Sweden facing “systemic collapse” in dealing with ISIS recruitment


The Swedish security police SÄPO, the first, last and only line of defense against the growing ISIS-threat, has just released it’s annual report for 2014.

The 84-page report (available as a translateable PDF here) covers Russian espionage, dignitary protection detail and other traditional tasks for this kind of government agency, but one area stands out: Counterterrorism and the surge of Sweden as a primary recruitment base for ISIS terrorists.

“In the past we’ve had issues with perhaps a dozen [Jihadists] over a span of several years, but now there’s suddenly hundreds joining ISIS in a short time period. And the growth curve is trending upwards,” says SÄPO spokesperson Johan Sjöö.

In a separate report from the counterterrorism unit released just a few days prior to the main annual report, it states: “The travel from Sweden to Syria and Iraq has become exceptionally voluminous.

Sweden has adopted an extreme immigration policy in recent years, where the tiny country of less than 10 million has only 2% of the EU population, yet accepts almost 20% of the total immigration volume to the Union. 

Despite the inflow have increased several times over in a few short years, the “red flags” by the immigration bureau remains fairly constant, observes reporter Per Gudmundson in newspaper Svenska Dagbladet. 

Gudmundson, one of the few sensible journalists who dares dipping his toe beyond the line of the politically correct, concludes the Swedish immigration system simply isn’t equipped to handle such vast volumes. As the caseload triples or quadruples, each case gets less in-depth screening for potential security hazards. And as the inflow continues to increase, the word “rubber-stamping” takes the place of “screening” altogether.

Of the more than 81 000 asylum applications as the Immigration Bureau received in 2014, they sent forth only 109 on referral to the security police. 24 of those cases hit paydirt, according to SÄPO.

“[…] we found links to terrorism or intelligence threats, which we judged that the person should not be granted asylum in Sweden. Then it is up to the Immigration Bureau to weigh that risk against the right to asylum. Many remain in the country,” Sjöö remarked.

Excuse me? Oh yes. In this country, even an internationally red-flagged terrorist can be granted asylum. By the bizarre Swedish logic, a person at risk of “inhumane” treatment or death sentence in his home country qualifies for protection. Last year I wrote an article in Daily Caller about two landmark court cases where regular thugs, convicted murderers, were granted asylum and lifetime welfare doleouts because their rightful prison sentences back home were deemed “too harsh”

And as for terrorists? Open doors and open hearts. Here’s an article from neighboring Denmark where they, for good reason, express grave concern over the extreme naivitee of Swedish immigration policy. At least 20 internationally known terrorists were granted asylum in Sweden in 2014 alone, which is a problem for Denmark too considering its capital Copenhagen being only 20 minutes away from Malmö, one of the immigrant hotbeds.

The capital of European ISIS recruitment remains Gothenburg, however. Sweden’s second largest town produces more ISIS-fighters than the entire United States. This baffling statement sounds made up, but it it’s not.

A pantry full of cannon fodder for ISIS” is the headline of this remarkably frank (by Swedish standards) article about the muslim-dominated no-go zones around Gothenburg. The headline is an actual quote by one of the residents of the area. I encourage you to use the translate-feature in your browser and read the article in its entirety for a chilling insight into the total meltdown of societal control of these areas.

When elementary schools have close to 100% immigrant children, and tykes that should be dreaming of becoming astronauts and firefighters instead talk about becoming ISIS martyrs when they grow up, you’re looking at a serious powder keg.

Indeed, Gudmunson summed it up pretty well in his article: “The security police call this a challenge. This isn’t a challenge. This is systemic collapse.”

7 thoughts on “Sweden facing “systemic collapse” in dealing with ISIS recruitment

  1. It is like cancer metastasizing. Sometimes with cancer patient can feel quite allright until the last few months while cancer is already all over the place. Sweden is like that.

    The collapse can be very fast and brutal. Already the house markets are clogged, the overall security situation worsening and the crime and unemployment rates very bad among immigrants. Sweden is adding “cancer cells” at the rate of about 80 000 per year.

    I think Sweden as society is at the brink after which the major elements of “folkhemmet” are starting to break apart really badly in many areas. It is a bit like a broken window theory. Keep the windows intact, keep the society intact but that point is close where those windows will not be kept intact anymore.

    The only way for Sweden to avoid that would be the start a purge bordering fascism. Any refugee unwilling to adapt to Sweden and Swedish culture should be deported. No exceptions. All immigrant serious criminals, even 2nd generation, should be deported to the homeland (of their parents). Any fool supporting Sharia law should be deported. That would mean a large scale deportation of at least 500 000 people.

    Otherwise, Sweden will be like Northern South Africa with snow. Fucked up leadership making things worse every year. Soon there will be no electricity for many townships in there. Paying bills and infrastructure maintenance are not very high in the list of priorities there among the black majority.

    Security fences in Sweden start going up soon big time. I feel so fucking sad to watch a neighbouring country go down like this. For what, for no reason at all! There is no war, no famine, no plague, no tsunami, nothing. Just utterly fucking stupid politician cows and their fucked up multiculty ideology!

    We have this term in Finland “riemuidiootti” which translates roughly to a jubilee idiot. A person who utterly refuses not only to see his actions are very fucking stupid but do it with great joy and zeal! That is what Swedish politicians are. “Saving” the world, absolutely ruining Sweden.

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