Swedish police targeted by gangs

Torched police vehicle from yesterday. Photo: Björn Andersson.

It can’t be easy trying to uphold the law in Sweden these days.

On one hand, you’re routinely harassed by gangs when you enter the “exclusion areas“. It can be simple routine things like spitting, hurled insults and scratched patrol cars to being pelted with rocks or attempts to blind you with green lasers while driving.

While outright attacks like the one in Landskrona last year are rare (a crowd of 50+ thugs had two officers cornered — and the police commander didn’t dare send in backup, fearing “escalation”) the severity and frequency of these incidents increase as the gangs grow larger and ever bolder.

On the other hand, there’s the mainstream media standing by, ready to document the slightest misstep on the officers’ part while simultaneously providing an endless well of excuses and sob-stories for the REAL victims: the gang members. What can you expect from a journalist that in all seriousness argues that store looting is taking a noble stance for “democracy” and wishes she could participate?

Meanwhile, these are also the same journalists that howls the loudest for “accountability” by the police when something bad DOES happen. And since the top layers of the police are now infested with rubber-spined political animals, the only thing a regular street cop can rest entirely certain of is this: No matter what happens, they will be the ones thrown to the wolves.

Well, now it appears the gangs are upping the ante. Blowing up court houses and firing machine guns into police stations isn’t enough. The new trend is to map out the individual officers’ personal information, following them home and scoping out their families in a clear effort to intimidate and discourage serious police work.

Photo: Jan Wiriden

Erik Nord, police commander in Gothenburg says he sees a trend where police officers are subject to harassment and persecution.

“There is a trend of harassing cops, following them when they are on their way to and from work, find out their names and where they live. A subtle way to convey unspoken intimidation, with the intention that the police should not be ‘too zealous’ in their work.”

Erik Nord says that reports of such police harassment have been reported in several places lately, but they are more common in some areas.

“Above all, this phenomenon is found in the large city suburbs. When you start mapping out the names and faces of the policemen, you can exercise both threats and harassment. But we are now also seeing it in small towns in Sweden.”

Local newspaper GT reports about 20 incidents of arson and repeated assaults on emergency personnel in Gothenburg over the past few weeks, including an assault on a patrol car by 20 masked thugs. The gangs then celebrated the new year by shooting fireworks directly at police officers, the paper reports (video here).


9 thoughts on “Swedish police targeted by gangs

  1. WTF? I’m looking at the video at the end… They’re standing there firing off a barrage of rockets point blank at the patrol car, and the cops just keep calmly driving away??

    Here’s a thought: Grow a pair, grab the nightstick, let the idiots have it until they cry uncle! WTF is wrong with swedish cops??

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    • Short answer: Swedish media.
      Long Answer: The police has not been able to do their jobs since we have far left activists and Goverment financed public service media & newspapers that actively prevents the police from doing their jobs.
      Actually, the situation in Sweden is absurd, blogs like this one are considered as Racist / fascist or even as Nazi blogs by the left wing media and even by the public service media.
      If you speak the truth or critisize imigration politics, the growing problems with beggers from the European Union you can risk your job, your family and even become shunned by family and friends..
      It is hard to beleave, but I have seen people that can not speak to their families after they have critisized Swedish Immigration politics.
      For instance, the police recived hard critisism when they protected them selves in a demonstration in Malmö, August 2014.
      The far left wing activists was throwing bottles and water ballons with ammoniak and stones at the police men.
      The Swedish police can do no more than just watch, and the youngsters know this…


  2. On one hand I can understand the individual cops getting scared when criminals follow you home and threaten your family.

    But honestly… They’re the COPS!! Can you imagine some clowns trying to pull this shit in NYC? LA? Or hey, why not Sheriff Joe Arpaio in AZ? The cops would hand out little sandwich bags for the thugs to carry their teeth home in, and rightfully so!

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    • The Swedes have created this problem by trying to be nice to thugs. The same thugs who arrived as ‘refugees’ begging for admission and promising to behave themselves.They have thrown their Jewish citizens to the dogs. I hope they enjoy paying the price for their ridiculous and suicidal behaviour. Idiots!!


  3. The message from world leaders is still the same; this has nothing to do with Islam, and we must not allow these terrorists to create conflict and a split between the real Islam and the rest of the world.

    It’s like they don’t even live in the same reality as ordinary people.

    In my version of reality Islam is at war with us, in a total war without mercy.

    The liberal-left line is that it is our own fault, we have not given Muslims enough love and nurture, that we in some way deserve to be murdered and have our freedoms removed (because we are inherently evil?). Obama and the left are incapable of normal reasonable thought, and our leaders are not and do not deserve to be called leaders

    The only solution to this situation is to deport Muslims and isolate ourselves from Islam.


  4. Problem is, all those “multicultural” leaders are far removed from the common folk – their children attend expensive private schools (no muslim extremists there, at least not out in the open), they live in luxurious neighbourhoods which often have their own private security forces… a whole different world from the one a regular citizen and non-muslim inhabitant of such “no-go zones” lives in.

    Also, there are immigrants and immigrants. One type of immigrant will try to fit into the new society she has found herself in; she’ll learn the language, adopt social norms and conventions and generally strive to be a good, productive citizen. This type of immigrant is a great thing for any country because such people bring with themselves that touch of diversity every nation needs, without disrupting the fabric of the local society. The other type of immigrant will try to recreate her old homeland on this new turf. She will look for loopholes in the system, at the same time exploiting it to the maximum and criticizing it for being decadent, insufficient, etc., and all the while making no positive contribution to the society. This kind of immigrant should be deported back where she came from ASAP – if she cannot accept the norms of this new land, if she constantly tries to recreate her old homeland on this new turf, then repatriating her is the best solution for her homesickness (and allows the taxpayers money to be used on something useful and not thrown down a bottomless pit).

    You Swedes need to wake up and define the border between these two immigrant types – and then remove the ones who do not contribute to the society.

    Cheerio all


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