Conservative Swedes uprising


There is a grassroots revolution brewing among the conservative Swedes, and it may hit the flashpoint in the immediate future. The result could be a dramatic game changer in Sweden, with repercussions being felt in the other Nordic countries for a long time to come. 

But first, a recap of events. In the September 2014 election, the conservative Alliance led by the Moderates (M) that had ruled 2006 through 2014 lost power. This loss was in no small part thanks to former PM Reinfeldt’s determination to abandon traditional conservative values and openly embrace immigration literally at the expense of everything else


Fredrik Reinfeldt 

As a result, hundreds of thousands former conservative voters were more or less forced to the nationalist party Sweden Democrats (SD) as they were they only ones left fending for decreased immigration and a return to fiscal sense. Unfortunately, the party came with unpleasant baggage such as white supremacist roots and current Machiavellian leadership. Thus, many traditionally conservatives stayed put hoping for the best when new M leader Anna Kinberg Batra took the helm. This hope was soon turned into moot; she’s basically a spineless carbon copy of Reinfeldt.

Anna Kinberg Batra

But the “conservative” parties’ incompentence pales in comparison to the epic fiasco that is the current prime minister. As the “conservatives” lost power, socialist Stefan Löfven formed a weak coalition government with green populist party Miljöpartiet (MP) that had never before been in government. It was a disaster from day 1, but things didn’t come to a head until the first budget was to be presented. 

Current socialist-green government

Nationalist party SD, which was now the third largest party, made it clear well ahead of time that they would topple any budget that ignored their demand for decreased immigration. A reasonable request considering Sweden has only 2% of the EU population, yet receives almost 20% of the total inflow of refugees. They even went so far as to issue an open letter to new prime minister Löfven that they would support his budget should he just cut immigration by half. This would still make Sweden the most generous country in Scandinavia, and the state tax coffer would get a breather. No sale. 

Löfven refused to even meet with SD. He put his socialist budget out there. And as promised, SD voted it down. The shock, anger and surprise was almost comical. “Whaaa..? They didn’t cave? They actually did what they said they would do? How DARE they..!?”  

Löfven reacted like a child who just lost the game. He issued a snap election, where the stupid voters were supposed to give him the majority needed to single-handedly push through his budget. So there!

Except… The voters kept piling into the SD camp. From 12.9% in the September election, they were already polling around 15% in early december. Since the snap election wasn’t to be held until March 2015, there was a very real chance they’d be closer to 20%, and that would REALLY mess things up.

So Löfven called on his traditional enemies in the conservative Alliance and struck a deal instead of holding the promised snap election. In the infamous December Agreement, they basically recreated the old Italian Acerbo law of 1923, granting a minority government freedom from opposition. This is what Mussolini’s fascist party used to grab power and create a dictatorship despite being a minority. Conservative think tank Heimdal summed it up best: This is civil treason!

Since then, the “conservative” parties have sat on their hands while the lefties have made full use of their freedom. Progressive tax hikes on fuel, abolished deductions, drastic increases in welfare entitlements, and of course increased foreign aid to Hamas (“Palestine”)… The party is just getting started, and the “conservatives” have agreed to stay passive and perhaps shake their fists a little for the look of things until 2018.

Meanwhile, more and more displays are flashing red in the Swedish economy as well as the societal fabric itself. The Swedish currency is in free fall, the housing market is so inflated the slightest vibration can make the bubble pop, and the current as well as future obligations of literally hundreds of thousands unemployable immigrants are painting a stark picture. 

But the rudder is firmly tied down. The anti-democratic December Agreement succeeded in shutting out SD from any influence whatsoever. The Alliance is bound by it’s promise to do nothing. And Löfvens Socialdemocrat party is so weak it is entirely dependent on extreme left fringe party Vänsterpartiet (V) which has been granted the role of kingmaker despite only having a few percent of the vote. Which allows the extreme left to make whatever demands it sees fit. 

This situation is of course utterly absurd. 

It defies reason WHY the “conservatives” would rather let all this happen than just sit down with SD. Because they could, at any given time, shake off the shackles of the December Agreement and declare their own government with passive support by SD. The conservative voters want to see reduced immigration. And they certainly want to see an end to the leftist madness now taking place, so it’s hardly a stretch to see this obvious solution happening. Except, of course, the party leadership with M in particular stubbornly refusing to even consider the option.

But now there’s a grassroots revolution taking place within M. More and more voting districts have openly declared their rebellion against the bizarre December Agreement, and the local leaders are on a full-on collision course with the top brass in Stockholm. Being a spineless amoeba, Kinberg Batra continues to downplay the rebellion and do the depressingly familiar politician-dance around the issue, but the cat is out of the bag. 

