Swedish children’s movies “too white”

Sweden has made it a point of pride to lead the way in the holy crusade for political correctness, with special attention being paid to the proper indoctrination of the country’s children.

Last month I wrote about the government-mandated “gender-adjusted” history books coming soon. The minister of education, Gustav Fridolin, simply summoned the major school book publishers to declare that they had to adjust their books to fit the correct doctrine rather than be held back by petty details like hard facts. With the government being their primary customer, the publishers were giddy with excitement and enthusiasm.

Prior to that you may have seen the odd note about the traditional Swedish children’s books being censored. Pippi Longstocking’s father is no longer an African king (colonialism!) and Peter-no-tail has had any references to race edited out, to mention a few of the internationally known titles affected by the inquisition.

Now the turn has come for Swedish children’s movies to get whipped into politically correct shape. And what better way to do this than to appoint a children’s movie czar? Seriously. The tax-funded Film Institute has appointed radical leftist Suzanne Osten to oversee the distribution of grants that are a necessity for most movies produced in Sweden (with less than 10 million Swedish speakers, the market for domestically produced children’s movies is so tiny practically all are dependent on grants and freebies in some form).

Suzanne Osten

Osten states that she thinks the vast majority of today’s children’s movies are vapid family entertainment without a “proper” child’s perspective. Thus, she is fully intent on bringing “quality” to the medium. Specifically, she wants to see less white faces on the screen, since most of the actors in Swedish movies are – and this is absolutely true – lily-white. Imagine that! So is the general population, but that is beside the point. 

Well, I for one am glad know that yet another ham-fisted government lackey is going to get involved in the proper upbringing of the kids. And who knew that skin pigmentation, in and by itself, was such a boost to overall quality? 

Denzel Washington is one of my favorite actors. I always gave him credit for, well, being a good actor, but I can see now that he had nothing to do with it, since it was all thanks to his skin. The things you learn in this enlightened country!

A great actor. But the credit isn’t his own, apparently.

But what I really can’t wait for is Osten and her cadre to lecture China or India on their shameful lack of diversity in domestically produced movies.

5 thoughts on “Swedish children’s movies “too white”

  1. Diversity for the sake of diversity is just stupid. And the kids are smart enough to recognize this for the kind of lecturing BS it is, so this will only lead to the next generation being even more cynical.


  2. The truly comical part of it all is how these do-gooders completely fail at realizing just how much they show their own racial prejudice when they make skin color the end-all, be-all factor. And as stated in the article, it also robs all good black actors of the respect they have earned, by simply reducing them to interchangeable placeholders representing their race.


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