“Riots are caused by police doing their jobs”


Last night was yet another flare-up in infamous Stockholm ghetto Tensta. A crowd of 50-something masked thugs were hurling rocks and molotov cocktails at police and fire fighters. But noone was killed and police only had to fire warning shots in the air, so no big deal. Ho-hum, in the “new normal” of Sweden.

What makes it noteworthy is how state media Stockholm P4 chooses to frame the situation. Apparently, police has been putting efforts into quelling local gang activity by making some arrests in the past weeks. So the headline becomes:


“Major police operations cause of the riots”

The subheadline reads: “It’s not surprising”

So… A riot is caused by the police upholding the law. It is not caused by a big group of thugs deciding to make molotov cocktails and toss them at the police.

This treacherous way of framing such reports is designed to lead to the subconscious conclusion: “Well, if the police would just stop doing their job, then there would be no riots.”

And a battered woman’s black eye is caused by her having burnt the eggs. It is not caused by the violent husband, because she brought it on herself. Right?


11 thoughts on ““Riots are caused by police doing their jobs”

  1. There seems to be developing a big gap between the Swedish police and the multiculty elite leading the country. The cops are the ones dealing daily with the fucked up multiculty reality on the ground. I’d bet they outright despise the ruling elite. This is going to explode some way or another soon.

    The Swedish majority seems to be still trying to ignore the problems or are venting their outrage anonymously in the net forums.

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    • Yes,

      I find myself wondering 1.where that same multiculti crowd live? How enriched and the like and 2.how much greater police resources are put into the policing of where they live?

      None of this is going to end well….and I prophesise that those responsible will not be forgotten..


  2. Sweden in a nut shell, the crminals are always victimized and have to be shown love and affection so they can become better people..
    In a disscussion today, where I war proclaiming that returning Jihadist warriors should be exiled from Sweden, reguardless of citizenship, the person I was disscussing with seroiusly compared jihadists with common criminalls.. and told me: “What if the Jihadist change his mind and can becomme a better person.”
    My answer was something like.
    If a rapist change it’s mind, it will not unrape the victim.
    If a childmolester changes it’s mind it will not detraumatize the child.
    If a murderer changes it’s mind it will not give life back to the victim or help the victims family.

    In Sweden all criminals are victimized and often recive benefits..

    Media always makes the police the bad guys for doing their job..
    I am just sick of it…

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  3. Big problem here is gonna be the same they have in US right now.

    50 years ago, before civil rights for blacks, black community was non conflictive. Civil rights was a great movement, but they overdid it. Instead of just giving people equal rights, they kept repeating again and again and again, for the last four decades, that blacks were victims of white privilelged people.

    Outcome: blacks are so convinced that they are victims that they are far more frustated and aggresive than 50 years ago. When people believe they’re victims, they become victims.

    20 years from now, it’s likely that white swedishs won’t be accepting the current narrative anymore. But it’s likely that “new swedishs” will have bought it and will feel frustrated and resentful. Very surely more isolated, and rejecting more and more western values (the same way blacks hate western values today),

    Check Baltimore. This is the future Stockolm.

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  4. It doesn’t matter what the police does; it’s always their fault, and they should always hang for whatever happens while the press and politicians are wringing their hands over the poor little molotov-hurlers.

    During the massive Husby riots that made world headlines, hundreds of police were literally ordered to stand idle while young arabs hollering in ecstacy were running around setting fire to cars and buildings. Wasn’t it “provoced” by the cops back then too?


  5. How about if the Police, the fire fighting department and the ambolances went for a strike for one week or even a month?
    These police hating left wing naive people would recive a fair ammount of reality then,
    Who will save them in case of fire?
    Who will take care of them when they need emergency health care?
    Who will save them from the same criminals that they are protecting?

    Mayme that would help?


    • our friends will help us, like always. Only sociopaths, criminals and in general people with no friends and too horrible to be helped (politicians, bankers, etc) need the protection of the Police.


      • So… Your perception of the police is pretty much limited to providing protection against a burglar coming to rob your house. How quaint.

        Ok, what about a drunk driver that hits the sauce hard and goes speeding through town every day for months. Would you “get help” from your friends before or after the drunk driver has run over and killed your son?

        Or suppose one of your “friends” turned out not to be such a good friend. He steals from you, or rapes your wife. Problem is, he’s armed, and he has other friends that are also armed better than your friends. Do you chalk that one up to tough luck and move on?

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      • Your comment is proof positive the zombification of the Swedish population is now completed.

        To the rest of the Swedes; goodbye folks, it’s been nice knowing you and may God have mercy on your children and grandchildren for what you are doing to them.

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      • As you get older and start a family you will start to alianate yourself from your friends.
        Up in the 40’s all of your friends will be committed to their own faminies and children, priorities changes.
        As a man, when you separate, the feminist syetem will make shure that you will have nothing left to live for, except paying all of your money in child support, and often you will not even have the right to see your own children.
        You will be demonized by the feminist society and questiond by all, and in the end you will not want to have friends and start taking your refuge in alcohol…

        That is the true scenario for many men in Sweden, their jobs is all that they have to live for..

        Well, that is an other story, what I wanted to say is that you can not count on having your friends by your side forever..

        The police hepls when people are in danger, they catch the drunk drivers who kill children, they take care of you if you are consiusless of drugs or alcohol (if you get drugd in a bar for instance).

        They see that your dougters, sisters and whives don’t get raped after a night out…

        We shold honor them, not throw stones at them (even if we like to get “stoned” sometimes.)

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  6. Welcome to the Balkanization of the west, some more than others, the bottom line is that sooner or later this is going to end with a massive amount of bloodshed that will make a Serb blush with envy. There is no way out of this mess now, the tipping point has been reached when your own police cannot go into a no-go area filled with resentful and hate filled 3rd world savages without low intensity warfare happening. Your own women are targeted and raped just because they are native whites and Sweden is catching up to the rats nest of socialist multicultural utopia South Africa, bloody pathetic. Where are your men? Do you think that your ancestors would have tolerated these 3rd world savages in your midst for one bloody second? Where is a Eric the Red or Holgar Danske when you folks need them the most. Or are you going to wait until things are so bad, that your back is against the wall with nowhere left to run to?

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