Sweden’s solution to mediterranean deaths


This scene is from the Balkan wars of the 1990s. A summer’s breeze compared to what is now coming from Africa.

Imagine a Danish person who is unhappy with his current life. Then he hears about Canada being this swell place to live. So he sets out in a rowboat from the Danish coast to start a new life. To everyone’s surprise, he doesn’t get very far before he runs into trouble. 

Now, imagine a world where Canada has an absolute responsibility to come and rescue the Dane, no matter how much closer to European shore he is than North American. And after he is brought safely to Canada, he is owed automatic permanent asylum as well as his entire extended family, which is also entitled to lifetime welfare on the Canadian taxpayer’s dime. If Canada refuses any of the above, it is proof that Canada is a fascist country.

Welcome to Leftist logic 101; we have merely substituted the Mediterranean with the Atlantic.

The past few weeks have been filled with debate about the deaths of migrants crossing over from Africa in search of a better life. Since the coast guard off the European countries are obligated to rescue ships in danger, the smugglers pack people onto unsafe wrecks and send them off to be rescued. Inevitably, some sink before the coast guard reaches them. It’s tragic. But is it Europe’s fault?

Yes and no. For the no-side, you have to accept some personal responsibility when you deliberately endanger yourself. The Dane trying to reach Canada in a rowboat is obviously an idiot. When you hit your thumb with the hammer, not even a lawyer would sue the manufacturer. 

Some argue that these are desperate people fleeing war. Yes, there’s a few pockets of unrest in Africa. Nobody can argue the need to run when bullets are flying around you. But when the person has reached safe haven in a peaceful country and yet continues to travel, the argument no longer holds water. For example, the number of people fleeing Gambia is on the rise. So they cross the border to Senegal, a democratic country at relative peace. But instead of stopping there, they choose to travel through Senegal, Mauritania, Algeria, and then get on a dinky boat to reach Europe. Are they still fleeing for their lives at that point?


Starving refugees?

For the yes-side of the European fault discussion, we have the honey pot aspect. Here is where Sweden plays a major role. Two years ago it became official policy that anyone claiming to be Syrian or Eritrean was owed automatic permanent residency with all welfare perks that come with it. ID is not required; you merely have to make the claim and present a semi-plausible story. It would be hard to come up with a better incentive to the world’s poor seeking a better life. All you have to do is get to Swedish soil, and you’re set for life at a with a standard of living previously unimagined. 


Contrast this with Australia’s approach. “No Way: You will not make Australia home” is the policy wherein they simply refuse anybody to set foot on Australian soil. Instead, anyone attempting to migrate gets transferred to Nauru or Manus island. Those who have legit cause for seeking asylum get their due process, while the fortune seekers are unceremoneously turned away.

The number of confirmed deaths on the mediterranean has quadrupled since 2008. This year is predicted to be a record-breaker, with an estimated million migrants waiting to cross on the African side. The first few months of 2015 has already clocked in 30 times (!) the deaths of the same period in 2014. Meanwhile, as far as I’ve been able to find by Googling the news, Australia has decreased the death toll into single digits — primarily by people sabotaging their own boats in the hope of avoiding being escorted away.

So Europe has a problem, and the Australian approach holds great appeal for solving that problem. That means increased coast guard presence in the mediterranian to turn back boats to Africa, while removing the incentives for attempting the journey to begin with. Makes perfect sense to 28 of the 29 EU members.

But of course, the world’s Humanitarian Superpower don’t want anything to do with that approach. “Sweden shall fight for establishing legal ways into Europe!” said prime minister Löfven in the parliament EU committee. In other words, the Swedish government want to open up for asylum application at the embassies and consulates around the world. 

Now, combine this with that Sweden now considers poverty a de facto grounds for asylum. Bascially anybody worse off than a Swede in any way is to be let in, period. This can be clearly seen in the percentage of approved applications for asylum; from hovering in the 20-30% approval range in previous years, to suddenly hitting a whopping 77% percent. Ponder this for a second. The criteria for being granted asylum is now so watered down that more than three out of four that make it to Sweden are granted asylum.

To summarize: The rest of Europe wants to shut the door and remove the incentives for risking life and limb to cross the mediterranean. Meanwhile, Sweden wants to open up for everybody in the whole world to apply for asylum, based on their generous criteria where almost everybody gets approved.

There is an estimated 2,5 billion people living in poverty in the world. India alone has a few hundred million living in absolute squalor. Perhaps Löfven should use India as a test balloon and start an airlift of, say 100 Boeing 747s at 500 each per day. That’s 50 000 poor but happy Indians arriving at Arlanda airport every day to be absorbed by the country of less than 10 million. 

Let’s give it a month. If everything works out, he can go global with this inspiring initiative to end the world’s ills by bringing them all to Sweden.


