Double standards

Tabloid newspaper Expressen has once again employed radical leftist hacker group Researchgruppen (the research group) to smear nationalist party SD, the Sweden Democrats.

The last time around they hacked accounts at social media, forums etc. of nurses, lumberjacks and other private citizens. When they found anything objectionable that could be tied to SD, the national newspaper then used the illegally obtained information to hang them out for public shaming.

Researchgruppen brags about being “the Swedish STASI,” with the stated goal of creating vast databases of personal information that can be used to blackmail, humiliate and generally ruin the lives of anyone not subscribing to their leftist worldview.

The group members are well-documented extremists and have multiple convictions for violent hate crimes. But since they provide fodder for the newspapers, they have been granted a peculiar protected status despite breaching pretty much every law in the book when it comes to handling personal information.

This time, they have targeted the court system. In Sweden, juries are not randomly pulled from the voting roster. Instead, they are nominated by the local parties and voted in to as regulars one year at the time.

So Researchgruppen set up an illegal registry of the country’s 6000 jurors, employing their hacking skills to root out every potential dirty little secret, off-color remark and whatever can be used to discredit and destroy someone.

They hit paydirt in 3 cases, ranging from the rather mild (“deporting the rabble” when it come to immigrant drug dealers and violent gangs) to the blatantly racist (Somalis being insane because of inbreeding).

Needless to say, prejudice and racism is problematic when it comes to a court setting, especially if the case involves asylum seekers appealing an application. The law is the law, plain and simple. The judge and jury is merely there to enforce it, and anyone who lets personal bias affect the verdict is unfit to serve. That applies to the racist as well as the leftist who believes there should be no borders whatsoever on that jury.
So now they found 3 out of 6000 whose ability to serve should and will be scrutinized. The real problem here is the vast collateral damage. I don’t think the other 5997 jurors are very happy to have had their integrity and privacy raped by decidedly irresponsible hackers. How many closet gays, gamblers, adulterers, pot smokers etc. spilled their guts on what they believed to be anonymous forums like Flashback, only to now live in constant fear? 
Since Researchgruppen now has dirt on practically every person in the justice system, what happens if a member of Researchgruppen is brought on trial for anything? Or if someone in the radical left commits a crime and appeals to his friends in Researchgruppen to put pressure on the jurors to get him off the hook?
What if Researchgruppen expands its business model? Blackmailing pillars of society is highly profitable, and as long as they provide the newspapers with information about SD members they maintain their shield of “legit research” to keep these massive databases of personal information. 
Another aspect of the collateral damage is that the media is now beating the drum for having SD-nominated jurors automatically deemed unfit to serve. This is of course absurd, especially in light of the fact that almost 20% of the population supports SD and the party is set to become the second largest in the country before long. The imbalance in the system would become dire, since the left-slant would be completely out of step with the population. But the media would love nothing better; four out of five journalists are openly leftists as it is, so this would fit their agenda like a glove.

Conclusion: Voting for the wrong political party should be an automatic disqualifier to serve in any capacity in the justice system.

Now, for the other thing that happened just last week. My Vingren, a member of Researchgruppen, was recruited as a researcher to state-owned public service radio SR. The radio is funded by a mandatory fee (in effect, a tax) and has strict rules for impartiality and political independence.

Fredrik Laurin, the manager responsible for the recruitment sees no problem whatsoever in recruiting a known radical leftist with a dire history of illegal activites. When asked about AFA, the violent leftist “Antifascist” network that routinely target people with the wrong political opinions, he shrugged it off comparing membership in the leftist sect to “being a member of a bowling team“.

AFA motto: “Dead a**holes can’t vote”

Conclusion: Being an active radical extremist is no hinderance in being handed a giant, tax-paid loudspeaker. 

6 thoughts on “Double standards

  1. Sweden seems to be like modern version of DDR, but with some elements of a market economy. They also have multiple parties instead of one, but if one opposes consensus all others will ally against it.

    It’s so ironic that this semi-official thought control group calls itself “Stasi”.


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