the only way the Left can maintain any sort of power. What will you do with those of us who call you out on your hypocrisies and lies? What you’ve always have done throughout history. Now who’s xenophobic, misanthropic, elitist, hateful? If the gulag or concentration camp fits….

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  16. […] The Sweden Report is a long-running blog written by a person who was born and raised in Sweden, who then came to America, and after that returned to Sweden again. Or more accurately, the Sweden Report was a long-running blog. It’s being shut down because the blogger is leaving Sweden. He writes quite the elegy for a country that was once principled and well-run, and is now lowering itself to Third World standards as its smug socialism becomes increasing dysfunctional. […]

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  17. Thanks for your writings. Being born and still living here, well educated, having young children, and seeing the same things I’m still staying. However we have moved out to the countryside. Quite far away. It’s a pain commuting but not worse than living in Stockholm and we love the nature and the people here. Community. People helping each other. Talking to each other. Caring for one another. No loans anymore. Sure, it’s not an idyll, we have our share of misery around here, but when the sh*t is going to hit the fan (because boy, it will) we believe that we’re better off here. Sure, we might have bet on the wrong horse but people out here already have to depend on each other. We already know the establishment hates us.

    It’s not going to be easy. Who knows what kind of looting gangs can come raiding… But. We’ve got tools. We’ve got skilled people who can manage themselves. We’ve got food. We’ve got community. We’ve got morals. Plus. We’re armed.

    Those who are dependent on the system have a hard time ahead of them… If we’re going to go out, let’s go out with our banners held high. I say… let the collapse begin! We cannot avoid it anyway.

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  18. Why on earth would you jump out of what you perceive to be a fire into a red-hot frying pan? The USA? Of all places, you have opted for the very worst. Social tensions could hardly be more troubled; police brutality and corruption are at all time highs; the paltry welfare system is bursting at the seams; the middle-class is being royally buggered. The country stands on the precipice of losing dollar reserve currency status; Saudi has walked; the UK led more than 60 countries to ignore USA pleas not to join the AIIB. You are going to live in a country in which citizens most basic freedoms have been washed away by law. You are going to a country in which habeas corpus no longer exists as a most fundamental human right. The USA elite know very well that the only way they can avoid the most shocking and brutal economic collapse is by initiating yet another World War..hence Myanamar, Ukraine, Syria, China seas, etc. You could not be going to live in a more dangerous country. Every complaint you have raised against Sweden pales into insignificance when you think clearly about what life in USA offers. I can scarcely believe your naïveté when it comes to your observation that you have community and arms. Just who do you think will be coming against you? An evenly-matched community group? Think again.


  19. I just found your blog through Bookwormroom, and I’ve only read this one post; it makes me terribly sad, even though I’ve never visited Sweden, but my Swedish ancestors moved from to the US in the 1890s, and despite whatever drove them here, I still had a soft spot for their love for the “old country”… And it seems by what you say that the political class is determined to destroy everything that makes Sweden Sweden.

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  20. I am not European and not American, I am say;I am the neighbor of America. I blog is excellent and it is a shame that will leave the country. Good trip for you my dear friend.


  21. Hope you continue on some form of social media as you have become something like a friend.
    If you do could you add a comment to this list – I have ticked the “Notify me of new comments via emaill. option.
    Health and happiness to you and yours.


  22. If I may suggest — don’t stop blogging, continue to be a commenter on things Scandinavian — as a former resident and ex-native, you have an insight to everything that happens there that few can match. You could become the Scandinavian version of Fausta.


  23. What you describe is exactly why I fear someone like Bernie Sander’s in the US. Sander’s supporters think in a heavily immigrant strained country like the US such a socialist system will work.


  24. I have lived in Sweden for six years and have seen drastic changes in just that small period of time. Something that I have noticed very easily: From two beggars in the streets of Stockholm to a beggar in front of every grocery store, beggars in the trains, and on every corner.

    I figured I must have thought it was a magical place when I first moved here and have become jaded at not being able to find employment or housing but I can see it isn’t just me. 🙂


  25. Hi!

    I just read your post and I think its interesting. I’m sorry that your experience in Sweden was not more satisfying. I’m from Swden and moved to the US about a year ago. What I met here with policeviolence towards blacks, a structural violence from slavery that is still happening today is so sad. The education system we shouldnt talk about with public schools getting shared and ppl having three jobs at the same time as their trying to go through school. Fear of homelessness is a great part of common mans experience. The next bubble I believe would be the education here since some ppl take loans to cover the private schools of $35,000 A YEAR. Its complete insanity.
    The situation for women with no maternity leave makes them less independent and more vulnerable to stay with abusive and powerdriven men. Because the US is a country built on selfishness and entitlement. When ppl “make it” they become selfish because they feel no obligation to their society because the society never helped them. And so the circle continued. That’s where bullying comes from and schoolshootings. This is a country of ignorance. Now ignorance exist in Swdeden to but its a true service of the country in question.
    The veterans and the wars in America is another thing! Trick them into wars and then fuck them over leaving 25% homeless! Its a system of use of ppl in the interest of politicians and greedy investors. The SD ppl in Sweden are so naive when they talk about this. Do they acctually know that theres a great chance they would have been homeless here? immigration is another issue. You bring up that numbers are high in Sweden but you forget that America is built on immigrants! Is there integration here? No! There’s super segregated and minoritets gets highly discriminated.
    That swden don’t have an army is because the standpoint is unique, if you do something to someone else, they will do it to you. Swedes think in needs not in money. And that makes Sweden acctually better off financially that the US per capita.
    I understand that the adjustment has Bern hard for you, being nuteral is hard to understand if you grown up with defensivens and war but I hope you’ve learned something. Hopefully you can take some things with you when you return to the US. There’s a lot of work that needs to be done here too!


