Housekeeping notice

Same shit. Neither is welcome here.

A quick housekeeping notice… There appears to be some sad nutcases who mistake my criticism of militant Islamism to mean an aversion against all muslims.

This is not the case. I oppose ALL types of extremism, totalitarianism and intolerance, whether it’s communism, fascism or Islamism. Speaking out against ISIS recruitment and demands to enforce sharia law should not be interpreted to mean anything more but just that; if Europe saw a dangerous rise in militant KKK lynch mobs, I would write about that. But the current threat is radicalized Islamists, who ruin everything for the vast majority of immigrants in general and muslims in particular.

I thought I was pretty clear on the issue before, but apparently not clear enough.

So, please, I’m getting tired of deleting hate-filled nonsense from the comments inbox. Stop wasting my time and yours. If you can’t accept the basic premise of respectful, slur-free debate, there are other blogs and forums.


3 thoughts on “Housekeeping notice

  1. when a country like Sweden loses it’s identity to foreign terrorists, what do they think is going to happen to their own citizens who will be the big losers. If foreigners do not assimilate into Sweden lt is the beginning of Swedens downfall. Are they all blind to what is happening to their country, the same as the Germans when Hitler began his terrible rampage. It took the loss of over 50 million lives around the world to put a stop to this madman. It should be cut off now. It is an ideology that will not stop until the grounds will run red with the innocents blood. Yes their are some peaceful Muslims, but their ideology will come 1st as long as they do not assimilate into a country that doesn’t even belong to them. Also they are allowed to pray by the thousands In public, which i find very offensive, its like a show of power and intimidation. Religion is a private personal matter that should never be forced on anyone, separation of church and state should be mandatory. All free welfare should be cut off immediately. They claim persecution but their ideology is the one doing the persecution’ Raping, beheadings, kidnapping young women and children as sex slaves. Slaughtering whole whole towns because they won’t convert to Islam. If the Peaceful Muslims do not stand up in their adopted countries and make a big outcry against terror ridden Islam, this should be one of the litmus tests to deportation. As long as these countries continue in their cowardly ways and will not stand up to these evil and inhuman treatments and turn a blind eye to what is happening in their countries, the blood which will flow will be on the hands of the leaders and political powers that be. So much for political correctness.


    • This is a valid point. The muslim community leaders in Sweden needs to stop playing the victim-card and wail about how terrible Sweden is at every turn, and instead take a firm stance of unconditional condemnation of terrorism. I know a few muslims personally and they find the spectacle as appalling as I do. Extremism and fanaticism in all forms must be fought relentlessly by the rest of us.


  2. I’ve enjoyed reading your insights about Sweden but I have to correct you about the true nature of islam.

    Most religions evolved over thousands of years which allows them to change and allows their votaries to interpret them in different ways. This is true for Judaism, Christianity, Buddhism, and Hinduism. For each of these there are dozens (if not thousands) of different schools, sects, or branches. Islam is not like that. It came almost entirely from Mohammad over 20 years. Not only that, but unlike Jesus or Buddha, who each gave broad philosophical ideas and left it to their followers how to interpret them, Mohammad gave excruciatingly intricate detail about how a muslim is to live his life and behave.

    There is very little room for interpretation in Mohammad.s commandments.

    And here we come to the crux of the problem. Islam is violent. I’m not talking about ancient Old Testament violent, or Upanishads violent. or Inquisition violent. Islam is violent TODAY because it can’t change, because Mohammed wanted it that way, and any muslim who tries to interpret it differently than the way Mohammed wanted it interpreted, is murdered by his fellow muslims. Islam very clearly states that it’s goal is to kill, conquer, convert, or enslave all non-muslims EVERYWHERE, FOR ALL TIME. Almost everything else about islam is also antithetical to our modern secular democratic societies. Women are property, non-muslims are third class citizens (after muslim women, and assuming they are not killed), religious law trumps democracy, a muslim who converts is condemned to death, anybody who criticizes Mohammed, allah, or islam is condemned to death.

    Mohammd had an army of 10,000 bloodthirsty men and he told everyone else they had to become muslims or die, so everyone said, “OK we’re muslims. Can we go back to farming now?” But when it came time for the new ‘converts’ to murder and enslave the the remaining non-muslims in the world, they were noticeably reticent. The entire concept of conscience or true faith are alien to islam. In many ways islam is more like a totalitarian ideology akin to Communism or Nazism. What you believe in your heart is irrelevant, only that you OBEY and SUBMIT. Mohammed himself railed endlessly about ‘fake’ muslims who just wanted to live their lives in peace. He called them hypocrites and apostates deserving of death. Today they would probably be called MINOs (muslims in name only).

    I know you don’t believe me. The concepts of islam are so alien to most religionists (and secularists) that it’s hard to fathom. You talked about having some muslim friends who are not radicals. That they are just regular decent people. The problem is that any muslim who respects the rights of non-muslims, who wants to live in peace with all faiths, and respects human rights, IS A BAD MUSLIM. This is not the interpretation of some firebrand Iranian Mullah, or some radical imam in Yemen. IT IS THE INTERPRETATION OF MOHAMMED HIMSELF CLEARLY STATED IN THE KURAN, SIRAH, HADITH, SUNNAH, and SHARIA.

    And that’s the problem.

    I have no doubt that these muslim friends of yours are decent people. They may even believe that they can interpret islam in any way they choose (like a Jew, Christian, Buddhist, or Hindu). They may also not even know the full extent of the open ended (as opposed to historical) islamic commandments for violence against all other people and also against free thinking muslims (like themselves). This ‘taint’ or corruption goes back to the very beginning of islam and there is no way to wash it out. Everywhere muslims go, the imams go, and the imams teach the ‘true’ islam. Inevitably, the violence and terrorism inherent in islam starts to manifest itself, as we are seeing all over the world today. But make no mistake: ‘radical’ muslims are NOT ‘misinterpreting’ islam. They are interpreting it EXACTLY the way it was meant to be interpreted by the so called prophet of allah himself.

    The muslims misinterpreting islam are you peaceful friends.

    I don’t hate muslims. I feel sorry for them. They are always the first and most brutalized victims of islam (especially their women). They are often driven insane by a culture so imbued with fear, hatred, and violence it’s hard for us westerners to even comprehend it. But that insanity is a lot like rabies. I may feel sorry for a rabid dog, but I also don’t want it near me, my family, or my nation.


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