Police: Yes, there ARE No-Go Zones in Sweden

The issue of whether there are No-Go Zones in Europe or not has been somewhat controversial, mainly because the term has not had a clear-cut definition when applied to civilian cities. 

The original term is military lingo for hot areas controlled by the enemy, where it is suicidal to venture without sufficient firepower to match that of the enemy. This describes the situation of police officers pretty well; you have to enter the area in force or stay out, since a lone patrol car WILL be attacked.

Jacob Ekström is a police officer working in these areas. He has this to say in the latest issue of Forsking & Framsteg, the premier scientific journal in Sweden:

“The situation is slipping from our grasp,” he says about infamous enclaves Tensta and Rinkeby. “If we’re in pursuit of a vehicle, it can evade us by driving to certain neighborhoods where a lone patrol car simply cannot follow, because we’ll get pelted by rocks and even face riots. These are No-Go Zones. We simply can’t go there.” [My bold]

The article goes on to chronicle the rapid rise in gun-related violence in a country that was essentially unarmed up until just 15 years ago, the evolution of criminal gangs and clans from the middle east as an alternative societal structure, and how the “exclusion areas” (i.e. ghettos) have grown from 3 in 1990 to 156 in 2006.

The reporter brought the status report by Ekström to Lars Korsell, researcher and head of the organized crime unit att the national crime prevention bureau.

“Yes, it is pretty sensational that there are enclaves where Swedish law no longer applies,” Korsell replied slowly and ponderously.

I encourage you to read the article in full using Google Translate or similar; it is sobering to get a comprehensive overview based on hard, solid facts and statistics.

Then there’s the religious interpretation of No-Go Zones. It is my understanding that parts of London, Paris and other major European cities with large muslim populations have a shadow justice system based on Shariah Law. Posted signs prohibiting alcohol, music, revealing women’s clothes etc. enforced by volunteers patrolling the streets, sometimes even wearing vests bearing the name “Shariah Police”.


When I wrote about the police report of 55 No-Go Zones last year, I was referring to the former. To the best of my knowledge, there are no Shariah patrols in Sweden. But there are several essentially lawless areas where the police concedes that they have indeed lost control. There are also a few areas that I’m not certain why they made the list, to be honest. Such as Täby; a well-to-do white enclave outside Stockholm that is hardly known for drive-by shootings. Still, the bulk of the list is accurate in my opinion.

But what has been most striking is that there have been literally hundreds of Swedes popping up in various places claiming it’s all made up. The emails I have received and the forum posts have been so similar in wording it’s tempting to put on the tinfoil hat and suspect some kind of concerted effort. But by whom? And to what end?

Things really kicked off in January, when there was a guy on Fox News that made the ludicrus claim the entire city of Birmingham, the second largest in the UK, was a shariah-controlled No-Go Zone for non-muslims. He has since issued a public retraction and apology. 

This, the horde of leftist trolls decided, meant EVERYTHING was a figment of the imagination. Suddenly there were no clan-controlled areas, no sharp increase of arson, no need for ambulance drivers to wear bulletproof vest and riot helmets, or anything else mentioned in any of the articles that have been published on the matter… All because one guy made a dumb claim.

The well-documented incident in Landskrona last year where two police officers were cornered by a mob of 50+ thugs and the fellow officers were ordered NOT to enter the area due to the risk of riots… Suddenly didn’t happen. Neither did the inofficial courts of Södertälje. Or the spike in rapes that now puts Sweden at #2 in the world. Or the #1 spot in the world for school arsons. All of it, poof, gone.

Anyway. To deflect yet another storm of leftist trolls howling about the fictious nature of No-Go Zones, I’ll round off by adding the list of sources I usually copy & paste in my response. The trolls invariably go quiet or get even more belligerent. The number of factual responses to date: Zero. 

Most sources are in Swedish but can easily be run through Google Translate by anyone.


