Making the world your enemy

When the new Swedish government took their seats last fall, they were universally slammed for, well, being utterly incompetent in every conceivable way. 

Times of Israel dubbed it “The Donald Duck government” and I have taken more than a few shots at it myself for it’s Islamist Housing minister, the Environment minister who started off with getting busted as a criminally irresponsible eco-fiend, a former illegal immigrant who simply refused to leave and eventually spun it into not only permanent residence but also made a lucrative political career out of it… Well, I think you’re starting to get the picture here.

The head of the Disney gang is Stefan Löfven, an uneducated welder that even dropped out of welding school, yet now is entrusted with running the country. When he started out right out of the gate by recognizing Palestine, it was obvious this was going to be a bumpy ride. 

A few weeks ago he met with president Abbas and bumbled about in what he probably thought was a statesman-like manner. Abbas kept a straight face, possibly because Löfven increased the annual financial support by 50%

Meanwhile, the Swedish population is considerably more luke-warm about the whole Palestine-deal, and just might have liked that money to be used for the crumbling educational system or overburdened healthcare system, but what do they know? This is charity with other people’s money — the pinnacle of righteousness according to socialists.

Besides wasting tax money that will almost certainly be funneled to Hamas, this deliberate undermining of Israel’s position in the region led to a diplomatic crisis with both Israel and USA. Add the lack of action to counter the rise of imported anti-semitism through the massive muslim immigration (Obama just today announced he is sending his anti-semitism envoy to Malmö — again! Second time in three years!) and you can see why things are a little frosty.

Then there’s this little thing with the Swedish trade agreement with Saudi Arabia. The agreement has been running for ten years and is up for renewal in May. Saudi Arabia is a big and important trade partner for Sweden, while Sweden is a little gnat to Saudi Arabia. So of course, the Lefties are up in arms over the fact that the trade agreement include military grade radar systems and demand the agreement be terminated.

In what I can only assume was an attempt to appease the Leftists at home while keeping the trade agreement, foreign minister Wallström was sent out to publicly bark her head off over the awful, awful Saudis. Oddly, she was also supposed to be a speaker at the upcoming Arab League summit this year, although I have a hard time imagining what a white, privileged airhead politician from Sweden would have to add at a conference with 22 muslim countries that live by shariah laws.

The Löfven government probably thought they could get away with it, what with having been so nice to Palestine. Except Wallström was promptly booted from the speaker list at the summit and the Arab League issued a joint condemnation of Wallström. To save face, Löfven today announced he’s cancelling the trade agreement. A tremendous blow to Sweden’s credibility as a trade partner and likely thousands of lost jobs in Sweden; the Sauds are probably already being courted by the Chinese.

In a stunning feat of multi-tasking, Löfven the very same day also managed to piss off Russia even further by visiting Kiev in Ukraine and meeting with president Porosjenko. This coming at the heels of foreign minister Wallström’s harsh and widely discussed article where she basically declared Russia to be scum.

It should be noted that Sweden is located a short distance from Russia just across the Baltic Sea, is not a member of NATO, has essentially disassembled its military for budgetary reasons, and is unable to even scramble a few jets to intercept when the Russians are practicing bombing runs on Swedish soil.

Even traditionally good neighbor Denmark is unhappy, primarily because of Sweden’s utterly irresponsible immigration policy. With the capital of Denmark only 20 minutes from Malmö, the lax background checks of new arrivals makes them quite nervous about Jihadists pouring into Denmark by way of Sweden. 

The fears are not unfounded; the Swedish immigration bureau admits that at least 20 known terrorists, internationally wanted for crimes against humanity, were granted asylum during 2014. The logic is that they risk facing justice if returned to their home countries, and since that justice is actual punishments rather than the coddling seen in the Swedish penal system, they cannot be sent back. So they get to go free and live off the taxpayer’s dime in Sweden.

I wish I was joking or exaggerating. Here is an example of a real-life case I wrote about last year, where a regular criminal, a convicted murderer, was granted asylum for the simple reason it’d be “inhumane” to send him back to what Swedes consider substandard prison.

But I digress. The point here is that the new Swedish government has barely been in office for 6 months, and has already managed to piss off:

  • Israel
  • USA
  • Russia
  • The 22 Arab countries of Asia and Africa
  • Denmark

Last year I joked that it wouldn’t be long until Löfven and his merry band of Stooges declared war on Australia. Now I’m starting to wonder if he just might accomplish that before his term is up.

Prime Minister Löfven performing his public duties


7 thoughts on “Making the world your enemy

    • Yes, the left is totally breaking down everything we have built up in the last 100 -years.

      I am old and will manage on my savinga, but all sensible people are worried for their children.


  1. Hey, don’t worry about pissing off the USA! Becoming an enemy of America is the only way to receive favorable treatment from Obama.
    If your leaders will just publicly denounce the “racist American imperialists” or something like that, he might send you a billion dollars to build housing for your imported jihadists.

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  2. Good article, it sums up the situation here in Sweden quite well. But I would like to point out that the current government is socialist… and that the last government was social-liberal even though not great it was substantially better than the current one.


  3. This is not exactly off topic – just another chapter on Sweden Strange. We were sent this and will be posting it, but thought you might like to see/use it, too.

    Here’s the original piece by Swedish writer Julia Caesar, posted at the Danish blog, Snaphanen:

    The poor character and lack of integrity of the Western press as a whole is remarkably similar, all based on “consensus” and “following the narrative” – a transglobal band of jackals. I have taken to calling them “jornolists” in keeping with what some of them called themselves in that infamous email group that was exposed a few years back. Their work was akin to price fixing in industry and if the world were a just place they’d have been fined and fired.

    Fat chance.

    We found out the hard way, up close and personal, when the whole country of Norway scapegoated our friend, Fjordman, for what that mass murderer, Breivik, did. For a long time they hounded us but there was nothing they could do when we simply refused to talk to them. What polite, friendly, and disingenuous emails they’d send. They reminded me of stalkers.

    Even after he (Breivik) sent out letters to major media in the U.S. and Norway, bragging that he’d simply used the counterjihad people to hide his true neo-nazi beliefs – i.e., his real colors – they didn’t publish his new information. It didn’t fit their narrative.

    As Caroline Glick said when Norway’s PM defended Hamas’ murderous behavior towards Israel, it’s a totalitarian democracy (thus introducing me to a writer I’d not heard of before then).


    At one time Norway was the only Western country that hadn’t condemned Hamas; whether or not its immoral support of this terrorism is still solitary is uncertain. Obama’s contrived stance vis-a-vis terrorists in MENA has changed the situation.

    Most Western countries are coming to resemble totalitarian democracies. Soviets. We can’t say that de Tocqueville didn’t warn us.



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