Sweden used as warning example by Norway police

As a current resident of Sweden, I sometimes find myself questioning my own sanity. All these problems I blog about are right there in the open for anyone to see and getting worse by the year, yet media and politicians act as if everything is hunky-dory. Most people on the street also appears to be completely oblivious to details like the enormous increase of burning cars in the ghettos, the 1472% increase in rapes and the ever bolder gangs choking their enclaves with drugs and violence. 

So I find myself wondering, am I missing something? Why aren’t people reacting? Is it really reasonable that so many are in a state of denial? Or am I somehow misinterpreting all this?

That’s why it’s oddly reassuring that the neighboring Nordic countries are in the same boat. Denmark has voiced concerns about the utterly weak background check of immigrants from the middle east, fearing radical Islamists entering Sweden as asylum seekers with the intent of building Scandinavian terror cells. My very first post on this blog was about a Danish politician openly pleading for Sweden to come to its senses.

Norway isn’t too pleased either, and they dare speak openly about the problems brewing in the cities of their neighbor.

In a new report called “Oslo 2022,” the Norwegian police explicitly use Sweden in general and the town of Södertälje as a warning example. This prompted Aftonposten, one of the major Norwegian newspapers, to do two articles on Sweden’s out-of-control immigration.

In the first part, Norwegian reporters traveled to Södertälje outside Stockholm. Entitled “We all live in the same town, but not in the same world,” the article chronicles a town in complete segregation where the immigrants gain ground every year and everyone who can escapes. Violence, drugs, lawlessness and decay eats away at the town like a cancer. 

“Why is this allowed to happen?” the reporter asks.

“Because the Swedes are weak,” says 36-year old Simon Melkemichel. “The Swedish identity will be wiped out in 20-30 years.”

The second part is called “Sweden has lost control over their immigration” and has representatives for the Norwegian government comment on the fact that, well, Sweden has lost control over their immigration. What makes it noteworthy is the difference in tone compared to the Swedish political debate.

As in Denmark, the Norwegian leftist worker’s party have a very different view on immigration than the Swedish sister party Socialdemokraterna (currently in power). In Norway and Denmark, they make a point of restricting the inflow and checking the backgrounds carefully. 

In Sweden, there are literally no limits, and any background check beyond scratching the surface is considered racist and shut down by management as has been repeatedly revealed by bloggers like Merit Wager

Not surprisingly, the police report and the articles have ruffled quite a few feathers in Sweden’s political and medial elite. But equally predictably, the Swedish response is not to acknowledge the problems, but to whine about the mean Norwegian pseudo-fascists having the gall to criticize Sweden’s enlightened stance.

While it doesn’t do squat to fix anything, it’s at least reassuring that I’m not the one losing my mind.


28 thoughts on “Sweden used as warning example by Norway police

  1. What’s happening in Sweden today is best described in the book by Barbara Tuchman “The March of Folly”
    Whereby politicians against their better judgement stick to adopted policy even if this leads to ruin and destruction.
    Their fear of losing face is so great they are incapable of admitting they have been wrong.
    Each and everyone of those Swedish politicians are privatly in his own mind fully aware Sweden is marching into the abyss day after day, but publicly he will fiercely defend the concensus. Not doing so would be admitting his (political) life has been a lie all these years.

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    • Also, some gain from the chaos and the need for more govt to control the situation. Financially, power, glee of destruction, evil. In the US, we have a govt. that is aggressively promoting Islam, protecting Islam, and importing Muslims as fast as possible.


    • I don’t think these politicians and do-gooders are even aware of the damage that they are doing. Self-censorship and self-indoctrination long ago wiped out the possibility for them to think rationally. They firmly believe that they are doing the right thing and will never betray their beliefs. Socialism is a godless religion, and it’s followers are just as infected with blind-faith as any other religion.

