Sacrificing 1000 to save 1


It is often said that politics is the art of setting priorities and allocating common resources. Since the tax coffer is no bottomless well, it is the politician’s duty to ascertain that resources, including foreign aid, are distributed to benefit the maximum amount of people. In Sweden, the politicians are working in the other direction.

Sweden prides itself on being a “Humanitarian Superpower” and has provided generous aid to third world countries for decades. But now that the immigration floodgates have been opened, the skyrocketing cost of harboring hundreds of thousands of new arrivals within Swedens borders are forcing the government to divert money from the actual foreign aid. 

While the specifics are yet to be determined, the government estimates that a fifth of the foreign aid money will now go to offset the domestic costs. Not surprisingly, several foreign aid organizations are protesting loudly about getting de-funded. But hey, it’s the same money being spent, so what’s the big deal if it goes here or there?

Simply put, it’s a matter of how much bang you’re getting for your buck. 

Some foreign aid initiatives are long-term projects for combating poverty (the source of most ills in the developing world,) which may prevent the humanitarian disaster of tomorrow by allowing those countries to build the infrastructure to handle the next drought or similar crisis on their own. Water purification and vaccination programs for kids are also common.

But perhaps the most urgent and tangible part of foreign aid are the vast amounts of people huddled in miserable refugee camps surrounding the Syria/Iraq warzone. While the exact per-person costs vary between locations and aid organizations, it usually only costs a few dollars per day to keep these vulnerable people alive and somewhat sheltered. Clean water, a tent, food packets, emergency medical care. Basic stuff. But life-and-death nonetheless for the poor bastards sitting there in the desert with only their clothes on their backs.

But none of this is a priority to Swedish politicians. In fact, there are no second thoughts about literally pulling BILLIONS from these people, and instead maintaining the insanely expensive immigration program for those who had the means to bribe their way through 6-7 countries only to end up in the tiny Nordic country a full continent away. 

I strongly recommend reading Merit Wagers excellent blog for numerous real-life examples of how the Swedish asylum system is being abused, and the massive costs for sustaining these brazen frauds. But one category that I find most galling is the “unaccompanied child refugees”.

These are a special category of refugees with much higher chance of getting asylum. Since they’re minors, they also get much higher class housing with 24/7 assistants waiting on them. Naturally, the cost for this category is considerably higher than regular asylum seekers. The normal cost is between 3000 and 6000 SEK ($350-700) per day per child, but in some circumstances it can skyrocket upwards 15 000 SEK ($1750) per day. But these are kids we’re talking about, right? Like these:


Present day refugee children.


Or these. During World War II, some 70 000 Finnish children were sent to Sweden to escape the horrors of war.

Who could possibly argue against taking in these helpless children? Wellllll… There are a few problems here. First off, almost nobody has ID upon arrival, so nobody really has any idea who the person really is or how old he (usually a male) really is. And unlike the other Nordic countries, Sweden stubbornly refuses to age-test. So anyone hoping to get fast-tracked to a granted visa can claim to be a minor, and due to fear of being called a racist, nobody calls them on it. The results are sometimes downright comical.


Here is a 14-year old little boy running at a school in Kristianstad. You can read the full article in the local newspaper here, where the reporter is just marveling over how fast he is!


Here is another 14-year old child, interviewed by state-owned radio P4.


This is the prime minister (second from right) visiting a home for refugee children


More helpless little tykes.


…But at least some are given a teddy bear to comfort themselves.

All jest aside, this is of course absurd. The other Nordic countries also saw the rise in “children” knocking on their doors, and did the sensible thing: had their doctors run a simple age test by measuring bones and/or checking teeth. In Denmark, 3 out of 4 “children” arriving the first months of 2012 turned out to be adults. Norway got the same results; 3 out of 4. Finland “only” turned out to have 65% frauds, but still took the cake by having a 29-year old posing as a minor.

As a result, there has since been a sharp decrease in “children” arriving to the other Nordic countries. Only Sweden, which stubbornly refuses to age-test, is seeing a continued rise. The graph below is somewhat outdated; it only shows Sweden up until 2013. The prediction for 2015 is a whopping 6000. 


But hey, the poor bastards in the refugee camps can comfort themselves knowing that the Humanitarian Superpower is doing its part to make this a better world.


53 thoughts on “Sacrificing 1000 to save 1

    • From a realpolitikal standpoint I wouldn’t age-test because the results would most likely be that the majority of the children are adults. For the seven established political parties that would be a victory for the opposition (Sweden Democrats) seeing as they are the only ones who have pushed for age testing. It would also entail voters realizing that the government has for the past decade or so squandered billions of taxpayer kronor on adults pretending to be children. Not to mention the media who by and large are left-wing and do everything to uphold the status quo so as to undermine the Sweden Democrats (SD).