Typical leftist Internet troll 

  • National newspaper Svenska Dagbladet, explicitly using the term “no-go zones”:


  • National newspaper Aftonbladet on the rampant ISIS recruitment taking place in these areas:


  • Dr Magnus Ranstorp on the rapid growth of radicalized Islamists (in English):


  • An article about the police incident deserting their own and ceding control to criminals in Landskrona. They literally use the term in the headline, adding that the police are now pulling out of the area:


  • The local police chief explaining why the officers are not to exit their vehicles and make arrests:


  • More from the police chief on how they now deal with the area:


  • Also, if these areas do not exist, why is the ambulance union demanding military-grade protection gear to enter them?


  • Another article interviewing the ambulance union chief on why they need bulletproof vests, helmets and similar gear:


As for the police report, it clearly states that there are indeed informal courts and parallel justice systems (page 12, third paragraph (3.4.3)). Anyone who has read about Södertäljenätverket knows how broad the extent of this clan-based influence can be.


The vehicle checkpoints are mentioned on page 15, fourth paragraph (3.5.3). 

On page 13, second paragraph (3.4.4) you find the frequent attacks on police. Here is just one of many news stories on how police have to install shatterproof glass on their vehicles because they get rocks hurled at them whenever entering these areas: 


There are numerous newspaper articles, police reports and even Youtube videos by the gangs themselves bragging about how they’re chasing off the cops from “their” area, but I think this list should be enough. 

But of course, the trolls are free to believe all this is made up. My humble suggestion is merely putting that stance to the test by wrapping yourself in an Israeli flag and taking a walk through Rosengård, Husby or Biskopsgården a nice saturday evening and see what happens. Any takers?


58 thoughts on “Police: Yes, there ARE No-Go Zones in Sweden

    • I’m not from Scandinavia but it troubles me when I see how the governments there are bound to destroy their own country for pity profits.
      Some people are just not meant to live with each other, that is probably the reason why people were born on different continents. This global-village policy or providing asylum has no end to it. Population of Sweden is, I guess, close to 10 million. The population of Syria is close to 32 million and of Nigeria is 180 million. Can you accommodate that kind of population ?
      You are just making the lives of your citizen miserable, those who helped made the country what it is now.
      The politicians tend to forget that their own children and their grandchildren will have to live in such societies where they’d be shot, beaten, raped, school burned and police be attacked.
      God bless Sweden (and whole of Europe).
      – Akash

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      • `God Bless Sweden (Europe)´ is a nice sentiment, sort of like `Gott mit Uns´, the German Kaiser´s slogan and we know what that brought to the Germans! No, no, it´s not any of the millions of Gods whom Europe needs. What Europe needs is racial-cultural cohesion – and THAT will never happen because the Jewish led Anglo-American world has done its level-best to paint that kind of cohesion with a black brush. On the other hand look at Israel: Whenever somethjing, no matter how trivial, happens to a Jew anyplace on earth, the entire peole get up as one and screech `Holocaust´. THAT´S cohesion and it works just great for them. Gerard Fredericks, Santiago

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  1. I am just wondering what is the breaking point in this? When the crime comes to the suburbs of the elitist politicians? This Swedish consensus is usually very nice way of doing things. Once agreed by everybody, they will do the task and deliver as promised.

    This time this consensus thinking of “we are the humanitarian superpower” is wreaking havoc across Sweden. It is appalling to watch. This fanatic believe is something similar to hardcore SS troops in 1944. Totally believing in their cause no matter how many army divisions and battles the Germans were losing all around.

    The police attitude especially of not confronting and arresting the thugs no matter what is the absolutely worst way of policing. They are NOT doing their job! It is like Baltimore or Detroit cops just would say, fuck it, let those thugs be and do whatever they want. How long it would take before both cities were completely ruled by them? Two weeks?

