Feminist economics


Swedish feminist party FI didn’t make it into parliament in the 2014 election, so the threat of mandatory feminism indoctrination camps for all men is postponed for the moment. But they did gain seats in many local governments, including capital Stockholm where they recently participated in establishing the new guidelines for dealing with returning ISIS fighters (free housing, full financial support and lifetime coddling).

In Malmö, Sweden’s third largest city, FI representative Linda Hiltmann took place in local government after the 2014 election. Here’s a clip from a local newspaper captured by Jan Sjunnesson that speaks for itself:


“Economy is a tool for achieving politics, and politics should not be constrained by budgetary limitations. Feminist politics emanates from the needs present, and we believe that you can’t establish a budget and then allocate resources.”

If she deals with her personal finances the same way she runs the city, I imagine her household budget must be something else. 

Meanwhile, on a completely unrelated note:

“Increased tax for Malmö residents in 2015”


3 thoughts on “Feminist economics

  1. It is interesting that Denmark, Finland and Norway are all making a 180 turn in refugee and asylum seeker immigration policies, making rules much more strict and expecting refugees to assimilate. Meanwhile, Sweden is all full steam ahead, no matter what the consequences will be.

    What I have read the problems are already really bad in kindergartens and schools. All efforts are put to the teaching of newly arrived asylum seeker kids and nothing is left for the native Swedish kids. Families are escaping to better neighbourhoods with better schools whenever possible.

    I’d say half a year more of this and the immigration system of Sweden will reach a breaking point.


  2. “I’d say half a year more of this and the immigration system of Sweden will reach a breaking point.”

    You’d certainly think so, but I don’t. Reason: No one wants to be first to go public urging tighter controls on immigration and welfare for immigrants, because the pro-immigration side will scream that they’re “anti-immigration” or worse, “raaacist!” In a primitive society such charges have no traction, but in a sophisticated one such charges are second only to “homophobe!” in their effectiveness.

    Eventually it’s likely this barrier will fall. But then lawsuits and other legal tactics to silence and intimidate the “tighten it up” side will begin. In the U.S. those can drag on for way more than five years–and few individuals have the resources to fight that long.

    Then IF the lawsuits by the open-borders advocates fail–a big if–the next phase is for the open-borders groups to threaten spineless politicians.with losing their cushy offices. That’s effective because immigrants can be counted on to vote as a single-issue bloc on this one. If you can’t muster a majority in parliament, hard to pass a tighter law.

    Finally, even in the astronomically unlikely event that the “tighter” group manages to get a tougher law passed, the next phase is for the bureaucrats to simply ignore the law, including court orders. We never imagined that could happen here in the U.S. but Emperor Obama did it. On several occasions.

    Good luck to Sweden and all of Europe.


  3. Why would you be afraid of Putin invading your country? If he would actually do that Sweden would be far better off. Being occupied by a Christian country is far preferable to be occupied by Islam. I would welcome him doing the same to us in the Netherlands. We are worse off than Sweden, we are a tiny country but we have 17 million people of which 3 million are immigrants (excluding those third generation who are counted as etnic Dutch but mostly aren’t integrated). At least Swedes could go into the woods up north where it is too cold for the muslims and where it smells of wood (which they don’t like).


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