Swedish discrimination


I have mentioned the lopsided hate-crime laws in Sweden before. Simply put, a group of immigrants can give an ethnical Swede a severe beat-down while declaring: “We are kicking your ass because you’re white!” and it is NOT a hate-crime. 

Likewise, when two minority groups commit obvious hate crimes against each other, it is not classified as such as it contradicts the basic premise of non-whites always being the victims. If one minority group was to shoulder the role of aggressors in one case, it would lead to the possibility of having the same apply in another scenario where the victim was white. And we can’t have that. Thus, It is ONLY when a white person does or says anything that the law applies.

Today I’d like to share a little anecdote on the booming business of the Swedish discrimination industry, which work along the same general strokes as the hate-crime laws. There are a million and one way for Swedes to discriminate against immigrants, but the reverse simply does not exist. 

To enforce all this, there is a Discrimination Ombudsman. This is a government branch that operates outside the confines of the traditional justice system, yet has far-reaching authority to fine and sue private citizens for any and all perceived discrimination. The services are free to the “victims,” but the citizens trying to defend themselves must pay for all legal costs out of pocket. 

Simply put, it’s can’t-lose proposition for the “victims” — whenever they can conjure up “discrimination”, they simply file a claim with the DO. If the ombudsman succeeds, they get awarded with a fat, tax-free settlement, and if they lose, it doesn’t cost a dime. Then you just have to find something new to get upset about, and take another free spin at the wheel of fortune again. 

One such case was recently decided in court, where a doctor was fined 75 000 SEK for discrimination, because the patient refused to shake his hand.

We’ll walk through the situation from the start. A woman was scheduled for a non-emergency exam. The husband demanded to be present in the room, as was a translator since they didn’t speak Swedish. The male doctor extended his hand upon arrival. The woman glanced at her husband who shook his head, and the woman refused to shake the doctors hand.

Refusing an extended hand is a sign of grave disrespect in the western world, and the doctor politely informed the woman that it was common practice for a doctor and his patient to shake hands before an exam. No sale.

If the husband wouldn’t even allow his wife to shake the hand of the doctor, it seemed unlikely that he would be able to perform the exam. And since it was a non-emergency, the doctor left the room to reschedule the patient with a female doctor to avoid further culture clashes. 

To a sensible person, this would appear like the doctor kept a cool head and defused a potentially troublesome situation. But to DO and the court, this was an act of outrageous discrimination! Not only did he try to shake a muslim woman’s hand, he delayed a non-emergency procedure by rescheduling with a female doctor! Double whammy!

From the court ruling:

“According to the District Court, a doctor is just such a position where thorough care can be expected. It can also be expected that patients in contact with the health care system is met with respect and in a non-discriminatory manner, regardless of religious background.”

Somehow, it feels like not much more needs to be added.


19 thoughts on “Swedish discrimination

    • He should have had his hand cut off accordingly to sharia law, so that he cannot become a repeat offender again. This probably will result in the doctor having to reschedule his whole career but then again, he is just a filthy infidel dog. So that is not a big problem anyway.


  1. Now the Swedes even have their own political judge commissars handing out political judgements. The multiculty madness is tightening the grip on Sweden. This is very serious matter. Already that shady backroom deal to keep SD out of power in the parliament was very bad but this is even worse. I can only imagine how bad it will be by 2020.

    The framework is being established for hunting down the critics of the official ideology. To purge them completely from the positions of power. The precisely the same shit has happened in countless other nations, like Russia, Iran, Venezuela, Cuba, Chile, Cambodia and Myanmar to name just a few.


    • I’ve got Swedish origin but I live in Italy, it’s more or less the same in all Europe. You can’t say nor do either anything that may be taken as an offence by islamics, but they can do and say anything. We are compelled to respect all their rights and habits, but they don’t have to respect our rights, habits and even laws. That’s unstandable, We are slaves in our own countries. We must react!


  2. Sweden is a lost country, where the original swedes are the most worthless people on earth according to media, political parties, leftwings and authorities…..


    • Yes etnic Swedes today are spineless puffs. They live in lala land believing their Nordic little paradise will last forever. Of course it doesn’t.
      Sooner or later de piper will return and demand payment, and payed he shall.
      Or to put it in folksy terms; if you burn your ass you have to sit on the blisters and sit they will.
      They brought it upon themselves.


    • Well, that’s the angle of the court at least. And if it had been an emergency, then of course the situation would have been clear-cut. The hippocratic oath stipulates that the doctor must help, period. If Hitler got hit by a bus and was lying bleeding on the street, the doctor still has a duty to treat him.

      But since this was a non-emergency, things are a bit different. Suppose someone belonged to a religion that dictates that you must puff a fat cigar when interacting with non-believers. Hospitals are non-smoking facilities. Is the patient “denied treatment” when not allowed into the hospital?


    • Please explain how can a doctor perform a medical procedure on a patient without ever touching her! Besides from what I hear I am quite sure that the patient herself might have expressed a lack of comfort for being scheduled a visit with a male doctor. I am an interpreter for Middle Eastern immigrants in Finland and I see it all the time how they make a big fuss about being scheduled with male doctors when there are big lines for getting any appointment, and whatever doctor’s appointment you can get is a huge blessing! Some of them get so offended by getting an appointment with a male doctor that they simply don’t show up. The same with the interpreter. If the interpreter happens to be a man they refuse to explain their symptoms! They say they feel too shy to do that! It is simply a cultural clash that is wasting and stretching our already strained resources!


  3. As a swede and Mexican resident since 26 years I am sad that I cannot expect to return to my country in my lifetime due to the destruction of the western culture and values taking place there.
    PC is only for totalitarian states.


  4. My comment very moderate after long years as resident in Mexico without any kind of discrimination. I know that only limited immigration with integration can avoid racism. No to multiculturism and PC.


  5. Diversity within western culture and values should be promoted
    because it strengthens our democracy human rights and secular society. Not all cultures are of equal value.

    because it enriches our mocracyculture. Not all cultures eeare of equal value and contributes to democracy human rights ethics and a secular society. Multi culture must fail.

    democracy human
    rights ethics and secula
    society.Multi culture fails.


    makes our culture stronger and compatible with other cultures that share our concepts of what de


  6. As a swede living in Mexico I am not under Swedish jurisdiction I critizise Islam and the islamist regime in Sweden as I like. Mexico has freedom of speech unlike Sweden.


  7. I think this will come to a head and level headed Swedes will rebel and enough is enough. Swedes will not be victims in their own country and be mistreated by their own politicians. This could be grave in that it could give rise to a reactionary right wing that will commit hate crimes against all immigrants. Tolerance is great but some immigrants are biting the hand that feeds them. To immigrants, you are in a new country. Get used to it and obey their laws and customs.


    • As a swede and Mexican resident for 26 years I must renounce the Swedish red green regime for being racist against swedes and practicing an apartheid policy by tolerating immigration ghettos in the country.


  8. Sweden is unbelievably racist. I´d love to see all the immigrants leave to a better country and watch the country´s economy collapse. They are such sneaky pricks.

    What makes it worse is that it´s a highly controlled digital/society so it´s easy for them to keep track how much you have and take it away from you. This leave muslims, africans and dark skinned people in general particularly vulnerable.



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