Sweden’s “good” racism

The word “racist” has been a popular silver bullet for Leftists to silence conservatives for years now, pretty much no matter what the topic is. It can be applied to everything from foreign policy to popular entertainment, which has led to the word being so washed up and diluted that it means pretty much nothing anymore.

Here in Sweden, it is considered perfectly reasonable for a white Leftist person to tell a colored person that he is racist if he does not go with the generally accepted doctrine. It’s Orwellian newspeak at it’s finest. At this point, accusations of racism carries about the same general gist as when kids say: “You’re a doodyhead! Shut up!”

By contrast, real racism is something completely different. It is the belief that groups of people carry a set of distinct qualities based on skin pigmentation and other factors from that group. The Nazis were big on this kind of “scientific” categorization of people, and Sweden has some murky chapters in these regards as well.

The Swedish state institute for race biology was founded in 1922. It studied and documented the perceived racial markers, and actually carried out some 63,000 forced sterilizations of “undesireable” elements of society to maintain racial purity. While the institute was folded into Uppsala university’s genetics dept in 1958, the forced sterilization program remained in effect until 1975. No joke.

With a recent history of such chilling events, one would think that it’d serve as a safeguard against similar ideas of race biology popping up again anytime soon. Not so. The concept is making a smashing comeback, except this time it’s carried out by “the good guys” in the belief that they are promoting multiculturalism.

Swedish public service media SVT recently launched a big campaign to map out and categorize the ethnicity of the decision makers of the biggest Swedish corporations. The idea is to expose those with “insufficient” number non-whites and non-Swedish sounding names and shame them into making amends.

“In order to investigate their ethnic background, we have read resumes, looked at the photos and made ​​other research. In doubtful cases we have also checked with the individuals themselves,” SVT stated as its research methodology.

Tove Lifvendahl, political editor at newspaper Svenska Dagbladet and of Asian descent herself, pointed out that this is a well-intentioned but very slippery slope that ends up back where skulls are being measured again. Because how else will you properly classify all those troublesome half-breeds and non-standard mutts? We need order, discipline and proper data to categorize people, damnit!

Then there’s the shaky assumption that racial multitude is a goal onto itself and an automatic benefit. I’d say that assumption reduces people to interchangeable representatives for their ethnical group rather than respect people’s individual qualities. If Mohammed is the best person for the job, it’s a shame if he is kept out of the board because of his name. But it’s just as big of a shame if Anders is the best person for the job, yet the job is given to Rashid where his main function is to be condecendingly patted on the head and paraded in front of the cameras as a symbol of political correctness. 

Alice Teodorescu, also a conservative writer and immigrant, wrote: “I would like to know which particular unique skills we immigrants possess because of our foreign surname or pigments?”

Others are quite enthusiastic about it. Tobias Hübinette, head of the “critical whiteness studies” at Södertörns Högskola, gives the effort a resounding thumbs-up. He is an immigrant with multiple convictions for violent felonies and made his stance on race quite clear in Creol magazine:

“Let the white race […] perish in blood and suffering!”

To put this guy in charge of any kind of educational seat regarding racial matters makes about as much sense as appointing a KKK grand dragon an immigration bureau judge. Who knows, perhaps it’s just me.

But the Swedish government thinks this is great stuff! Culture minister Alice Bah Kunkhe is leading the way by appointing a group of radical-leftist, racist man-haters as the gatekeepers to all positions serving under the department of culture. The idea is to expand this to all government departments over time.

The group is named Rättviseförmedlingen, roughly translated to the “Fairness Service”. It is run by a woman named Seher Yilmaz. A year and a half ago she wrote the article below, entitled: “Men gives me dry heaves”. 

“Men gives me dry heaves”

Somehow, I am glad I’m not a middle-aged heterosexual white male trying to get any jobs for the culture department in Sweden. If Beethoven was alive he might, just might, land a five-minute slot during daytime TV. After the gay muslim rapping woman has had her two-hour slot, of course.

Oh, and by the way, this is a picture of women’s-rights, anti-sexism crusader Alice Bah Kunkhe herself:

Sweden’s minister of culture in Okej magazine


12 thoughts on “Sweden’s “good” racism

  1. Seriously… What happened to Sweden? I remember thinking it must be like paradise when I was a kid. These days, it seems like it is the pinnacle of feminazi idiocy. How do Swedes put up with this shit??


    • Most of them accept it because the Government and media tell them it is good and unfortunately most Swedes lack critical thinking and do not think outside the box. Besides lets dance is on the TV.


  2. Tobias Hübinette was also employed at “Multicultural Center” which recieves millions of krona in support from the Swedish government and he was tasked with mapping “afrophobia” in Sweden back in 2013 by the Minister for Integration, Erik Ullenhag.

    He is also known for the following quotes.

    “it is pedophilia which drives white people to marry Asian women” (MANA, mr 2/2005)

    “International adoption can be likened to the trans-atlantic slave trade” (Magasinet Arena, 2003)

    “To feel or even think that the white race is inferior in every thinkable way is natural when you consider its history and current actions. Let the white race perish in blood and suffering. Long live the multicultural, race-mixed, and classless ecological society! Long live anarchy!” – (Creol, 1996)

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  3. Not sure I get this though… The vast majority of Swedish culture-workers are white. And leftist. But now the leftist politics dictate that they, personally, are to be placed at the bottom of the list for all types of jobs and gigs.

    Shouldn’t basic self-preservation instinct kick in for these people? Why persist in pushing for a real, tangible discrimination against themselves when the very livelihood is on the line?


    • I’d venture to say a it’s a combination.

      1. Culture-types are supposed to “not care” about money. It’s bogus, but they have to stick to that line.
      2. A belief that they, personally, are so great and generally indispensable, that their jobs are unthreatened.
      3. The Swedish welfare system still manages to provide a living, which makes it not that serious to go on the dole.
      4. Good ol’ fashioned lack of logical thinking skills.


  4. I would say that Sweden is fated to become the San Francisco, Las Vegas, Berlin of the west and that anal sex in the streets is just around the corner, except that situation already exists doesn’t it?

    Sweden has fallen, there is no “coming back from this” short of a K-Type revolution and the working Swede is too impoverished and marginalized by decades of r-type propaganda to carry out the needed cleansing.


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