Synagogue to be fenced in to repel antisemites


The few remaining Jews in Malmö are subjected to increasing levels of harassment, and the town’s synagogue has been the target for various hate crimes and vandalism despite hiring private security guards.

Now things are getting so bad the congregation reveals they’re in the final stages for getting approval by the city to erect a sturdy fence around the building to deter further attacks.

“This is not nice,” says Jehoshua Kaufman, head of the Jewish congregation. “It would be much better to not need the fence and the guards. But there is a clear threat to the congregation members and the building.”

Malmö is Sweden’s third largest town and has had massive immigration from the MENA-region in recent decades. Ethnical Swedes are now a de facto minority, and “white flight” is in full swing which leaves the remaining Jews increasingly alone amongst a hostile population.

The anti-semitic attacks tend to intensify as the Israel-Palestine conflict flares up, but the simmering hatred is never far away. President Obama sent his special envoy Hannah Rosenthal to Malmö in 2012 after American rabbi Shneur Kesselman had been subjected to no less than 90 attacks in seven years while living in Malmö, including attempts at his life.

In 2009, the Davis Cup tennis finals between Sweden and Israel was forced to be played in an empty stadium as arabs and leftist hooligans had joined forces in rioting. Footage of the carnage can be seen here.

Let us hope the new fence can keep the hate at bay and prevent the synagogue from meeting the same fate as the Malmö courthouse.


5 thoughts on “Synagogue to be fenced in to repel antisemites

    • I’m afraid the main issue is that stuff like this is underreported and twisted in the news to the point where regular Swedes can’t accurately process the information.

      “Anti-semitism” is still the domain of white supremacists, according to the newspapers. When the Eskilstuna mosque burned, everyone in the media immediately started howling about white hate crimes. It turned out to be a kitchen fire, but noone addressed the basic issue of how preposterous the notion is that some lone white skinhead would just waltz into an immigrant exclusion zone, chuck a molotov cocktail, and walk away unseen and unaccosted.

      Seriously, I live in the county of Skåne and was walking the streets of Malmö just last week. Whites are a minority to begin with, and the number of fellow palefaces I saw could be counted on one hand. In my humble assessment, a traditional nazi skinhead would probably get about 100 yards before getting soundly stomped into the pavement by an enraged crowd of arabs. It’d be like the scene in Die Hard 3 where Bruce Willis walks around the Bronx with a sandwich board, if you recall that one.

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      • I haven’t been to Malmö for maybe 6-7 years or so when I had an appointment at the general hospital. Just taking myself from the train station to the hospital was a shocking experience. Not that I were assaulted or something like that but the number of enrichers in the street life. I had been there a few times in the early century 2000-01 and difference in just a few years were striking. I dare not even think what it would look like now. The only thing that couöd possibly bring me back there, are massive demonstrations like PEGIDA. That would make me feel safer, the strength in numbers and all that. However, Im open enough for a future fika though, as long as it is not in Malmöstan but somewhere in NW Skåne.

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  1. The developments in Malmo are not surprising. Unfortunately it seems that the cowardly Swedish anti-semites do not have long to wait before Malmo (and then Sweden itself) will be Judenfrei. It is then that I will sit back and enjoy the floor show of the treatment that the Swedes themselves will receive from their new immigrants who will no longer have any Jews to vent their savage hatred on. Rot in hell Sweden!! You deserve everything that is coming your way.


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