      To take one clear-cut example of how difficult it is for non-SD politicians to demand age-tests here is an excerpt from an interview with a Centre Party politician in Swedens equivalent of the BBC.

      “You write that our Nordic neighbours have reduced the number of asylum seekers after adding age-tests is that the goal?

      -No, the goal is that those who are above 18 shouldn’t be classified as children and placed in such a home. Then a bi-effect can be that the strain on Sweden reduces a little, but it isn’t the goal.

      Is it good or bad then, if we take less asylum seekers?

      -Well, we take on the most unacompannied refugee children in the world, we take on between 25-30% of those who come to the EU and I think it’s a relevant discussion to have. If we take too little, we should increase and take half of all or if we are disproportionately high and should take less.

      But what do you think?

      -I reckon it is natural if we take a smaller share, but still a very large one.”

      As you can see the journalist is consistently hammering the politician to see if he wants to reduce the massive influx of asylum seekers (Sweden has 2% of the EU’s population yet takes on 20% of the EU’s asylum seekers). Despite the politician saying that he wanted to retain a very large share and giving good argument for age-testing. The politician in the interview above was subsequently hounded in the press and labelled a racist by many in the left-wing.

      Say what?

      Well, in Sweden the term “racist”/ “fascist” can be applied to any number of things, such as but not limited to:

      -Age-controls on the so-called “unaccompanied child refugees”
      -Criticising Islam / Islamists in Sweden
      -Demanding ID-controls for asylum seekers
      -Reducing the number of asylum seekers from the MIddle East and North Africa
      -Deporting first generation immigrants who are charged with rape / murder back to their home countries.

      This response became a lot longer than I thought but I hope I answered your question!

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  1. How do the Swedish parents feel about having obviously grown men in the same class as their children? If I had a 13-14 year old blonde daughter at the “age of awakening curiosity” … Let’s just say I would have some concerns.

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    • Some parents don’t seem to mind seeing as they are sending their young blonde daughters / sons to “Världens bästa sommarläger” (The world’s best summer camp), in Söderköping. A project arranged by the Red Cross, Swedish Church, and the local government so that young Swedes in high school can interact with “young refugees” primarily from Afghanistan and Somalia.

      “If you are going to create good relations a prerequisite is eating together, brushing your teath together and living like this” – says Eva-Lotta Martinsson

      Extract from the article “Lägret ska motverka rasism” (The camp is going to counteract racism)


      • How I hate to say this, but … how they deserve what’s coming to them. Like the Brits, they have no reason to be so thick!

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      • Yes, it’s hard to feel racist towards your own grandchildren. Too bad your daughter had to give birth at fourteen to a sex criminal invader’s child and your grandchild’s named ‘Mohammed’. Good job on that Sweden.

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    • Some of these children and adults have been (child) soldiers. Seen bad things, suffered from bad things and done themselves bad things. Rape, torture, murder.

      Now they are putting these together with hapless Swedish kids whom have been taught to be nice and turn the other cheek! Jay-sus! Fight and rape central summer camp.

      Wonder what this idiot parents will say when their lovely 13 year old daughter is stabbed or gang-raped and stabbed to death. Or their boy is in coma, thanks to severe beating by these kids.

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      • They will say the same that Elin Krantz parents said ( Elin Krantz was raped and murder by Ephrem Tadele Yohannes, a refugee from Ethiopia ) : “We hope that the nationalist not will take advantage of this in their propaganda against immigration..” …that’s the extent of the brainwashing in Absurdistan! I’m in awe..

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      • Well, Timo…one year later and all you wondered about has come true. 22-year old girl stabbed to death by a “child” who was about 2 meters tall and shaved. But we here in Sweden never got to see his picture–government is afraid to take responsibility for this sham and still objects to age testing. But, all you talk about above–gang-rape, stabbing, severe beatings (mostly women) has taken place. Parents are starting to object finally, but the government is intent on keeping its plans for “children” migrant homes secret, until it is too late. See


      • When a government turns against its citizens and disregards their welfare and best interests it should be replaced either peacefully or, if necessary, violently.

        Sweden is long past the time for replacement.

