The Pacifist Defense


FI party leader, ex-communist and public drunkard Gudrun Schyman

According to Swedish political party FI, the Feminist Initiative, the best way for Sweden to safeguard itself against aggressive neighbor Russia is to dismantle the last few batallions that still remain of the defense. Instead, Sweden should “go pacifist” and focus on combating racism and domestic violence. This, the party argues, will solve the problem of Russian jets practicing bombing runs on Swedish targets and repeated visits by Russian submarines in the waters of Stockholm.

If the preceding paragraph made you go “Huh?”, let me assure you that you’re not alone. I have written about loon party FI before, with their certifiably insane party program (all men to be sent to indoctrination camps, sex ed for preschoolers and much, much more) and their creative explanation for international terrorism (they’re MEN, damnit!

Honestly, it’s starting to feel like poking fun at a retard. But this particular retard happens to have seats in many local governments (including Stockholm) and has a good chance of gaining seats in parliament next election. FI has been actively promoted by music artists like Pharrell and Robyn, and just this week received an adoring and largely uncritical promotional piece by BBC. And they just won’t shut up nor come to their senses, so I have no choice but to once again put the spotlight on the baffling results of when a group of Swedish feminists put their heads together.

Without further ado, here is party leader Gudrun Schyman and her inner circle dealing with the national defense:

“The core of our security policy is about creating security for the people. But today there is a growing perception that security is all about which nation or group that can scrounge up the greatest military force. But safety is never achieved by ramping up systemic violence. Instead, this is achieved by countering these systems of violence, protect battered people and deal with the causes of violence.

Weapons and militarism is rarely a solution to a conflict, and armed conflicts between nations are not the biggest security threat either in Sweden or globally. Militarism is nourished by masculinity norms and have the same mechanisms as the other structural violence against people. Violence is about exercising power, and this is something that boys and men are taught goes with being both patriotic and being a masculine man.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), men’s domestic violence claim more deaths each year than all the world’s armed conflicts together or any epidemic ever made and this is a serious security issue. In Sweden, 17-20 women are killed annually on average by a man in a close or formerly close relationship.

At the same time we have a global structural racism, where a white minority since the transatlantic slave trade and colonialism continues to broadcast the notion that white people are the norm for humanity. A structural global racism than today in the expression of hate crimes, violence and murder and goes hand in hand with a global order in which countries in the West believe they have the right to cause havoc with military means in countries in the East and South.

We need an innovative security policy that puts the focus on the causes of violence and its context if we are going to meet it with better policy and targeted interventions. UN urges its member states to dramatically reduce their military budgets and instead give priority to efforts to combat the global problem of security violence in close relationships. In response to hate crimes against afro-Swedes, Jews and Muslims te UN is sharply critical of Sweden, with a call to strengthen the work against hate crime.”

And that’s how Sweden can thumb its nose at those silly Russians on the other side of the narrow Baltic sea and settle back in absolute safety. 

Any questions?


18 thoughts on “The Pacifist Defense

  1. Good grief. Fi has found the Swedes guitly, guilty I say, of evil colonization, white supremacy, gender discrimination, war mongering, etc. The Swedes should just do away with themselves from the shame. Maybe the Afro-swedes and Muslims will be benevolent to the white Swedes when they are in charge and seek punishment and compensation for the sins of the white Swedes who readily admit their guilt.

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  2. Don’t panic the nutters have taken over the asylum. Who is in charge of the Swedish governmet now? the nut job dyed red hai shouting about male privilege. Oh right so when a married couple gets a divorce the women takes the house, the car, the kids, and the ex husband turns into a walking ATM machine, you mean that kind of male privilege? Yes its all about equality, right?


    • Yup. Even toy catalogs now make a point of having the boys dress in pink and play with dolls, while the girls handle the construction sets and R/C trucks. And it’s portrayed as a singularly positive thing.

      Now don’t get me wrong; it’s not right to force all boys to play football and ban girls from doing anything but play house either. But to force-feed this kind of crap on everyone and try to make it a socially constructed new norm is absurd.

      What makes it especially sad is that this effiminization takes place alongside the massive inflow of people from some of the most patriarchical cultures on earth. I’m going to go out and a limb and predict that the traditionally-minded Afghani or Somali patriarch of the household is not going to get all giddy with enthusiasm over the concept of his little boys wearing a dress to school.

      So there’s a wee bit of clashing value systems here. On the one hand, a number of kids in each class that are taught to value strength and family honor above all else, with the other boys essentially being taught that femininity is a virtue and that any traditional “masculine” reponse, such as standing up for yourself and fighting back, is evil.

      You would have to be enormously naive to not see the result of this setup. And unfortunately, it is the kids paying the price, not the idiot parents.

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      • Yup,

        In the next 20-30 years.

        Apologies for keeping repeating the same theme but bloody fascinating, this process of cultural suicide.

        I do feel that most who subscribe to this process feel they are doing so for the loftiest of motives….

        Just horribly misguided that’s all.


  3. I recently had an interesting net conversation with the Swedish multiculturalists. I pointed out for example the recent incident of 30 cars burned, I pointed out the SD gaining a lot of new supporters. The responses were pretty fanatical. Emotionally, they are fully committed to the cause, no matter how many facts you gave to me pointing things are going from bad to worse.

    They will continue this to the bitter end, that is sure.

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    • Unwittingly you just put your finger on the sore spot.
      These people somewhere in their development have become warped.
      They can only exist and think on an emotional level.
      Concepts like reason, logic or even common sense are completely alien to them.
      They simply do not respond to logic only to emotions.
      That’s why they love muslims so much. Just like themselves muslims are purely guided by emotions.


      • The thing is they may be that far gone but if you look at political leaders throughout the west they are all heading in that direction especially over Islam. They are just not as far along as Sweden yet.


    • It’s a sect. These people will not think rationally any more than the feverish fanatics in a deranged doomsday cult pledging eternal devotion to the Great Guru will ever accept that it’s just a fat guy in a robe with a knack for manipulation. Since they have already gone all-in sacrificing family, job, earthly possessions etc. they are so invested in the madness that nothing can break the spell lest their entire world falls apart. The multiculturalists are the same way, even when it’s THEIR car burning and THEIR kid getting beat up.


  4. Maybe you shouldn’t laugh just yet. Yes I agree that FI are insane but considering the idiotic statement about women being hurt most by war because they loose their husbands, sons, brothers among others it’s clear that Hillary Clinton have allied with radical feminists to build her election platform. Now I don’t think she’ll suddenly want to dismantle your armed forces but there will be other things like 50% female representation in board rooms is a sign of patriarchy but 100% female representation is a sign of equality. Lower physical demands to qualify as a firefighter. When divorcing the female have all the rights and so on and so forth. It always start small. If she wins you might well find yourself at the start of the path Sweden started on 20 years ago.


  5. There’s a fine old native American tale about Coyote. He became aware one day that all the men of the tribe were losing their penises after being seudced by the shape-shifting hag Crow Woman who just happened to have a set of razor sharp shark’s teeth installed in her vagina. Coyote mulled this over and schemed to stick a phallus-shaped piece of granite in her in place of his own, she “bit,” the teeth shattered and voila!, the whole problem of the incorrigible pussy was forever remedied! Of course he had his way with her after and she was so much happier. I wonder if this might be useful information for anyone here in Sweden? Xrist I hope so…


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