So what we have is a fork in the road in front of us. Either the grassroots manage to set their foot down hard enough that the top brass changes course and revert back to old-school conservatism. This may mean a shift in government, where the lefties are unceremoniously kicked out and a real conservative government passively supported by SD can begin to roll back the madness. Failing that, at least there will be real opposition again to stop further overtaxation and moronic foreign policies

The other possibility is that the top brass stomps out the grassroots. Mass expulsions of key members in the rebellious voting districts would quench the uprising, but it would also mean mass exodus of regular voters. All the remaining traditional conservatives who has thus far clung on to their old parties in the hope for common sense to resurface, would leave en masse to join the only champion for sense left standing. If the party leaders in Stockholm choose this route I think it is perfectly reasonable to expect SD to clock in over 30% as the single biggest party in the 2018 election. 

Personally, I fear Sweden will choose the latter option. This means three more years of financial mayhem, followed by a tremendous amount of power being handed to a group of opportunists whom I personally wouldn’t trust one iota. Let’s hope I’m wrong.


11 thoughts on “Conservative Swedes uprising

  1. Well summarized. I share your assessment that they’ll simply suppress the dissenters, which will give SD a huge boost. Idiots!


  2. “… the party came with unpleasant baggage such as white supremacist roots …”

    Well, regarding the political history of Sweden performed in the first half of previous century, that description fits most parties that still exist today and in particular the one that the “Lion” is leading today … (“Lion”? Hint: Think German …) The SD party is just a kitten in comparison …

    It doesn’t matter what’s put a red flag, it’s the same garbage regardless … (coincidence? [ret.])


    • You’ve got a point there but I don’t think you can compare parties from different eras. The mid 20th century was a very different time and I think you’ll find that virtually every political party then, whether left or right, Swedish or European, would in today’s context, be classified as extreme, fascist, racist and whatever else is the mot du jour.


      • The huge problem here in Sweden is that every party that was active back in those days practically denies their past, causing their message today to become somewhat skewed … (The exception was the [true] Liberals and the Communists who didn’t agree back then, but the latter party had other issues that they today are sorry for, due to the actual Soviet activities back then. Media still tries to glorify the Soviet horror empire by ignoring facts …)

        Ignoring history causes it to be repeted one way or another, always with bad outcome.


  3. Well, at the very least it sounds like whatever happens next will be an improvement. I mean, when you’re up to your chin in quicksand, ANY change is for the better.


  4. The swedish issue is a fascinating one indeed. The ideological core of it bears a striking resemblance with such regimes as that of North Korea or the late Soviet Union (, the only difference being the innate softness which characterizes the west as compared to the asian brutality (think of Fabians vs. Bolsheviks). And in addition there is that nordic tendency to carry on right to the bitter end what’s on vogue at the given time. Hence the stupefaction and utter amazement showed by the Lion to the reaction of the Sverigedemokraterna.

    This self-abolition of a country has, I think, no parallel in history. It is almost morbidly fascinating how far people can go when possessed by a given ideology, an ideology which nullifies even the most basic common sense and logical thinking.

    I have always been interested in sociology and psichology, and this is why I have been following with rhapsodic regularity the events taking place up there. I even started learning Swedish in order to get first hand information on these events, and as the situation degenerates, to get a full picture of this collective lunacy, for all this I find truly fascinating from the point of view of pathological social disorders. This is the case of a nation which got bored of existing due to an extremely high living standard in which no one had to really fight for anything, for everything was provided by the “state”, thus neutralyzing the basic human trait of fighting and making strenuous efforts to reach a given goal by oneself alone. Which BTW is exactly what socialism strives for in order to get all people under control.

    It will be (as always) fascinating to follow the upcoming events, for every happening in Sweden turns to be even more absurd and crazy than the preceding one.


    • I agree with the broad strokes. Society as a whole is devoid of self-preservation instinct, possibly a side effect of having experienced peace for 200 years and high standard of living for the better part of a century. But there are pockets of sensible people, which used to gather around the traditionally conservative parties, but are now forced to SD. Which makes the leftists hate them even more, if such a thing is possible.

      But it’s probably a good thing you didn’t go through with learning Swedish so you can read the news. It’s not good for the blood pressure.


      • Well in fact I am still learning the language, and by now I have become rather insensible to lunacy. I have even translated and posted some articles from in my late blog, which I could run no more due to lack of time and resources.


  5. Pondering it from Canada, I’m baffled. Yes, we have plenty of soft heads too, but when two freighter loads of Tamil Sri Lankans showed up unexpectedly in the harbour at Victoria, BC, people were mad. No more boats came. I don’t know what the govt did.

    I heard that one ship was heading for the US and was intercepted by the US Navy.

    These were real rust buckets, barely floating. Thank goodness it’s hard to get here by sea.


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