Sweden’s alternative explanations for Jihadist shootings

Swedish police guarding a Jewish preschool in Malmö

Following the Charlie Hebdo massacre and the recent Copenhagen shootings, most countries in Europe are waking up to the fact that the Jihadist threat is real and are taking precautions. In Sweden, the main issue appears to be how to stick to the established agenda when these displays of barbaric violence pops up like a Jack in the Box from hell.

It seems most politicians and mainstream media profiles have chosen a two-pronged approach:

1. Express generic shock and outrage, with a wide condemnation of all forms of violence and extremism. Once the focus has shifted from the actual perpetrators to “extremists” in general, it’s time for step two:
2. Once again start painting a picture of extremist white supremacists being the number one threat to the fabric of society. Because hey, they have to do SOMETHING to appear decisive, but the political doctrine prevents them from cracking down on any other grouping than nazis.

Thus: The logical response to a fanatical Jihadist firing a machine gun at a “blasphemous” free speech event is to put more resources into keeping tabs on the white supremacists. It’s like responding to a flood warning by bringing out a water hose preparing for a forest fire.

Then there are those who just go all-out and jump into loony land with both feet.

FI leader Gudrun Schyman, wearing hijab in support of sharia

I have written about the new Feminist Party (FI) before, which currently hold seats in many municipalities and are dangerously close to reaching the 4%-threshold of getting into parliament. While I generally try to be respectful and keep good tone towards those with different political views than myself, it becomes difficult when it is obvious party leader Gudrun Schyman uses her skull to house a family of inbred squirrels with a severe drug habit.

The core cause for terrorism, she says, is that they’re men.

Heavy over-representation of men in violence” is a baffling piece of writing published on state-owned public service SVT. It appears alongside real articles on the Copenhagen shooting as if it was a perfectly legit contribution rather than something that belong in a tabloid featuring the scoop on Elvis’ and Miss Bigfoot’s upcoming wedding.

A few excerpts:

“[We must combat] the raised voices that argue that the threat comes from ‘outside’ and should be solved by increased border controls and increased police action. The problem in our society is not immigration, the problem is racism.

The problem is not the Jewish population, the problem is anti-Semitism. The problem is not the Muslim population, the problem is Islamophobia.

To respond to acts of terror by escalating violence and increasing militarization of the police force would lead to a vicious circle in which violence begets more violence.”

“We need to analyze how the violence in our lives even when it explodes in acts of terrorism.

All the facts show that men, especially young men aged 15-29 years, are over-represented in the assault and sexual offences. The same is true for terrorist crimes. Men are over-represented.”

“Men’s heavy over-representation in violence indicates that the socialization of boys is a part of the problem. Beliefs about masculinity are closely linked with violence, militarism and the nation.”

The eventual conclusion is that the country needs to fight terror by taking bold and decisive action in:

1. Maintaining open borders
2. Neuter and wussify the police force even further
3. Indoctrinate all boys to think like girls

A significant percentage of the Swedish journalists vote for this woman, and give her tons of free promotion through a steady stream of fawning, uncritical media appearances. I welcome you to run the full article through your browser translator for a revealing insight into what happens when political correctness rots the brain all the way to the core.

There really are people that operate on this level, and they have a mainstream media monopoly to make their voices heard. Perhaps then it’ll make more sense when you read “normal” news in the Swedish Pravda.


6 thoughts on “Sweden’s alternative explanations for Jihadist shootings

  1. It is really telling that culture minister Alice Bah Kunkhe was attending a workshop on how white supremacists threatens free speech at the same time an islamist was attacking a swedish culture worker at a free speech seminar in copenhagen.


    • Oh yes, it’s true. And the classic Pippi Longstocking stories about her dad being a king of people blessed with heightened skin pigmentation getting censored is also true. Same with a kind of chocolate-coconut pastries that have been banned by all righteous PC-fanatics because they conjured up blasphemous terminology. Welcome to loony land.


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