Copenhagen shootings increase Scandinavian tensions


Just weeks after the Charlie Hebdo massacre in Paris, a gunman opened fire with an automatic weapon at a free speech-event in Copenhagen killing one and injuring three. The big name of the event was Swedish artist Lars Vilks, who has been living under death threats and secret service protection for eight years since creating a “blasphemous” image of the Prophet.

Danish police believes the gunman was targeting Vilks, and that he was the same shooter who later attacked a synagogue killing another person. The man was killed in a gunfight with police early this morning. More details will be forthcoming during the day, but at this time everything points to the same twisted hate that set the stage for the Paris massacre.

It seems twisted hate is coming from all directions now. Just this friday, three white supremacists were arrested outside the offices of newspaper Expressen. Fortunately, police were able to intercept them before anyone was hurt, but it is widely believed the attempt was in response to an expose of prominent female figures in the shady neo-nazi underworld.

BUT… This is not to be confused with the previous smear campaign by Expressen. A crew of extreme leftists made up by convicted violent felons hacked personal information of those opposed to the open-border immigration policy, and the newspaper happily hung lots of people out to dry for their political convictions. One person is dead and many more have been severely harassed as a direct result that campaign.

That’s the same criminal group that is now providing newspaper Aftonbladet with hacked personal information for their currently running campaign against private citizens. Simply put, the tiny percentage actual racists (i.e. people of the manifestly insane idea that people of certain skin color are superior than others) are used as justification to set up huge databases of sensitive, personal information of the 98% who are not racist, but simply disagree with the current political situation.

To make matters worse, the group is openly bragging about the vast expanses of personal data they have acquired, and make no secret that they intend to use it for blackmail and public shaming. “We’re the Swedish STASI!” they happily bragged on Twitter. It’s like handing a loaded machine gun to an ape.

The justification for this blatant breach of all standards for integrity is that they have registered as a “journalistic research agency” and now make good money selling illegally obtained personal information to whoever wants to cause harm to anyone disagreeing with their leftist views. The media and the law turns a blind eye, because hey, it’s just soulless orcs deserving whatever they get.

I’m no psychologist, but I’ll go out on a limb and claim that it’s this kind of thing that drives MORE people to become radicalized. If you can’t trust authorities to shield you from invasion of privacy and even physical harm, you get angry and disillusioned. And easy bait for secretive “defense leagues” that talk about protecting you from the bad guys, but in reality is just a front for the true extreme right forces. If you keep yelling “Racist!” at people long enough, eventually some of them will step up to meet your projection.

So, besides the rapidly growing number of ISIS-returnees biding their time in Swedish sleeper cells, we have a lovely cocktail of bad stuff going on:
Imported hate against muslims carried out by immigrant christians fleeing the middle east, hate against jews carried out by immigrant muslims from the middle east, leftists blaming everything on “racists,” but thanks to their collateral damage-rate of 98% or so only succeeding in turning otherwise decent young native Swedes to the dark side of true racism and bigotry.

Sweden is rapidly turning into a pressure cooker. I fear for what will happen when the first major act of terrorism goes off here.

UPDATE: Swedish press is now blaming Vilks for the attack.

Screen capture from newspaper Expressen:


Underlined: “The Swede’s drawings of the Prophet Muhammad’s face has now claimed a life in Denmark”

Not to be outdone, newspaper Aftonbladets main stories below:


Headline left: “Vilks raises fury – across the globe”

Headline right: “The police officers pointed their machine guns at us”

Way to put the focus on a barbaric act of terrorism that has claimed two lives so far: blaming the victim and criticizing police for following standard procedure in a dangerous situation.


6 thoughts on “Copenhagen shootings increase Scandinavian tensions

    • Poor information by regular media combined with a naive conviction the world can’t possibly be THAT bad. Add centuries of peaceful cooperation engrained in the local culture, and enough people believe the malarkey about a tiny country of 10 million being able to save the entire world.


  1. The “first major act of terrorism.” Wasn’t that the assassination of Prime Minister Olof Palme in 1986? Although a low-life drug addict was initially convicted, other sources (e.g., German-language “Focus” news publication) have implicated the former Yugoslavian Secret Service ( in this killing, and the drug addict was released upon appeal.


    • Good question. The investigation was botched from square one and the facts of the case are as clouded and controversial as the JFK assassination. Supposedly, Christer Pettersson (the drug addict) confessed to the murder on his deathbed to childhood friend Gert Fylking, in which case there was no real political dimension to it but just the work of a lone madman. On the other hand, the “lone madman” gambit has been prominently featured in political assassinations throughout history. Bottom line is, we just don’t know the true story.


  2. Now the swedish media is full of idiots demanding increased protection of mosques and synagogues — against right wing extremists.

    What planet do these people live on? Wait, i know: The white enclave of Södermalm in Stockholm.


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