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    • Hi Jenn. This is a late response to your question and a lot has changed…but nothing has improved due to the stupidity of the Social Democrat cabal leading the Swedish government. Even after the murder of a 22-year old Swedish girl in an “childrens” asylum home by a supposedly 15 year old child (who stood 6 foot 2 and shaved) the Swedish Social Democrats in power refuse to age-test. Not the mention the hundreds of reports about involving these “children” molesting young girls in public swimming pools and the odd rape attributed to newly-arrived migrants. Parents are starting to object to having these “children” living next to primary schools, kindergardens–anywhere their sons and daughters congregate. The problem now is the government tries to hide ANY plans to house these migrants so the local community will ot object–because they don’t know about it. Devious and disgusting, but this is Swedish Social Democracy. See the clips here. If you can’t speak Swedish…the one man is saying I have three daughters and if anything happens to them, I will not stand for it.

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  2. Between this and the dismantling of the military as proposed by the feminists in the prior post I am stunned other countries are not taking open advantage of Sweden. How little would it take for a nation/terrorist group to send “child” refugees into Sweden who so happened to have a few years of military training and build an army inside of Sweden…with Sweden funding their lifestyle. Then all of a sudden local “protesters” fighting against racism take up arms and storm the capital demanding more treatment and goodies from public coffers.

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  3. This is happening in America as well. Unaccompanied “minors” from Central America entering US schools en masse. Some even have grey hair and they still let them pass as children…

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  4. In a German prep school for asylum seekers, an Afghan “child” just stabbed and killed another one a few days ago. Of course the local authorities don’t hold back on their outrage about how such a thing could happen. Yeah, why do these completely unpredictable things just keep happening all the time? It’s really a mystery.

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  5. You’re trying to tell us there are actual people in Sweden who believe this “kid” is 14??
    I always thought Swedes were blithering idiots but this takes the fruitcake!
    Maybe Putin should nuke the place and put those Swedes out of their misery.
    Would make a nice parking lot.

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    • It is racist to question the word of the applicant. Thus, if the bearded man with receding hairline says he’s 15, then by golly he is 15. Otherwise, you’re Hitler.

      I wish I was kidding. Go ahead and run the articles through Google Translate; you’ll be amazed at the power of denial in the politically correct journalists.

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  6. I’ve been thinking with these “kids” in school and presumably interacting with very young ethnic Swedish girls don’t the parents feel there is any sort of problem with this? I have to assume if an 29 year ethnic Swede was trolling the schools for young girls there would be some sort of outrage. Is Sweden far enough gone that families will just hand their daughters over if it’s deemed politically correct?

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    • The 29-year-old foreigner must not be offended by inquiry about his identity but it would be fine if a Swedish descended-from-the-Vikings-of-1,000-years-ago child is offended by that foreigner as a result of a criminal act.

      The child’s parents must, of course, not be offended by immigrant crime. In fact, the majority of (real) Swedes will be proud to reflect on their lack of racism (and how they abhor the SD) as doctors treat their battered and torn child.

      They will all flock to the polls to (re) elect their lying oppressors, the saintly, the divine, the pure, the genius non-SD politicians. What moral and kind people we are they tell each other while they vote for treason, surrender, and poverty for their children.

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  7. In the near future when Sweden is almost totally Islamicized like Malmo, Charity of all kinds will come to a screeching halt.

    Muslim countries, some of which are among the wealthiest in the world, are infamous for their lack of aid for those in need.

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      • @shiratori99

        Are you kidding!
        Have you ever seen a refugee camp in Saudi Arabia, Kuweit, Quatar or any other filthy rich arab state where the poor huddled and war torn muslim masses may shelter?


      • @copywriter

        The majority of Islamists views the Saudis as corrupt traitors. Besides, unlike the other theocratic state of the region, Iran, the king of SA is a worldly leader and not a priest.

        Islamist organizations do a lot of charity, like running orphanages, giving out food and shelter for the homeless, maintaining hospitals etc. A good example for that is the Muslim Brotherhood, which is active in many Islamic countries and maintains a large network of charity organizations, similar to Christian churches in Europe.

        Even the IS uses a lot of its financial assets for charity, health care and social security/pension payments to its subjects. Which is a large reason why so many people in Syria and Iraq support it in the first place.


      • i disagree. they supposedly do charity, but when there are natural disasters, just look at how much is given by whom. the money floods in from the west, while their fellow mohammedans might send a pittance if anything at all. perhaps the justification is the wrong sect, or the fear some infidel might indirectly benefit, but also, they believe if bad things befall, it is cause that’s what their idiot deity wills. this is evidenced by things like robbing a man who fell off a train platform and leaving him down there for the train to then hit him. the man was pushed by the hand of allaah. his wallet was a gift to the mohammedan. and if allaah took the trouble to push him off a platform, who are we to intervene? lack of foreign aid is just a larger scale version of this mindset.

