Pegida in Sweden


It is said one picture is worth a thousand words. This picture was taken by the No Pegida-movement at the first Pegida rally in Sweden held last night in Malmö.

The couple dozen standing peacefully in the middle are the actual Pegida-people demonstrating against sharia laws in Europe.

The 4000 standing around them hurling insults, firecrackers and other objects being forcefully held back by the police to prevent them from ripping the Pegida-demonstrators to bits are the “good guys”.

According to the media and the government, it is the handful in the middle that are a tremendous threat to people surrounding them as well as the fabric of society itself.

If you look carefully you will find a pink Feminist Party-banner (FI) amongst all the red communist flags, where self-proclaimed women’s rights activists are thus demonstrating in favor of sharia laws.

The St Petri church next to the event participated in the anti-pegida, pro-sharia protest by ringing the church bells with the explicit intent to disrupt the Pegida-speakers.


11 thoughts on “Pegida in Sweden

    • woaaaaah bro, being an anti-fascist does not necessarily mean one is pro-sharia, and being a socialist does not mean one agrees with the loose immigration laws currently in place. Only fascists see the world as “Us vs. Them”, and you know what we do to fascists in Europe? Castrate them!


  1. Can hardly wait until Sweden is taken over by Muslims, just to be an example of the end results of the psychotic ideas of multiculturalism and leftist progressive lunacy . At least we will have some pretty swedish women as refugees here in the USA


    • There are many contenders for the title of “Champion Hypocrite” but I have to say the feminists must be awarded it. No contest. Femen can bare their breasts in Western countries but in Muslim ones they dare not bare their faces. Feminists moan and cry about “patriarchy” and its horrors but they would be whipped in public in some Islamic countries for being “caught” just sitting in a car with a man not their husband or a family member. This does not phase the feminists.


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