When obeying the law and supporting yourself is racist

  “Pull your own weight!” — “A terrible way to view humanity!”

There is a huge scandal in the municipality of Älmhult in Sweden. It has been revealed that there is a letter that may have been sent from the municipality offices to newly arrived immigrants informing them that the law applies to them and that they’re expected to eventually go off the dole and start pulling their own weight in society.

In the country of Sweden, this is so outrageously racist that representatives for the local government – as well as its opposition (!) – has gone public condemning the letter and vowing to root out the guilty person. 

So what does this awful document say? Here’s the local newspaper’s summary:

  • Reception in Sweden paid by the Swedish taxpayers. It is the Swedish citizens that pay for your stay. 
  • Stay in the municipality where you have been placed. It is only in this municipality that has prepared for your arrival. All municipalities in Sweden have high standard and quality service. Don’t believe the rumors that big cities have more opportunities – it is usually the other way around! Älmhult has a very good introductory program for you.
  • Laws and regulations are the same for everyone. You get what you are entitled to. Do not attempt to haggle or negotiate to get special benefits. Then you just lose face.
  • We try to accomodate your needs, but you also need to meet us halfway. Trust us at the immigration reception!
  • Don’t believe the rumors. Those who arrived as refugees before you don’t know everything. Half truths can be worse than no know. If you have questions or concerns about anything, so talk to us at the refugee unit.
  • Pull your own weight! This society and our democracy is based on the fact that everyone takes personal responsibility.

This is a terrible way to view humanity!” says Social democrat leader Lars Ingvert to the newspaper. 

“It is tragic that there at some point in the history of Älmhult has been someone harboring this attitude towards those arriving here,” Ingvert said. 

Vidar Lundbäck of the Center party agreed that it was “horrible”. He goes on to call the letter “very strange” and attempts to distance himself as much as possible from it, even though he used to run the social welfare office in Älmhult.

Great efforts are now being spent to track down the author of this racist and hateful document, and to locate and destroy any remaining copies. 

“We can’t run the risk of anyone getting a hold of these letters and getting the impression that this is official policy,” Ingvert said.


So… What, exactly, is the official policy then?


10 thoughts on “When obeying the law and supporting yourself is racist

    • This is the question the swedes should ask their politicians who distance themselves from this letter. Just the simple question “excuse me, I don’t get it. Could you please explain it to me, so I can see the problem?”
      Via social media, Facebook, Twitter, open sources. Open the debate via questions. You don’t have to expose yourselves with your opinion. Let them expose THEIR opinion clearly, instead. And let it stand and speak for itself.


  1. Riiiight… so the premise is that migrants and asylum seekers from MENA can’t support themselves and need to be cared for by the Swedish taxpayers. I don’t know about you but implying that they can’t pull their own weight and should be treated differently based on where they come from sounds kind of racist to me.

    But that’s o.k. though cause it’s “positive discrimination”?


  2. So let’s see if I got this straight… They’re saying the proper expectation on both parties should be lifetime entitlement and government dependency. And the laws apply to everyone, except immigrants, who are thus encouraged to haggle for special privileges. Did I miss anything, or did that sum up the stance of the politicians?

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  3. That is crazy. No wonder any Swede who has a ‘dark’ thought about the Muslims has to quickly bury it. It would be comical if it wasn’t so tragic for western civilization, which I am part of!


  4. If Swedish politicians are trying to distance themselves from that as official policy then Sweden is DOOMED! Does anyone really think the Muslims are going show ANY sensitivity to the Swedes when they become the majority?? They should all be deported before its too late!


  5. Swedish politicians and the media has a self-proclaimed “humanitary” view on immigrant from poor countries. They consider them as victims, escaping from horrible circumstances, which in some cases are true. This fact makes it forbidden to demand anything from these immigrants, because it’s considered “racist”. So on the other hand this leftist view is greatly condescending towards those who want to pull their own weight and make themselves useful for the society. They are, to a great extent, considered children to can’t take responsibility.

    Add this to the fact that there’s a great shortage of housing for the immigrants, plus the job market has no use for people without education and/or skills. The politicians are digging a hole for the whole of Sweden so deep that I fear it will never be able to crawl out of again.


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