Increased tax subsidies for politically correct media

Tax money at work

On Dec 9 last year I translated a random snapshot of the biggest newspaper in Sweden. The headlines alone spoke for themselves. It was, simply put, an orgy of political correctness, obvious attempts at emotional manipulation and general national self-loathing. In other words, a typical Swedish newspaper on any given day.

As more and more readers are waking up to the fact that they’re being manipulated, the readership of practically all mainstream newspapers have dropped like a rock in recent years.

Swedish newspapers have seen the circulation decrease from almost 5 million in 1987 to 3 million now, with the trend even appearing to accelerate. The sharp drop in recent years coincides with the meteoric rise of nationalist party SD (5,7% in 2010, 12,9% in 2014, now polling at 18-19%) which may have something to do with the mainstream medias continuous smear campaigns against the party.

Of course, a big part the explanation for decreased newspaper circulation is also found in the digital revolution. By that I am not referring just to the online presence of traditional mainstream media (which they are primarily using as a cash cow focusing on glib entertainment and gossip).

No, the big Kahuna of the Swedish digital revolution is the broad rise of alternative web-based media that is increasingly taking the place of the MSM. And the reason is simple enough: People know for a fact that they get half the truth (at best) in the newspaper; to get the full story you HAVE to go online and see what the regular journalists left out.

Three examples:

1. A black man and his toddler son was attacked on an overpass by a group of young men. The man was severely beaten in front of his child and the gang tried to toss him off the overpass into the traffic below. “RACIST ATTACK!!” bellowed the newspapers, once again wringing their hands over the rise of white supremacists in Sweden.

Yes, it was a racially motivated hate crime. But the attackers were arabs and the white supremacists were once again fictional. This became evident within hours of the incident once citizen-reporters got the facts from police, but Swedish newspapers to this day make references to the attack as a white-on-black hate crime.

“Afrophobia” to blame for the hate crime. Let’s march against whitey!

The victim himself says the perps were also non-white. Oops.
Note that the “afrophobia” march was announced two days after the victim made the statement above.

2. The famous mosque fire in Eskilstuna this past christmas, where word of a white supremacist throwing a molotov cocktail into a packed mosque echoed across the world as a chilling example of how the nice Swedes had inexplicably embraced “Islamocide”. Mainstream media whipped up a frenzy with the implicit point aimed at anyone voting SD, with citizen candle marches, “love bombings” (Don’t ask. It’s facepalm-inducing.) and public condemnation by leading politicians with culture minister Alice Bah Kunkhe snagging top price by shrieking about “hate crimes” before the police had barely set foot on the scene.

Again, within hours information started seeping out about the hard facts, and soon it became increasingly obvious it was a kitchen fire out of control. But someone had chosen to claim a phantom arsonist was to blame, and not a single person stepped forward to admit that it wasn’t a hate crime when the media storm raged. Instead, the imam used the opportunity to wail about islamophobia and revel in the victim-hood.

This was known by all who, for example, read independent news site Fria Tider. They interviewed the lead police investigator, who confirmed there were no signs of the fire being intentional just a few days after the incident. But the regular newspapers kept on beating the hate crime-drum in utter disregard for reality, and even today – when the case is firmly closed and deemed entirely accidental – the papers continue to refer to it as “proof” that muslims are persecuted.

3. A Swedish woman was brutally gang-raped by eight men on an overnight cruise between Stockholm and Helsinki a month ago. “Swedish Men” were the perpetrators, according to the newspapers. They illustrated the story by using phantom silhouettes rather than actual images, with the silhouettes bearing clearly nordic facial profiles.

Once again, the truth was just a click away. The men were Somali and Afghani citizens, not Swedes. One would think that the regular reporters would have reacted to the fact that the police had to wait for translators before they could interrogate the perps, but why let such petty details derail a good horror-story about the evil of white Swedish men?

“Eight Swedish Men…” 

Aftonbladet vs. Reality

“Prosecutor: Aftonbladet is lying, the rapists are not Swedish.”

These were just a few recent examples where the actual facts are readily verifiable for anyone with 2 minutes to spare, but the traditional media players naively insist on playing the readers for fools. In the age of Internet, it’s like a child with strawberry jam all over his clothes and face trying to convince the parents it was the dog and not him who made off with the jar.

So… People are deserting traditional media in droves to get their information online instead. This is causing the media and the political elite to panic. How to keep the propaganda flowing, when fewer and fewer are willing to pay to have their intelligence insulted? Why, force them to pay for it anyway through the tax system, of course.

Culture minister Alice Bah Kunkhe has announced she’s fast-tracking an overhaul of the media subsidy-system. The motivation: “…[this initiative] can be seen an acknowledgment that the parties jointly agree to take responsibility in an acute crisis for a central part of our democracy.” 
That would be the political parties that created an anti-democratic cartel for the explicit purpose of locking out SD, the third largest (and soon to be second largest) party in parliament. 
As part of the reform package, they’re abolishing the parliamentary assigned press support council, and instead leave the doling out of tax funds to the Swedish equivalent of the FCC. This is a non-parliamentary government organ, where the decision-making process is opaque and the political control tighter. It may have something to do with how the aforementioned Fria Tider, one of the foremost alternative media sites, qualified for government support under the previous rules. I’m going to go out on a limb and predict that Fria Tider just might see that support revoked before long.
Meanwhile, Culture minister Bah Kunkhe just last week appointed known anti-SD activist Anette Novak as the head of a new task force on shaping “Media Policy of the Future”. She is openly hostile towards alternative web media, and was previously the editor in chief of leftist newspaper Norran where she enforced unprecedented censorship and has publically debated for broad measures to shut down the ability for readers to comment on news stories.

So… That sounds like a fine choice for a task force supposed to evaluate “…the public’s need for comprehensive information and the individual’s ability to be democratically involved”. Furthermore, “the proposals [from the group] should aim at promoting the possibilities for the public to take part of journalism that is characterized by diversity, balanced news reporting, quality and specialization”. 

Since they’ve already adopted George Orwell’s Newspeak, why not implement the Ministry of Truth outright and be done with it?



5 thoughts on “Increased tax subsidies for politically correct media

  1. Why don’t the other news outlets pounce on the opportunity to steal market share when a competitor is caught with an obvious lie? With cutbacks everywhere, it seems like a smart move to strengthen the own paper, if for no other reason to secure your own continued employment.


    • They depend on state subsidies, which they would lose if they failed to toe the politically correct line. Sweden does not have a free media market.


  2. Welcome to socialist hell… Have they begun sending dissenter to “re-education camps” yet, or are they still working out the logistics for that.

    I’m only half-kidding.


  3. My conclusion is that Sweden will crash economically within 10 years. Meanwhile, the native Swedes will start immigrating more and more elsewhere. We might even see more Swedes in Finland, in the Swedish speaking west coast towns.

    10 years from now there will be another million mouths to feed and support, thanks to the open border refugee policies. The Swedish elite cult is going totally beserk, destroying Sweden with their insane policies. I’d bet SD will get 30 percent of votes someday.

    I’d bet there will be soon even terrorist acts because so many Swedes are shut out of political decision making because of that dirty backroom deal to keep SD out.

    This kind of government support for RightThink and GoodSpeak is what is expected from them in their delusions. The reality is biting too harshly and they do anything to keep their wonderland dream alive.


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