Former PM Reinfeldt campaigning for archenemy SD


Fredrik Reinfeldt started out reasonably well when he took the helm of Moderaterna, the conservative party that has acted as a bulwark against the worst excesses of the loony left over the decades. Indeed, he dusted off the cobwebs and brought the old core values of fiscal responsibility, tough-on-crime and business friendliness into the new age by reshaping Moderaterna into “New Moderaterna” (don’t laugh, it actually worked a little despite the name.)

He won the election in 2006, formed a government in an alliance with three small, semi-conservative parties (giving it the imaginative name “The Alliance”) and did pretty well for a while. Overall taxes went down, the rampant abuse of welfare entitlements was hemmed in, and nobody can have missed that Sweden weathered the eurocrisis with flying colors thanks to strict fiscal discipline.

Then he started going off the rails soon after the election in 2010. 

The Sweden Democrats, SD, was a tiny, marginal party that managed to squeak themselves past the 4% mark and make it into parliament for the first time. 

Now, SD is a party sprung from the shady depths of the tiny but definitely existing white supremacy-movement. But what led them from the extremist fringes and into parliament is partly a cleaning-up process by the new leader Jimmie Åkesson where the dregs were unceremoniously kicked out, but mostly because people started questioning why Swedish immigration policy was so much more generous than the neighboring countries. 

Simply put, it became a protest vote because none of the established parties would even discuss that perhaps it was time to dial things back a little to manageable levels. And at just over five percent, SD had zero practical impact on anything except making noise. It could have been as simple as letting it be the wakeup call for the “real” parties to get their act together and listen to the voters. Had the conservative parties with Reinfeldt’s Moderaterna in the lead simply adjusted the refugee inflow to the levels of the other Nordic countries, it is my belief that SD would have faded out into the periphery once again.

But Reinfeldt chose to do the polar opposite. 

Leading up to the 2010 election he made a big deal of portraying this liliputian party as the Enemy To Be Defeated, giving them a lot of free publicity. It’s like a 120 lb pitbull posturing before a 50 lb poodle; it just makes people curius about the poodle. He went on the record to state that he loathed them to the point where he refused to “touch them with pliers,” an expression equivalent to the famous 10-foot pole.

Despite Åkessons continued expulsions of unsavory elements and imposing an official zero-tolerance policy against racism, the party continued to be harassed by the leftist radicals with vandalism and beatings. In the aftermath of one such attack Reinfeldt went on the record condoning political violence against SD.

“I oppose all forms of violence and threats,” He started out, in what one would expect to the be the boilerplate condemnation all politicians utter when a colleague is targeted. Then came the “But”. Reinfeldt went on to accuse SD of being “devisive,” “only serving their own interests” and “feigning vulnerability”. “[Because of their politics] …they should not be surprised when things like this happen,” he said about the case where extreme leftists from Antifa (AFA) had invaded a SD candidates home, beat him and carved a swastika into his forehead. 

This is a truly remarkable position for the leader of a democratic country. The implied blessing to physically harm anyone active in SD continues to this day, where a number of local politicans have been subjected to everything from slashed tires to torched houses. 


Nima Gholam Ali Pour

Nima Gholam Ali Pour is one of them. He is a local SD politician in Malmö, and has been beat up twice for the explicit reason that he is politically involved. Yes, he is of foreign descent. So is a significant percentage of the current SD voters. But that doesn’t matter to the members of the “antiracist” Antifa movement. 

Let’s just pause there for a second and ponder a very simple scene: A group of masked young white Swedes are kicking a dark-skinned man laying on the ground. But this is not a hate crime. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. The masked white Swedes are doing a good and noble thing for the antifascist cause, because the dark-skinned man on the ground is a contemptible racist. 

Yes. In Sweden, this perverse line of reasoning doesn’t only make sense, it’s mainstream. Or at least, up to a point. Then the levee breaks, common sense rushes in, and SD gains another sympathy vote as a backlash against the absurd justification for political violence. But I digress. 

Reinfeldt was furious after SD managed to get into parliament. Despite his numerous aggressive speeches and grandstanding to show off his hate of SD, the stupid voters still voted them in. The nerve! It’s time to punish the voters for being so disobedient! And what better way to do that than opening the floodgates for largely unemployable immigrants from MENA? Ha-HA! Take THAT, voters!

