Building the ghettos of tomorrow

  Homes for hundreds of thousands of immigrants?

Sweden has a uniquely generous immigration policy. Everybody who claims to be from Syria, and can produce at least a semicoherent story during the brief interview with the Immigration Bureau, is automatically granted permanent residence (the story-telling is important, since 89% of asylum seekers have no ID.) 

They may then bring their entire family along, which is also guaranteed a lifetime of full welfare; their support immediately become the responsibility of the state, not the family member who brought them to Sweden.

As you may suspect, this generosity, coupled with an almost child-like naivitee that nobody could possibly lie just to get a higher standard of living, has led to a magnificent population increase in just a matter of years. 

Since Sweden’s immigration policy took a turn for the insane in 2010, the tiny country in the north has made it a point of pride to open the doors to ten times as many immigrants as the European average. 


The Immigration Bureau predicts over 100 000 newcomers annually, which makes the total number more like 200 000 once you add in the family tag-alongs. That’s quite a lot to absorb for a country of less than 10 million, where the previous years’ immigration has already made the population to be closing in on being 20% non-native. 

The array of problems, or “challenges” as the Newspeak term is, popping up all around is rather vast. But perhaps the most urgent crisis is housing. 

Sweden has had strict rent controls and laws against subletting for a long time, which has stifled the construction of new rental units for decades. But now that there has been an inflow of literally thousands of newcomers every week for years, every last shred of living space is occupied and then some. There can be 3-4 entire families sharing studio apartments in the immigrant “exclusion areas“, and the government has invested every shred of prestige into making sure the inflow continues unabated.

So where will they all live? What about the predicted half million immigrants due to arrive in just a few years? Heck, there’s already 15 000 immigrants with approved residence permits, that haven’t been able to leave the processing center housing yet.

The answer: Modular housing. 

Cheap and portable, these are the kind of temporary sheds used at construction sites to provide a crude office for the foreman. Now the politicians want to solve the housing crisis by erecting thousands upon thousands of these boxes around Sweden.

Temporary solutions like this has a striking tendency to become permanent, kind of how a “temporary” tax has a way of becoming permanent. Now scroll back up to the picture at the top. Imagine a couple hundered families crammed in there, and add 5-10 years of wear, trash and graffiti to the picture.

The infamous favelas around Rio de Janeiro grew organically as societal Darwinism and the residents themselves created some of the worst hellholes known to man. In Sweden, the government builds them out of misguided humanitarianism.


8 thoughts on “Building the ghettos of tomorrow

  1. When I worked as a door-to-door salesman in Swedish ghettos 4 years ago apartments leased out to the Migration Bureau were the most off-putting. The environment was trashy, dodgy and chaotic and it felt like I was the first Swede they had ever encountered.

    In the 60’s and 70’s the government embarked on a similar venture with the so-called Million Programme, an ambitious public housing programme implemented by the Social Democrats so that everyone could live at a reasonable price. The very same housing projects are today worn and torn. Some are better than others but in many crime is rampant, American ghetto culture flourishes and ethnic Swedes are a rare sight. The result of yesterdays social engineers.

    The humanitarian rulers of today are following in the same footsteps and it is maddening to see. Call me cynical and pessimistic but this will prove to be a textbook example of the inherent flaw of a democratic government, namely short-sightedness.

    Politicians will claim that they have “solved” the housing crisis that are a direct result of uninhibited immigration from some of the worst shitholes on the planet but at what cost? If you thought Rosengård was bad, think again.

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  2. So… Can someone please explain how they intend to make the kids growing up in this environment productive members of society, rather than drug-peddling gangsters?

    I think race and ethnic group is irrelevant in a case like this; if you pack poor people together in shoeboxes in an area shunned by everyone else, the vast majority of the kids are doomed whether they’re black, arab or albino. It’s like purposefully engineered societal cancer.

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  3. Great article and you hit the nail on the head, its all about prestige. Sweden wants to look like a mighty humanitarian Country to the rest of the world by leting in anyone with a sob story.In reality once they are here they are neglected because there keeps comming more and more in greater numbers and the system cannot cope. Its not fair to them and its certainly not fair on the Swedish tax payer . The Governing elite dont care because its all about prestige.


  4. When people like Svante White say, they have had enough, it is very bad. Productive people out, non-productive people in. The thing is how a country could even recover, after the eventual collapse?

    Sweden will then have a lot of 3rd world ghettos. They will be in power making decisions or at least will have a sizable minority obstructing any reforms.


  5. Sweden does not face a housing crises. Far from it.
    Housing those millions of asylumseekers the next 20 years can be easily arranged in true marxist fashion.

    The average Swede lives rather luxuriosly in comfortable homes were more often than not a spare room or a section of the attic is available. The answer is ‘mandatory quartering’. Every Swedish houshold should, in true multicultural fashion, accept a few assylumseekers into their homes.
    Imagine the benefits of having a few gypsies or Somalians living with you. You get to learn a new language, you get to enjoy a variety of new dishes you never heard of before. They can even help you with household chores while you are away at work!

    Every red blooded Swede would jump at the opportunity to share his house and home with these unfortunate people.
    Of course there would be a few people who would object but they can be quickly cowered into submission by dragging them into court and accusing them of racism.

    This would be a great opportunity for the Swedish people to show the world how multicultural they realy are.

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    • I couldn’t agree more. I would recommend starting with the voting districts that score high on the leftist side, and particularly the white enclaves where the media and political elite lives.

      Suppose we set a limit of, say one immigrant per 400 sqft, rounded downward. So a normal 2000 sqft house would be assigned 5 people. These would then become the sole responsibility of the home owner to house, feed, clothe and help getting employed.

      I propose we give it a 12 month trial period, after which the success of the program is evaluated. If the residents of these select areas continue to insist on Sweden being the welfare office of the world, the program can be introduced to the population at large.


      • Sounds good but I dunno about the trial period. Good ole Joseph Stalin didn’t get to where he got by pussyfooting around. Why not go the whole hog? Implement the program nationwide in one fell swoop.
        This time next year that Mickey Mouse outfit they call a government can announce proudly to the world they have licked the housing problem and Sweden is ready to receive even more asylum-seekers.
        Maybe even a Nobel price?


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