22 thoughts on “Sweden’s solution to mediterranean deaths

  1. Why not? According to former prime minister Fredrik Reinfeldt, there is room for tens of millions more in Sweden. He knows this, because he saw lots of undeveloped land when he flew over Sweden in his private jet.

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    • Reinfeldt has a point there. Just give IKEA a call and they can manufacture a million or so flatpack homes made out of impregnated cardboard with polyetheen windows. (some assembly required, batteries not included)
      Native Swedes will have to move to these lovely new homes in the countryside and their old homes can be used for refugees. Yes it might work!
      The native Swedes won’t protest, they never do, they don’t know how. But if they do you take them to court and cower them further into submission.

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  2. Australia’s tough stance has only been in place since the conservative party won government in 2013. Prior to that we had a leftist government that was very soft on illegal immigrants. Their approach led to over 1,000 drownings. Since the change of government no boats have made it to shore and no lives have been lost. The current government is getting a lot of heat from the leftist media and pressure groups to soften its stance. Individual politicians especially the Prime Minister and Immigration Minister are subject to almost constant personal abuse but they are standing firm.

    As the article states, the idea that these people are asylum seekers is simply not true. In our Australia’s case we have people leaving the middle east by plane to travel to Indonesia. Then they destroy their passports and pay people smugglers large sums of money to travel to Australia. If they were genuinely escaping persecution, which is the definition of an asylum seeker, then they have reached safety when they arrive in Indonesia.
    If they choose to leave that safe haven they can no longer claim to be seeking asylum. They are simply looking for a better standard of living. The other interesting point is that Muslims from the middle east refuse to stay in Indonesia which is the world’s largest Muslim country but insist on moving to a western country like Australia then complain about us not catering to their religious needs.

    I’ve always had a soft spot for Sweden and would have liked to visit there. I fear I have left it too late and the Sweden of old may be gone forever.

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    • Interesting perspective from the other side of the globe facing the same dilemma. Thanks for sharing your view on the matter.

      And yes, things are changing rapidly in Sweden, but it’s still safe for a visit. Just don’t be alarmed by the numerous Romanian beggars thrusting their beggar cups at you, and avoid the worst “exclusion areas”.

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      • Well, they’re born in Romania and have Romanian citizenship. “EU-migrant” is the commonly accepted PC drivel used in Swedish media. It is my understanding “Gypsy” is not entirely accurate either since there apparently is some debate on the various groupings. Being a non-expert (and frankly, not caring all that much) it seemed safe to just call a person born in Romania by “Romanian”.


      • Without trying to sound offensive, would apply the same logic to Swedish citizens who fight and murder for the Islamic State? Some of them were born in Sweden and are rumored to be the most savage. Is this a case of Swedish terrorism?
        Those people are Romanian citizens, but unfortunately they were never Romanians, just as citizenship does not make those monsters in Syria and Iraq, swedes!

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    • Thank goodness for our current government, lets hope the government hand out recipients here in Australia don’t vote the left wing loons back in next election or we will have thousands of new potential jihadists on our doorstep & an economic collapse!

      Totally agree with all you have said Toby. Lets hope Australia stands strong against the tide of insanity sweeping much of the world.

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  3. In a sane world these boats of Africans would be recognized as the invasion force of a genocidal war against Europeans and rightly targeted with torpedos.


  4. Is Sweden the first country to commit cultural and demographic suicide? I never heard of anything like this happening, ever.


  5. If Indians are airlifted to Sweden as suggested and given full support, they will double the Swedish economy in no time 🙂


    • If Indians are airlifted to Sweden and given full support would double the Swedish economy may or may not be true, The only problem is that the “refugees” are not Indian, they are muslims from Sub Saharan Africa, North Africa and the Middle East. Most of whom are more than willing to change Sweden to the same third world dump that they have come from including calls for the introduction of the Sharia and subjugation of non muslims.


    • what? do they earn more by begging than their home country? how can they earn more than a country? interesting..


  6. This is disgusting, please realize that your “comparison” is absolutely invalid seeing that Syrians and other immigrants are literally facing DEATH by terrorist militants the longer they stay, if they flee to a not terrorist occupied region they can only go to overcrowded and underfunded UN refugee camps where their children aren’t able to lear,n peacekeeper violence is commonplace, and starvation from lack of food is a norm. So, of course when the European Union is one of the most economically prosperous regions that is not at full capacity, they are going to try to find asylum there. If you and your family were living inconstant fear of a brutal death you would do the same, these are people with passions issues and children no different than our own, let’s treat them as such.

    If we actually want to solve this issue we need to be upping foreign aid and helping the people by establishing formal democracies ad infrastructure in LDCs not just barricading ourselves from helpless people. By just refusing all refugees or migrants legally they WILL continue to come illegally, so as fellow humans we ought to invest more into the stabilization of developing nations which also saves our asses by making sure there aren’t power vacuums anymore like the one that cause IS when the US drew out troops.


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