In early 2011, Reinfeldt struck a deal with green party MP that dramaticially lowered the bar for being granted asylum and residence, and in effect abolished the need for new arrivals to be able to support their extended families when bringing them over. Uncle and Grandma was now not only rubberstamped in, they also went straight on the government dole. 

The traditional conservatives, the core of Moderaterna, were alarmed and puzzled. How does this rhyme with the normal pragmatic and cautious way? What is the game plan here? And things went downhill from there. In 2013, Sweden announced to the world that anyone claiming to be from Syria was to be granted permanent asylum, no IDs required. The migration bureau doubled and tripled in size, hiking the forecasts again and again. Housing grew increasingly scarce leading to ghettos, social tensions in the ghettos hit the boiling point with rioting. Guns, drugs, and crime on levels previously unheard of in the sleepy little country up north were starting to make world headlines. What was going on?

As election 2014 drew near, Reinfeldt held a historic speech. In many M-voters heads, this was the time in the spotlight when he had the chance to redeem himself by unveiling the unknown game plan for this puzzling behavior. How would Sweden gain from taking in ten times as many uneducated asylum-seekers as the European average? How DID these skyrocketing expenses jive with the traditional fiscal discipline?

Answer: It doesn’t, and they didn’t. Reinfeldt admitted that the immigration was enormously expensive. “We won’t be able to afford anything except immigration in the years ahead!” he said. But he urged people to “open their hearts” anyway, for humanitarian reasons. 

Not surprisingly, this didn’t sit well with conservatives who not only shoulder among the heaviest tax burdens in the world, but also see an alarming increase of foreigners going straight onto a lifetime on the government dole. Making matters worse is the knowledge that the vast majority are in fact NOT refugees, as defined by UNHCR, but rather poor people merely seeking a better standard of living. 

Rather than salvaging the situation, Reinfeldt decisively set fire to the tree he was sitting in. A few weeks later he lost the election in a spectacular fashion, where a good chunk of the core voters jumped ship to the only party that pushed for a return to sane immigration. 


2010 results in pale grey. Note how the big drop in M went straight to SD. Almost every third SD-voter came from M in 2014.

All the other parties had jumped on the SD-condemnation bandwagon, and were now painted into a corner where they HAD to keep singing the praises of unlimited immigration from MENA. Since they had accused SD for being racist and fascist for wanting to harmonize with the rest of Europe, they couldn’t just turn on a dime and propose the same thing themselves. Mainstream media, with it’s heavy left-slant would have crucified any politician daring to leave the corner as well.

Meanwhile, the welfare system crumbled and social tensions continued to build. SD grew from 5,7% in 2010 to 12,9% in Sept. 2014, and are now polling just south of the 20% range. Clearly, something is very much broken in Sweden. It shouldn’t even be possible for a small party to come out of nowhere and in a few years get to the point where it’s only a matter of months before they unseat Moderaterna as the second biggest party.

And here’s the kicker: Most of SDs meteoric rise stems not from their own work, but because all the other parties have locked themselves into an untenable position that grants SD a fantastic monopoly on common sense. It’s like if you went to a job interview, and every other applicant in the waiting room were chugging vodka straight from the bottle. You’d have to make an effort NOT to get the job!

At this point, all but the most idealistic lefties agree that the country is buckling under the pressure. There ARE no more apartments. The hospitals CAN’T handle more patients. The schools CAN’T absorb more kids being dropped into class without warning and without speaking a word of Swedish. The country has ran out of runway and spent the buffers; the crash is imminent, and almost everyone sees it.

But the other seven parties insist that there should be another 600 000 people coming between now and 2019. Backing down is racist, and the politician breathing a word about abandoning the “humanitarian” line is toast. So we must stay the course, all the way down into the bedrock. 

And so, almost every month is a new record for SD, being the only option for anyone capable of fifth grade math or better. I doubt the vast majority of all those new SD-voters jumped ship because of any particular love for the party; it’s a simple process of elimination where the choice is to cast a blank vote, or vote for SD. 

