Swedish police further neutered

“Dialogue police” sent forth to grill hot dogs with the rioters and convince them to see the errors of their way. I am not making this up. This is real in Sweden. Google it!

The police officers of the future are facing steep challenges, as the criminal gangs continue to gain ground in Swedish society and keep getting better armed by the day. But new recruits should be mostly concerned with not stepping on any cultural or ethnical toes, apparently.

Starting this month, police training has moved from the old Stockholm Police Academy to a place called Södertörns Högskola. This “school” is known for many things. One of them is the principal Moira Wright’s infamous thesis “Gender and Text”, in which she argues that hard, scientific facts are “patriarchical” in nature and should be disregarded in favor of gender-correct theories whenever the two collide.

In what can only be a complete coincidence, Södertörn also consistently ranks at the absolute bottom of all institutes of higher learning in the country.

The school has also gained some notoriety for trying to revive the “race biology” concept, in which groups of people are assumed to have certain qualities based on the skin color. The Nazis were kind of big on this bulls**t, as you may recall. Of course, this time it’s “whiteness studies” being put forth as the focus, where all white people have a given share of guilt for all ills in history and should be condemned accordingly. The program is led by Tobias Hubinette, an immigrant with multiple convictions for violent hate crimes against whites (summary and court docs linked here). A 1996 quote from newspaper Creol sums up his ideology pretty well:

“Let the white race […] perish in blood and suffering!”

Perhaps not surprisingly, Södertörn is also ground zero for the politically correct journalists of tomorrow. The result is obvious to anyone used to balanced news reporting. This translated and analyzed sample from a regular Swedish newspaper last month doesn’t require further explanation of the phenomena of which I speak. Remember, this is the country where journalists can seriously claim that the Ferguson looting was “the evolution of democracy“.

So, as of last week, this is the esteemed seat of higher learning that will teach the police officers of tomorrow how to deal with well-armed gangs. The focus will be cultural sensitivity, gender awareness and other “enlightened” soft studies. But there will be a little bit of real police training too, principal Wright assures us as an afterthought.

“There will be shooting ranges, and there will be practice rooms for both bank robbery and… Everything you can imagine!” (Direct quote)

The same day she said that, the Stockholm Västerort police department announced they are replacing all vehicle windshields with super-hardened glass as the kids in the “exclusion areas” amuse themselves by hurling rocks at the patrol cars whenever they enter. In the linked video above, officer Erik Hasselrot describes one such recent attack in Husby.

“We managed to get our arms up to protect our eyes [when the rocks smashed the windshield] … But then we had to leave the area and call for reinforcements. We couldn’t drive our vehicle.”

Well, at least the young ones settle for just throwing rocks and chasing off the police officers on foot.


6 thoughts on “Swedish police further neutered

  1. Unreal. How much vigilante justice is there in Sweden? Because it seems like the police barely functions as it is, and eventually self preservation instinct kicks in.

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    • Not as much as you would think, at least not yet. Bear in mind that guns are illegal, so the only armed people here are the criminals. There are reports of smaller communities on the countryside taking the law into their own hands when traveling thieves keep nicking diesel fuel, lawnmowers etc. without the police doing more than taking notes and immediately closing the case due to “lack of resources”.

      Interestingly, it’s only when the neighbors band together to defend their property that it becomes a “prioritized issue” — with the neighbors being the villains. Then no effort is spared to clamp down on the lawbreakers (the neighbors) and prosecute them to the full extent of the law.

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      • It would seem then that the only recourse left is for the neighbors to band together against the ‘law enforcers” and show them that there will be hell to pay no matter what side they choose to prosecute.


  2. Why does that kind of “school” even exist? How does it receive public funding? Translating the scientific newspaper article, it should be obvious to anyone a communist hellhole like that should be shut down posthaste.


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