    I see three outcomes:

    1. The Swedish military and police backed by a peoples’ militia taking over, first in the north in small villages. They declare eventually the state of emergency and harsh purges of anybody suspicious will commence by them. Stockholm, Göteborg and Malmö will be hit hard. The level of violence hitting the level of Yugoslavian wars in the 90’s. Refugees flood into neighbouring countries.

    2. Northern South Africa where you have heavily secured affluent suburbs and then the no-go zones of ruined cities and hopeless poor people. Things still will get gradually worse and worse. Could lead to outcome 1.

    3. Sudden economic collapse leading to all out chaos. Nobody knows what to do, the politicians are clueless but the people demand somebody to do something. Could lead to outcome 1.

    One might think the native Swedes today are just a bunch of wimps, unable to free themselves out of a paper bag. That might be so during good times but when things get real bad, things could change quite rapidly.

    Like in the former Yugoslavia. Everybody very friendly in the 80’s with their neighbours, nobody could have predicted what then happened during the next decade.

    I’d bet the tensions are rising already beneath the surface but they could still manage to muddle through this decade. Then all hell will break loose.

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    • Yes Jack,

      This CANNOT end peacefully. It just cannot..

      So the question of “agendas” raises itself to the minds of many.

      Just why would a system commit this particular kind of suicide?

      I find it endlessly fascinating.

      As an aside, I would put a very large amount of money that the people responsible for the current state of affairs will have a very secure escape plan. Has anyone considered whether those responsible have purchased property outside of Sweden? Possibly a clandestine dual citizenship?

      I’m equally willing to bet that they haven’t done so in the Islamic world.

      Then again I’m obviously a vicious Nazi for questioning matters so who cares?…

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    • With the Balkanization almost complete, bloodshed is just around the corner and when it ignites, it will be sudden and quickly spread like wildfire. It is now inevitable and no way to get around it. To think that all of this could have been avoided, but you let emotion over rule your common sense and pure, simple, cold, hard, brutal logic and facts. I hear the Russians have lots of weaponry for sale, your going to need them soon to protect you and yours.


    • Don’t worry. The Swedish politicians don’t live anywhere near the immigrant neighbourhoods.

      The richer you are the further away from the non-white immigrants you live, all the while bleating about the racist working class that’s stuck with the violence.

      Sweden is a fantastic place in all the wrong ways.


  2. It shows clearly that multiculturalism doesn’t work but leaves the children of migrants rootless.
    Their feelings of discriminiation reflect the fact that they ARE different from natives. They HAVE a different cultural background.

    They are offered the same chances as natives: schooling etc. But they seem not to fit in the system and fail. And they even don’t fit in the system of their parents, neither.

    So they are stuck inbetween, trying to cope and create a new position to BE someone. Maybe a dangerous and “respected” gangster who knows how to make money. Get rich or die trying…?

    Police can just curtail those effects but they can’t solve the problem of multiculturalism. Neither social workers will succeed.


    • There is no unity in diversity, or multiculturalism, there never has been and never will be, history has proved this time and time again, no matter how much the socialist do gooder engineers try to ram that round peg into that square hole, it will never fit, no matter how big a hammer they try to use. Welcome to the new Balkans and it will be on steroids.


  3. It is rather amusing to note the police are more scared of defending themselves from these savages than actually doing what is necessary. Give me 500 good contractors and I can pacify that city in a matter of weeks.