Personally, I think ALL politicians are scum. I distrust anyone who seeks office, for the simple reason that the desire to grab power (and being manipulative enough to outmaneuver the other ten aspiring candidates) is disqualifying right then and there. Belonging to a political party means you have to buy into a package deal where you may not support more than 80% and perhaps 5% runs counter to what you know to be true in your heart. But even though I would never join a political party of any kind, I would be especially disinclined to join SD. 

Simply put, I don’t trust the guys at the top. At all. Some are old-timers from the white supremacy days, others are opportunists seizing the rising tide. I believe there are still snakes hiding under a polished facade, secretly still harboring a pencheant for fondling the SS-dagger hidden in the bottom sock drawer. The survivors of the relentless media scrutiny has merely learned to run silent and run deep, not unlike a Jihadist sleeper cell.

Some show signs of plain old stupidity and poor moral fiber. Mattias Karlsson, the temporary party leader during Åkessons sick leave, reached out to leftist extremists Expo — an organization dedicated to discrediting SD and finding dirt on its members — asking for help to eliminate internal competition within the party. And that’s the top guy running the show as of this writing.

Meanwhile, most local politicians and the vast majority of SD voters are simply your traditional conservatives wishing for an end to the madness with nowhere else to turn. Ethnical Swedes and immigrants alike are literally forced to SD. They didn’t turn their backs on their previous parties; the previous parties turned their backs on them by drinking Reinfeldt’s cool-aid.

So what I’m seeing is a huge mass of regular conservatives with a small clique of scum sitting pretty atop it all. Time and time again, the Swedish media unearths scandals where SD leaders are found writing racist shit online, being caught on tape waving aluminum rods downtown a saturday night preparing for a fight, or even unearthing old pictures with people literally wearing swastika armbands (!) — and it doesn’t matter!! 

No matter WHAT Researchgruppen or any other dirt-digger comes up with, it will not change the basic reason all these hundreds of thousand voters jumped ship. Every time the newspapers run a new scandal, they always have “experts” predicting the imminent demise of the party. And every time, they end up frustrated and baffled that SD continues to grow despite it all. 

I find it highly concerning that the sleek, young leadership of SD gains so much power. The official party program is a perfectly ordinary centrist piece of ho-hum by European standards. The main difference is that they advocate heavy efforts to restore defense (desperately needed), which in turn is paid for by reducing immigration to normal European levels. Nothing to object to there. But I for one would sleep a heckuva lot better if those policies were implemented by a bunch of older conservatives that didn’t have any supremacist roots.

Meanwhile, I find it puzzling in the extreme as to what the other parties are waiting for. SD will be the largest party by next election, and half (or more) of the small parties will be pushed out of parliament and fade into oblivion. So what would these small guys have to lose by listening to the voters and halt to bleeding to SD? In fact, I am convinced any one of them, like the Christ Democrat party KD, could yank itself away from the 4%-abyss and hit double digits in a matter of weeks should they just decide to drop the prestige. 

But so far, the preferred method to combat SDs growth is to yell “Racists!” at every opportunity. This despite the absurdity of claiming 20% of the population woke up one morning and decided to start hating people of color, and in particular because of the stellar results this method has for curbing SDs progress thus far. And let’s not even discuss the logic of accusing the many immigrant SD-voters for being racist against themselves.

Reinfeldt continues to promote SD hard, through his particular method of reverse psychology. Even after he stepped down as PM and party leader of Moderaterna he unleashes nuggets of wisdom so otherworldly that you can hear the membership-counter at SD headquarters rattle merrily in sync with his lips moving.

In December, he reflected on how much open space there was underneath as he flew his private government jet above Sweden. “Endless fields and forests […] There’s more room than one can imagine!” he enthused, arguing the country had virtually limitless capacity to receive ever larger quantities of immigrants. Somehow, I doubt today’s new arrivals from MENA expecting better standard of living would be particularly happy to be handed an axe, a shovel and mule and told to “seek their fortune” in the wild.

Shortly before Christmas, he said: “Sweden belongs to the immigrants — not the Swedes.” One would think that would be clearly out of line, but most Swedes swallowed it. Another quote from the newly elected prime minister in 2006: “The original Swedish culture is merely barbary. All progress has come from outside sources.” (said before a crowd of Syrian immigrants.)