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    • It’s more than that – Sweden is committing suicide by the low birth rate of white Swedes which has fallen far below the replacement level – So even without the tide of immigration from the third world, Sweden will die as a nation within a few generations.

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    • I think you said it very eloquently Captain Barfly. It is amazing, watching a culture commit suicide, rather than be called discriminating and racist. Muslim countries are completely messed up by Islam,you would think that civilised , democratic countries would have realized this, and taken steps to avoid being messed up themselves through Muslim immigration.

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  2. One of the main problems is that many still believe what’s presented traditional media and don’t realize that a lot of stuff are sensored and politically corrected … and the newspapers & tv can’t be wrong … especially not public service, but that couldn’t be more wrong. Traditional media used to be those ckecking politics, but now they has become a tool for politics …

    More and more people are waking up, but will it be to late when enough people realize what really is happening?

    The only true political opposition is attacked by both left wing politicians (we apparently don’t have any right wing left …) and media and the public still buy their view and don’t understand the real reason why this is happening. Ie, by the government and media definition, any oposition are racists, facists or any similar …

    I, personally, notice that (red) politics are turning more and more towards brown, like it did almost one hundred years ago … (same s**t, different name …)


    • Ed Morrow’s corpse must be mounted on roller bearings. Have we a press that systematically disserves and deceives?


  3. I am English and have lived in Norway for many years, though not as bad as Sweden, Norway is well on the way to becoming like Sweden. The Progress Party, Frp., is the only one to openly criticise immigration and Islam. As thanks they are hated by everyone else. The Christian Democrats, Krf., have as their main political agenda to bring as many refugees as possible to Norway. They are completely oblivious as to how unwise it is for Christians to import large numbers of Muslims, or that they are replacing the European population of Norway with people of Asian and African descent. I can remember when there was almost no crime in Norway, when rape and murder were almost unknown. This all changed with immigration drug related crime has exploded, as has muggings and rapes. The most rapes being carried out by Muslims, that use Islam as the excuse. Western women are whores, begging and deserving to be raped.


  4. To the people of Sweden. Wake up! Seriously! The fabric of your society has altered for the worse and is probably irreversible.
    Islam will destroy your country. Your politicians and main stream media are lying to you.

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    • I wouldn’t spent to much time on those Swedes. They are deep in denial. A whole generation has been brainwashed. They wouldn’t see reality if it ran over them with a five ton truck. They prefer to stay at home behind closed doors and shutters and continue to dream about their “Happy Nation”, their “Humanitarian Superpower” not realizing that dream is turning into a nightmare.
      A nightmare of their own making.

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    • It truly is too late for what was before to ever be reclaimed.

      What might emerge in the future may be a decent society but there is a transient hell on earth to be lived through first.

      A most desperate shame overall. All completely predictable, predicted and avoidable but a most curious form of self-hatred is ascendant for now.

      Such a terrible shame……..

      Time will tell whether those responsible will be held to account…

      I don’t mean adherents of Islam just in case that was a question…

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    • It is not irreversible.

      The pendulum swings and it always swings too far, but when it swings back it also goes too far.

      There will be blood.

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      • You are so right, there will be blood and massive amounts of it soon enough, for nature can be delayed but never denied. The amusing thing is, the leftist that have wrought this bloody mess will be lined up against the walls everywhere they can be found for unleashing a Balkans on steroids upon us.

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  5. You are all silly. Almost every western European nation suffers the same fate as Sweden. Sweden is just doing it faster. The UK will be majority muslim in 50 years. France as well. Germany risks being overrun by Turkish Muslims, although it’s not certain yet. Italy ans Spain will be overrun by the 4 or 5 children each of the never ending stream of refugees. Ireland is not safe either, they welcome Muslims in as Jew haters, she is blind to their Christian gating ways… Europe is broken and it will be “fixed” with Islam

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    • You are totaly missing the point here.
      Yes other countries have similar problems but in other countries these problems are discussed in an open and free debate.
      Not so in Sweden.
      There is no open and free debate in Sweden, there’s only the “party line”.
      Trying to discuss these problems as a Swede will put you beyond the pale, you’re being ostracized, you could even lose your job, you become a pariah.
      Sweden has turned itself into a DDR 2.0.
      That’s the point here.