  4. Multiculturalism is a deranged leftist ideology which never works. The absurd arguments which European politicians are making that “Europe was never diverse” before the immigrants arrived is a lie. All Europeans have a different culture, ethnic origin and a different religion. Europe has been diverse since its inception and the idea that immigrants will make them stronger and better is a god damn lie because 80% of Europe’s muslim immigrants are on welfare and contribute nothing to the societies they live in. All politicians have to sound pro diversity and pro other bullshit because they don’t want to look racist and are afraid that they will loose their chance of supplanting the native culture for their benefit. We must get rid of multiculturalism because it doesn’t benefit anyone and it leads to utter chaos and destruction. Sweden is having an immigration crisis so severe that they have a million unintegrated immigrants and counting. Immigration is also behind the massive increase in rape and assault crimes across western Europe. This thing has gotten so bad that the people do not even realize the utter bullshit their politicians feed them on a daily basis, with the same tired-ass sayings of we need migrants and we cant bash other people’s religions. Instead of courting islam and extremism make the fucking immigrants integrate ! The people of Europe need to wake up and stop this madness and prevent terrible events from happening like more Charlie Hebdo attacks and more 9/11’s. Wake up and take pride in who you are, don’t let weak bigoted asshole politicians tell you what to do. I am not a racist, I just want Europe and the beacon of democracy to remain unhindered and defended from political correctness and a white guilt cop out for the past 200 years.


    • “Diversity” works as long as everyone has this in common: that they all understand individual rights and that each person needs to be left free to think and speak his/her mind and to live and let live, without initiating force against each other or defrauding each other. Atheists, Jews, Christians, Buddhists, Hindus, Zoroastrians, Scientologists, flat-earthers, and even not-by-the-book, sort-of Muslims, etc., etc. can all live together and argue together and make fun of each other in peace, so long as they all value everyone’s right to think things through for themselves and draw conclusions w/o forcing them on each other. It’ll be alright as long as everyone knows that no matter how right you *know* you are, you can only win over other minds by persuasion, not force.

      But if a religion or other ideology decides that it must reign supreme over all, and no coercion-free method is necessary, that crosses the line. That is the way OUT of diversity. It’s the death of diversity and rational tolerance and liberty for all, once that group gets a foothold in society. If they don’t evolve away from their supremacist conviction astoundingly fast, there is only one way that society is going to go – either to full, weak-kneed capitulation to the supremacists, or bloody conflict.


      • So, Gerard, are you saying that not even atheists, Jews, Christians, Buddhists, Hindus, Zoroastrians, Scientologists, and flat-earthers can live together in the same country and respect each others individual rights under that law? Do you mean you think that there needs to be a separate country for every religious or philosophical group?

        In my previous post I was stating the principle that allows for the widest diversity, but note that it doesn’t include any ideology that aims to subjugate all the others to itself. Like Islam.


      • This is not my quote and I can’t remember where it came from but it’s very apt: allowing Muslims into the multicultural mix is like pouring a tank full of piranha into an aquarium and hoping for biodiversity.


    • If this is not stopped then Europe will become an islamic caliphate like what happened to Spain and and Portugal under the Moors;essentially this will be on the scale of the Taliban or isis where the civilized world will loose everything.


  5. […] Several weeks ago in one of my Saturday Shorts, I mentioned a poignant article “Goodbye Sweden” on a blog called The Swedish Report. The blogger, a naturalized American, born and raised in Sweden was reluctantly returning to the U.S. primarily due to the Swedes’ cultural capitulation to Islam.   Shortly before ending the blog and leaving the country, the author shared the following sentiment in a post titled “Police: Yes, there ARE No-Go Zones in Sweden” […]


  6. I don’t really understand could police in a civilized country “lose control” of any urban area. :-/

    Is Swedish police armed? Do they have any of those guys in tactical armor with shields, you know, the ones governments like to send against their own citizens when they protest? Is it a crime to assault a policeman in Sweden? If so, how could any “no-go zones” survive longer than a week?


    • Maybe every real swedish must be also armed in one way or another to protect themselves and their families/children in case violence comes in any form of manner like acting in self defence or under circumstances leading to death..when u have a gun and they have a gun, people think twice..but when they have a gun and u don’t, then these hooligans and what not are more confident to add terror around and even committing death, rape, murder and etc….when u have nothing to defend with and violence is already becoming at its worst and nobody is doing anything, then it will get worst…its only a thought…theres always possibilties…