And today he popped up in the news again, arguing that the more people Sweden lets in, the more people will work and benefit society by paying taxes. Even the reporter couldn’t resist pointing out the flaw in that reasoning: While true at 100% employment, it falls flat with the 80% unemployment that some groups are saddled with. 

“The Sweden Democrats argues that one needs to differentiate the immigrants,” the reporter said. “Do you believe that an immigrant engineer in a sector experiencing shortage of skilled labor is more beneficial to the country than an uneducated immigrant trying to get into an already sated job sector?”

Reinfeldt replied that his vision for an open Sweden meant “people of all kinds” could arrive freely, and thus he refused to “divide people in such a manner.”

Imagine that. I hear there’s a shortage of dentists around here. I should go to the local dentistry center and demand to get hired, arguing that it is unjust and immoral to divide people in such a manner. With luck, Reinfeldt will be my first patient.


25 thoughts on “Former PM Reinfeldt campaigning for archenemy SD

  1. This is beyond bizarre. In Britain, UKIP is making great strides but at least the others make a token effort to adjust to voter sentiment.

    Judging by this, it appears more important to cling to a failed doctrine than to survive as a party. Either these people are suffering from hubris, or they’re just painfully daft.

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  2. Renfeldt seems almost deranged. I actually had to click the links and translate those quotes. How can a leader be so openly dismissive and full of contempt for his own country? Why didn’t the voters run him out of town covered in tar and feathers in 2006, when this all started?


    • Yes, and worst part is that Swedish people swallow it and think it’s best for our country because Reinfeldt and all Swedish media say it’s true. But, however.. I can see that more and more people starting open there eyes and start questioning about this. But.. they doesn’t do it loud because then they are a racist according to our politicians and media.


  3. Excellent description of the situation in my former home country, thanks for that!

    The problem as I see it is that the leftist media monompoly (combined with the politically correct education system) in Sweden is too effective and will cap any prompt change of any established political party.

    My first reaction to free media in other countries where I have lived, was big surprise over the fact that reading about the same subject in two different newspapers appeared to tell two different stories.

    I ridiculed this at first, thinking that there must be a common story and a consensus on interpretation i.e. a truth – just like in Sweden.

    It took me a long time to understand that reading different viewpoints and letting different opinions be public, even though they didn’t combine, is what freedom of speech and opinion is about. In Sweden people believe that there is a logic and true way to understand everything, all served by state funded media.

    Swedes generally believe that all people on earth, want nothing but the Swedish social-liberal and extremely secular and individualistic way of living, if you just let them.

    Therefore the integration of countless immigrants into Swedish society is not considered to be a problem. Cultural expressions, religious beliefs etc. are no worries and will just add a little spice to the Swedish community.

    People in general tend to believe what politicians and official statistical interpretation tells them. They don’t question the interpretations, unless they come from an unofficial source or go against the official line of thinking, then they are disregarded as false without further thinking.

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    • Yep. Due to naivety, geographical isolation or willful stupidity, many of us seem to believe in the very superficial definition of “culture”: how you dress, which arbitrary days of the year are “party days” (“holy” doesn’t exist in Sweden anymore), what music/food/etc. you like.

      A clan/tribal society with no trust and no public education/policing/health care is going to lead to a very different set of values. Essentially “might makes right”. Sadly the self-appointed guardians of “good and noble” seem defenseless against this.

      Fix it on a national level or people will “fix” it themselves: white flight, vigilantism, gated communities, tax “avoidance”.


  4. Very well written.
    I am Swedish guy and seen how it just gets worse and worse the past 10 years. Our retirees are having it worse and worse cause they get less money. Our school children also getting it worse and our hospitals suffering cause lack of money. Why less money to those? Well, the total insane off how many immigrants we take in that doesn’t get any job gets those money and it scares me. I give you an example. A person that arrive to our country go to the dentist and pay 50 SEK. A Swedish person pays full amount that can be up to whatever, let’s say 3000 SEK. This is just one example and I can continue ..!
    I vote to SD for it is the only party that actually understands what is happening in our country. Violent crimes is increasing, rapes increases we have slums and beggars outside every grocery.
    Swedish media such as Aftonbladet, Expressen, Dagens Nyheter, etc. continues to blåljuga and distort the truth. Many Swedes believe in what is written and said in the television news. It’s scary to see up close how manipulated the Swedes are of our own politicians.
    In my country you are called racist as soon you say anything negative about the insane immigration. I have lost a couple of my friends because I have said “-We can’t take in more people than we can offer jobs” and my “friends” say “-You are racist”
    I am really not a racist, I am not. I love talk with people from other countrys. They often have interesting stories to tell. But thing is.. we have so many new Swedes that doesn’t wanna work, so they hang in shopping mals and cashing in allowance and that is so wrong.