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  8. When they diverted 20% of the foreign aid to help support the refugees in country did they factor in the increased medical cost to the nation brought about by increased numbers of rape victims.

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    • No of course not. They also didn’t dial in the cost of murder, arson, armed robbery, disability/unemployment as a result of crime etc.
      That would expose a rather inconvenient truth now wouldn’t it?
      But I’m sure they have a slush fund somewhere to cover those costs.

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      • I did a translation of the linked article on the “14 year old” runner so that I could read it. It is so amazing! It begins:

        “”Yards” around the Central School was attended on Wednesday by Sweden’s fastest 14-year-old – Saad Alsaud. As a source of inspiration and idol, he led the kids around school.
        Saad Alsaud who have the Swedish record for the 14-year-olds in the 100 meters in 11.82 seconds began to run at the Central School.”

        This Saad Alsuad man holds the record for 14-year-olds in the 100 meters and the author reports on it like it’s so wonderful!!!

        Amazing. Totally amazing.

        “As a source of inspiration and idol, he led the kids around school.”

        Total insanity.

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      • @ascomanni

        Yes it truly is amazing.
        I’m sure antropologists and psychologists in the future are having a field day trying to analyze the wonderous workings of this strange phenomenon we call the Swedish mind.
        If by then there are any Swedes left of course.

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  9. WEst is digging own grave. The Illegal Migration is nothing but Conspiracy Jihad. European Countries must enact the law, Migrants will have to all Rules and Regulations of Host Country. They have follow the Education including Religious that is practiced in the Country. Besides, They should not be given Voting Rights.

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  10. “Is it good or bad then, if we take less asylum seekers?”

    If Sweden wants to survive as a free and democratic state it will ban all Muslims seeking to enter the country and it will start an aggressive campaign to expel all Muslims that it legally can.

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  11. Copywriter,

    I would like to second your view.

    It truly is amazing isn’t it?..Absolutely fascinating.

    The degradation is also now accelerating so not too long to wait now for the correction.

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  12. Reblogged this on hokus pokus unga unga and commented:
    This article brings to mind the words of former KGB agent Yuri Alexandrovich Bezmenov.

    In 1985 Bezmenov explained ideological subversion of an enemy nation. He says the first step is “demoralization.” Demoralization takes from fifteen to twenty years because this is the minimum number of years required to educate one generation of students in the country of your enemy. However, he goes on to explain that once a generation is fully “demoralized” then “Exposure to true information does not matter anymore. A person who is demoralized is unable to assess true information. The facts tell nothing to him. Even if I shower him with information, with authentic true documents, with pictures, even if I take him by force to the Soviet Union and show him concentration camps. He will refuse to believe it until he is going to receive a kick in his fat bottom. When a military boot crashes his butt THEN he will understand. But not before that. That’s the tragedy of the situation of demoralization. ”

    The nation of Sweden is fully demoralized.

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  13. Sweden spits on the graves of its brave ancestors and in a single generation, destroys its future for all time. Centuries from now, Japan will still be the land of the Japanese people. Centuries from now, Sweden will be a balkanized polyglot of warring religions and ethnic factions in a wasteland. It is like watching someone pour gasoline over themselves while smoking a cigarette.

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    • The stories about lemmings, committing mass suicide by jumping off cliffs are not completely true, but it’s a good metaphor for the behaviour of the people who foolishly but happily follow one another to a bitter end like the swedes do..

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  14. […] my assessment. Pretty much everything counts as grounds for asylum these days including poverty (77% approval rate of all asylum applications), which is incredibly costly and has thus forced the Swedes to make dramatic cuts to the foreign […]


  15. Unless the Swedes act very, very quickly to to remove their present government and the invasive Muslim hordes there will soon be no Sweden and no Swedes.


  16. Im from Sweden and it makes me sad and angry to read what people from other countries think of us. Me and almost everyone around me are unhappy about the situation here and if i could decide the gates to refugees would have been closed years ago!


    • “Me and almost everyone around me are unhappy about the situation here….”

      I guess I should feel sorry for the Swedes but I am a Jew. The Swedes did not give a damn about their peaceful, creative Jewish citizens. Now they are unhappy about the Muslim replacements for the Jewish Swedish citizens.

      The Swedes lit the fire and now are frying in it and what do they do? They tell us they are unhappy but do nothing to reverse their trip on the road to annihilation. They have caught the whining virus from their Islamic invaders.

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    • Det du!,

      I am angry. Very angry at your tears. But you Swedes have earned those tears. Enjoy them while you can.
      You once were so good, even great.

      Your do nothing actions and your tears are, sadly, your last before your total oblivion.


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