    • Elllen, I have lived in the US for almost 30 years now, it is still a whole lot better than the socialistic nonsense in sweden. Most swedes pay a perverse amount of taxes to feed the “Lazy”. High taxes and moms make it very difficult to run a business. In the end the poor suffers due to the high taxes.

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  26. At some point we have to move on with our lives and try not to let the Progressives and those they support piss on our enjoyment of life. Speak up against them when the opportunity arises, otherwise take that backpack trip, forge your way through self-satisfying employment, and try not to let the Left get you down. It’s easier said than done, but perhaps the best “protest” we can stage against the anti-Western Left is to live life to the fullest while successfully navigating around their Brave New World.


  27. Wait for me…im leaving too…

    I am one of the immigrants that came here, got tired of paying taxes to support peers that just don’t deserve it and will be packing soon.


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    • I run into many Swedes in the U.S. today: Somalian-Swedes, Ethiopian-Swedes, Syrian-Swedes. The live in places like NYC for better higher education and career advancement. No place for success in Sweden?


  28. Goodbye and safe journey. It is certainly sad in a way, because there really is no place to run. All European countries are being overrun by this phenomena. And so is Canada and even USA. Sweden will simply be the first to collapse. There will be nobody to fight it. And as natives of all countries are running around in panic in international white flight, seeking a better place here and there, it will only end up in no place at all being better than other. Only chaos ensues. Sweden right now is having massive white flight to other countries. I recall 20 00 Swedes emigrating each year, with 120 000 non-Swedes pouring in. That is population replacement, no different than what Soviets did when they sent Baltics to Siberia and Russians to Baltic countries. The only difference is that Swedes are doing it a) willingly b) faster. It also goes by the name of ethnic cleansing. The only thing that could stop this is a total collapse. But I am more afraid that it will never happen than about the prospect of it happening. Like frogs in the slowly heating water.

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    • The power of the Leftist alliance and their vast unknown stocks of reserve power, should not be underestimated it. They have yet to show their true nature. Their allies, Islamic Jihad, is much more flashy and in the news.

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  29. I’m Swedish, born and bred. I still live here and I’ve always lived here. It was such a fantastic, wonderful and magical place to grow up. I’m from the northern parts of Sweden, what a lot of my friends and myself now consider ‘wastelands’. It used to be wondrous nature; undisturbed and beautiful. There used to be schools and hospitals here. Now it has fallen prey to foreign interests in logging, destabilized economy and immigration. The hospitals and clinics were the first ones to go, next the schools started to vanish one by one, now the nature is gone as well and most apartments house immigrants. Even public transport is gone for most villages. They’ve also recently started to shut down the nightlights in periferal villages in the municipality to save money. It’s become a very eerie and depressing place. At the same time the import of immigrants have been massive. Most villages, if not all, are completely overtaken by them. The migration authority has started renting out all habitable spaces. Forcing the Swedish population to move or cope with being a minority. We still have our lakes and beautiful coastline (but only for the wealthy) but the forests are hollowed out. It looks like a parasitic infection gone bad. There’s no schools or universities, if you want an education you have to move to the south, which costs money and takes a psychological toll (moving atleast 800km from all your friends and family). The only job you’ll ever get around here is as an enrolled nurse, as the only Swedish people that are still here are the elderly and those that take care of them. Even these jobs are being given to immigrants. That would’ve been fine, if they atleast spoke Swedish! You can’t have uninterested immigrant youth taking care of the Swedish elderly without even being able to communicate beyond the primal communication that is body language. It is difficult enough to communicate with someone suffering from severe dementia. My husband works as an enrolled nurse and has been for the last 25 years, and in the last 5 years there are atleast 5 immigrants sent to them as supplementary workforce when there’s a shortage of people, and most of them don’t even speak English let alone Swedish. They are more confused and in the way than they are of help, but they are cheap (read free) for the employer. As they are forced there by the migration authorities for whatever reason. I, too, worked as an enrolled nurse but couldn’t take the mean and horrible work conditions. It is not fair to the Swedish people nor to the immigrants who have to suffer through this horrible system. Most of my friends either moved south or abroad a long time ago. I am still here because I am simply too cowardly to leave, but even I feel I am being pushed towards having to move.. If I ever were to move, which I will have to do very soon, it would be abroad as well. The only other option is to live on welfare which I refuse to do. I don’t mind exploiting the system, I do not have or feel any allegiance to the state. But it has become near to impossible, as the welfare system has been dismantled as well.

    If you don’t live in the larger southern cities of Sweden, you’re done for.

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  30. Good luck 2 u.What a sad story as I remember Sweden so well from past visits.The same change you can see in England and other european countries which have gone soft.If you dip a bisquit in your tea it will go soggy and will eventuelly break of into it and ruin it.About time for a drastic change or revolution.


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