  5. This is sickening… How can a whole country allow one man’s madness to lead them all to the cliff like lemmings? And to what end??


  6. This is exactly how media and politicians want Swedish people to respond if someone have another opinion. Well done “Tobbe” you’ve just got a star in the book.
    People around the world can see what’s happening in Sweden but you “Tobbe” just follow the leaders instead of be one. Start look outside the box you live in and see what’s really going on.

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    • Very good Johan,

      Yes Tobbe, I live far away from Sweden and will never have any interests in what happens there so come to you purely as an interested observer.

      My view and those of many I’ve canvassed are that there is only catastrophe in the relatively short term for Sweden and this is a great shame. By your own paradigm I would be seen as a racist too and so can just be ignored or shouted down? (a requirement perhaps?) but my genuine question to you is what is your prognosis for the future? Is the a level at which even you would say “no more”? Would you agree to an opening of your borders to, say, a billion people?

      Do you see what I’m getting at?

      At what point could a policy be seen to be grossly dysfunctional?

      What is your view on Mrs Wallstroms recent troubles with the Arab world?

      I’m not trying to catch you out with anything. I am genuinely fascinated by the stance you and your fellow travelers hold.


  7. The leader of the Christ Democrats’ youth organization wrote a debate article where she suggested that Sweden should take a look at the possibilities for receiving these quantities of immigrants. Suggested, I say. That would be costs for schooling, housing, medical care and so on. She had to take a s***-load of criticism and abuse for that. She didn’t even mention any decrease of immigration! Just by asking: “Can we afford this?” she was stamped as a racist and a xenophob.


  8. My guess is that around 2010 some “people” called Mr Reinfeldt and told him the wages in Sweden are too high and their meatpacking plants needed some exotic new employees who work for half the costs.


  9. Thank you for an interesting blog.

    Left Sweden more than a decade ago. Not likely to return at the moment. More than a little worried about friends and family in the old country.

    It bears reiterating: Reinfeldt is the most recent former prime minister and leader of _the_ conservative party.

    I refuse to believe my fellow Swedes actually want this, but after 200 years of prosperity and staying out of major wars (mostly due to geography), people just do as they are told.
    In the USA you need a war to get the people to fall in line. In the UK you basically mention the French. In Sweden you just say “but surely you want to be a good person?”


  10. I think the collapse and chaos will start from Swedish small villages which are being overflooded with refugees. It is a social timebomb ticking. The Swedish police in the countryside does not have the necessary manpower to keep the peace and criminals among refugees know that.


  11. I think the writer of this drivel should stop bashing SD because it doesn’t make him look any better than the leftist scum running the show. Muslim immigration is bad. Muslims are bad. Multiculturalism is bad. Destroying the homeland of white people is bad. And no, I am no nazi. I am not even white. Just someone with a brain cell left, unlike the leftist and the guy who wrote this BS.Suck it up boy.


  12. Come next election, I wouldn’t be surprised if SD gets the most votes. That is, unless Sweden has managed to take in enough immigrants to actually outvote SD – which would not surprise me in the slightest. That’s probably what they are actually trying to do.


    • Finally someone gets it. Politicians only care about there own power. If letting a group of people from a culture where if a woman is walking alone means she’s free game to be sexually harassed and assualted gets them enough votes to be elected then that’s what they will do. I’m sure if they were capable of getting a law passed that would allow people to be exiled for a certain crime they would find a way to manipulate the public into believing that the people that support their political rivals are guilty of said crime. It’s why liberals cry racism. To poison the well. To keep people who have different views from them from voting against them out of fear of being labeled a racist. All politicians feel this way but they will never admit it. Unless of course their Mitt Romney. He said only 51% of the country mattered to him. Dumb yes but at least it was honest.


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