Behead an infidel, get a job


Like local politicians everywhere in Sweden, the ones in the municipality of Örebro are grappling with a surge of radicalized young men going to fight for the Islamic State (ISIS) in Syria and Iraq.

With luck, they catch a stray bullet and never return. But since Swedish politicians are too cowardly to ban these “terror vacations,” the ISIS warriors can come and go as they please without fear of being held accountable for the atrocities committed abroad.

So, what to do with a horde of fanatical, battle-hardened terrorists suddenly popping up in the midst of a frail civil society? Why, coddle them of course.

“We have discussed how to work with these guys who have returned so that they don’t go back again, and that they should get help processing their traumatic experiences,” says local politician Rasmus Persson. They are also “discussing the options for helping these young men get jobs”.

The open unemployment rate for Örebro is consistently above the national average and currently hover around the 10% range. Many more are tucked away in various stopgap-measures, such as temporary trainee jobs and dead-end job training. Youths and immigrants in particular are vastly overrepresented in this region, as there simply aren’t that many unqualified jobs available.

Örebro unemployment rate

So now ISIS has an awesome recruitment tool: Come to Syria and participate in the carnage, rape a few sex slaves and gain fame for beheading a few infidels before the camera. Then, when you’ve had your fill, you simply hop on the plane back to Sweden, where do-gooders are falling over backwards to welcome you home and get you set up with a job and apartment. Go straight to Go and collect $200.

Yes, this will discourage future ISIS recruitment for sure.


15 thoughts on “Behead an infidel, get a job

  1. I’m getting a message re security problem with your website. Do not go… potentially dangerous… could this be the traitorous government of Sweden interfering? Cheers.


    • Huh, imagine that. Well, it’s a standard WordPress blog so I’m guessing it’s Firefox (?) having a hissy fit because the security certificate isn’t up to par. I get it every single time I visit Dagens Industri, Swedens biggest business news site. Sound about right?


  2. This would produce a few great Monty Python scenes.

    “Swedish acceptance committee for the head displacement cultural trend.”

    “Gays and Islam…how gays did offend ISIS freedom fighters sensibilities.”

    “Workshop on how to become a good, non-voluntary sexual therapist for Islamists.”


  3. Fox News has backed away from the story of Muslim exclusion zones in Europe. They issued an on air apology for the whole story. Could you go through the original source Swedish documents and tell us whether this story is true or false? Thanks!


    • Yeah, I heard about that. Some guy made ludicrous claims about Birmingham, a city of over 1 million inhabitants, being an exclusive muslim area. Fox let it fly as if the slightest bit of common sense wouldn’t immediately see it for the BS it was, and apparently the anchor even played along to dramatize it further. I haven’t seen it myself, but it sounds pretty dumb.

      The Swedish situation is that the police authorities released a map of areas where police, emergency personnel and services are frequently attacked and law enforcement control is contested by the gangs. The report mentions vehicle checkpoints by gangs, although I have never experienced this myself when moving in the local exclusion areas. Local police are told not to leave their vehicles, but instead remain in their cars and “take notes” of crimes in progress rather than exit their vehicles to interfere.

      So basically, this is more an issue of gangs claiming power than a muslim-shariah situation, although the police map and the immigrant-heavy areas with high percentage muslims coincide.


  4. Apparently during the Afghan war it was discovered that quite a few Taliban fighters had British passports. They would go “home” to Pakistan, slip across the border to join the fighting for a seasons campaigning, and then come home for R and R for 6 months slotting back into work as taxi drivers and kitchen hands in “Indian” restaurants and probably all the time claiming benefits. Such is the modern world.


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