  7. Bravo! Fuck Sweden and its slime-population, they have it coming in spades. In WW-2 they co-operated so closely with Hitler-Germany, they were quasi members of the axis-powers. Then in early 1945 they broke international laws, not to forget morality, by extraditing (WITHOUT JUST CAUSE) several thousand German soldiers who had seeked refuge there. They extradited them at gun point, stabbing bayonets at them etc. right into the arms of the waiting Soviets who butchered every man in full view of the `brave´ Swedes. Then their king married a german woman who betrayed her own father on order to spawn the next royal shit. Then city hall in Stockholm prohibited a small, dignified memorial service for the german victims of the most horrid massacre in recorded history – Dresden. NOW you are whining – good for you! I for one hope everyoneo of your slut-daughters get raped to death by some nigger or you get your head cut off by some muslim madman. Gerry Frederick


  8. I love it!. First the Swedes laid waste to northern Germany during the 30-years war (the Vatican´s war to destroy Germany), then they literally lived off German culture and civilization and subsequently were quasi allies of Hitler-Germany during WW-2. Following this murder of the German nation they betrayed thousands of German soldiers to the Soviets watching as these desperate men were butchered by the Soviets in full view of their own men who drove the unarmed Germans at bayonert pointinto the waiting arms of the Soviet butchers. Today the city of Stockholm prohiobits dignified memorial services to be held for the greatest mass murder in history at Dresden in early February 1945. May this race-traitor-nation go to hell. Gerard Frederick


    • You have to be an exceptionally petty individual to claim a grievance over the 30 Years War, a war fought several generations before you even had a name.


  9. 1% of Swedish crime is committed by refugees. Repeat: 1%.


    Sexual assault actually declined 12% in 2015.


    Something tells me your tales of doom and gloom have more than a few exaggerations. Most of the examples I have read about related to “no-go zones” in fact are referring to impoverished, but hardly lawless or under the imposition of Sharia Law.

    We shall see if you actually allow this post to stay up or whether you’ll term dissenting opinions as “trolling”. There is a suspiciously small if not altogether nonexistent number of commenters who actually disagree with you. I wonder why….


    • Well, considering that 26,8% of the population is now foreign-born or with at least one foreign-born parent… Does it really make sense that they would be so much more lawful than the natives that immigrant crime is only 1%?

      The original story is from Dagens Nyheter, a newspaper openly pushing “agenda-setting journalism”. Their claim is based on the STORM register of every single police interaction reported. That means the vast majority of the “non-immigrant crime” 99% includes things like traffic accidents, animal control calls, police escort runs, lost property reports, missing children, workplace injuries, routine drivers license check-ups and pretty much everything else, along with stolen bikes and other petty crime.

      This vast list of hundreds of thousands of incidents was then put next to a list of actual crimes with clear immigrant connections to show that list B was shorter than list A.

      Run these through Google Translate for more details:

      Leo Kramar:

      Tino Sanandaji:

      So no, I don’t call you a troll. You’re misinformed and unpleasantly condescending, but the key question is if you’re intellectually honest enough to recognize that you were duped by an obviously manipulative article. If you persist in your claims despite knowing better, then, and only then, will I call you a troll.


      • aaaand… deafening silence.
        Truth is, muslim no go zones exist all over western europe. France and Belgium seem especially afflicted, there are well-known areas in and around Brussels like Molenbeek where police only go in force. A lone police car will be demolished within minutes. I don’t mean pelted with rocks, but literally demolished. The locals ram metal pipes through the coachwork.
        UK and Germany have sharia patrols, it’s public knowledge. How anybody could deny it is a mystery to me, they post videos of their activities online ffs.


  10. Next time someone “Throws a rock at a police car”–which, I can assure you, would meet with extreme overwhelming smackdown wherever I live–should be SHOT ON SIGHT. Then note the sudden dropoff in rock/car collisions. Police in Europe and in many other areas do not seem to understand that police vehicles and police themselves ARE SIMPLY NOT PROPER TARGETS for civilians or anyone else. If Europe doesn’t know this, You should learn, or you will not survive.


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