Swedish employment office recruiting for ISIS


The Swedish national employment office has been running an extensive “establishment pilot” program for years, where the thousands of new arrivals from MENA each week are supposedly being helped find jobs. The tax-funded pilot services are often carried out by countrymen on a consultant-basis with the intent of bridging the gap into Swedish society.

Now the employment office has been forced to do an emergency shutdown because it turns out the consultants have been more focused on scams, recruiting for ISIS and setting up Swedish terror cells than finding jobs. The program has been in effect since 2010 and has been heavily criticized since the start, but this tax-funded debacle sowing the seeds of societal destruction has been allowed to run unchecked until now.

“The problems became numerous and also directly criminal. The magnitude of the whole thing is organized crime, intimidation, trafficking and extortion. People are trading registered addresses to enable welfare fraud and generally cheating the whole system,” says employment office director Mikael Sjöberg.

“We have indications that there has been recruitment attempts and contact situations to various violent fighting groups. It’s not a question of employment agency to investigate, but in such times, we leave it to the security police SÄPO.”

According to news site Fria Tider, the cost for this service was 4,3 billion SEK in 2014 — a not insignificant chunk of the total 865 billion budget.

But… At least the plug has been pulled on the program, and the “consultants” now have to go back to recruiting pro bono.

I still can’t help wondering about the Swedish employment office in Africa (!) though…


8 thoughts on “Swedish employment office recruiting for ISIS

  1. Sweden like other European countries seems intent on committing cultural suicide. The Sweden Democrats could have saved Sweden but they have been frozen out of polite society.


  2. […] Rohrkrepierer: Das schwedische Arbeitsamt hatte ein ausgedehntes Pilotprogramm aufgelegt, mit dem tausenden Islamisten geholfen werden sollte Arbeit zu finden, damit sie nicht zum IS ziehen. Die Dienste wurden oft von Landsleuten dieser Muslime als Honorarkräfte geleistet. Der Dienst musste jetzt abgeschafft werden – die Konsultationskräfte hatten aktiv für den IS rekrutiert! […]


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