    • Don’t worry, we are about have a great civilizational course correction sooner than you think, for one way or another human nature can be delayed, but never denied, if you thought the Balkans were brutal, you ain’t seen anything yet, but you soon will.


  6. As for France and other EU in the same predicament, Sweden has had pusillanimous leaders too stupid to recognize the problems and now lost to find solutions. Naturalized Swedes must be distraught.


  7. […] In Zweden is bijna geen sprake van grenzen en iedere controle van migranten wordt racistisch genoemd en onmiddellijk gestopt. Uiteraard reageert het Zweedse establishment naar verwachting: in plaats van de problemen te onderkennen, klagen ze over de Noorse “pseudo-fascisten”, die het durven de Verlichte houding van Zweden te bekritiseren. (Bron: “The Sweden Report”) […]


  8. sorry, Norway police, Islamic genocide is not a police issue. the subjugation of Sweden had nothing to do with the cops. the Swedish politicians chose to violate common sense and their duty to protect their citizens, and deliberately, with malice aforethought, imported hordes of vicious enemies of the resident population of Sweden. the Swedish population responded with cowardly refusal to oust the traitors, and replace them with swedes with some sense of right and wrong. if Norwegian politicians are as traitorous as Sweden’s, and Norway’s citizens are as cowardly as Sweden’s, then Norway too will fall to Islamic jihad, just like Sweden did, and Norwegians too will be exterminated, just as the swedes soon will be.

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    • There are lots of loons that throw words like “genocide” and “extermination” around, and I’m not sure people are aware of the actual meaning of those words. They’re pretty serious. So for once I’ll let this one pass through in the hope of getting some kind of coherent response.

      Now, as a point of reference, the American natives were subjected to both; only a fraction of the decendants of the original population remains because many tribes were literally exterminated down to the last man, woman and child.

      Kindly explain how the same applies to Swedish and Norwegian natives?


      • You may want to look into the life and times of a man called Richard Nikolaus Eijiro, Count of Coudenhove-Kalergi.
        He is considered one of the Founding Fathers of the current EU and his visions are held in high esteem by EU proponents.

        In his book Praktischer Idealismus (Practical Idealism), he wrote:

        “The man of the future will be of mixed race. Today’s races and classes will gradually disappear owing to the vanishing of space,
        time, and prejudice. The Eurasian-Negroid race of the future, similar in its appearance to the Ancient Egyptians,
        will replace the diversity of peoples with a diversity of individuals.”

        His vision calls for a mankind without ethnic and thus cultural differences. An amorph mass of people.
        He didn’t realize its the cultural differences that are the driving force of human development.
        Without this multitude of differences human development would come to a standstill.
        Can this be called “genocide”? Not in the true sense of the word,
        but you have to admit the deliberate extermination of ethniticity and cultures as proposed by Kalergi comes very close.

        It’s disconcerting to see world leaders today trying to implement Kalergi’s vision on a grand scale.
        Disconcerting because it can only lead to mayhem and destruction.

        Besides it’s never going to work, and it has been done before.
        During the period of the Great Migration (376 to 800 AD) large groups of people on the Eurazian continent were on the move.
        According to Kalergi this would have resulted in a New European Man with common ethniticitcy and culture.
        But it didn’t, after the Great Migration the ethnic and cultural differences in Europe were greater than they ever had been before.
        This diversity was why Europe could grow into a world power only to be superseded by the US, which is basicaly an offshoot of Europe.


  9. In Ireland a Jew is in charge of importing Muslims into the country. His name is Shatter. I’ve tried to ask some Irish people why a Jew is in charge of immigration in Ireland but they flee the conversation.


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