Cui bono?


The ancient Roman consul Lucius Cassius Longinus Ravilla had a simple maxim for bringing light to crimes commited: Cui bono? Who benefits?

Is it the obvious guilty party, or should one pause and consider also the person in the room who stands to gain the most from it all?

Then, as now, smart people found ways to enrich themselves or further their political goals while setting up some dumb guy to take the rap. But by starting the investigation in the right end, many “obvious” scapegoats got a fair shake while the manipulator behind the scenes was brought to justice.

What makes me think of this maxim is the mysterious rash of half-hearted “assaults” on Swedish mosques, so perfectly timed and limited in scope that the question of cui bono practically jumps out and slaps you across the face.

Let’s preface this by pointing out that investigations are ongoing, so as of this writing we do not know the origin of any of these incidents.

Having said that, consider the magnificent fiasco of the Eskilstuna mosque fire that made world headlines because of incompetence and politically correct opportunism joining hands in dazzling unison.

On Christmas day, hundreds of millions of newsreaders worldwide were informed that some white supremacist arsonist had burned down a mosque, trying to kill the people inside.

The righteous fury over this was so total that every “good” person basically came in their pants from the outrage, having to try really hard to out-do one another in expressing their disgust for the racist monsters and extending their sympathy for the poor persecuted muslims. Meanwhile, the muslim leaders seized the opportunity to wail about the “islamophobia” supposedly making their lives a living hell, wringing every drop of sympathy from the situation.

Just one teeny little problem. The fire most likely was a kitchen fire out of control. The “witness” who claimed to have seen the arsonist is nowhere to be found. The specially trained dogs found no trace of the rumored molotov cocktail. And government intelligence agency SÄPO ruled out political motives for the fire. Oops.

So here was this gigantic spectacle, all set for months of full media coverage with sobstories with the victims and grandstanding by the politicians… And it all just imploded. It’s like if the Pearl Harbor attack had turned out to be a Japanese kid playing with fire crackers and accidentally scared the American General’s poodle.

Now, let’s push the pause button for a second.

Who would benefit from there suddenly being a bunch of small, half-hearted “attacks” on other mosques in the wake of this? Nothing real, just a small bottle of flammable liquid being tossed safely against a concrete wall, a few scribbled swastikas that washes right off, that sort of thing. But enough to spin news stories on, conveying the image of “a wave of assaults” on the muslim community. Who benefits?

Is it the nationalist party SD supporters, who were originally fingered for the arson? Without having to do anything at all, they now had the glee of seeing the politically correct establishment have their pants pulled down — entirely by their own over-eagerness to spin political gold out of hay. Why would they help their enemies save face by perpetrating these petty “assaults” on other mosques? Suddenly, the initial fiasco is swept aside, and behold; the holy crusade against islamophobia is right back on track!

It is of course possible that it COULD be some idiot white supremacist doing this. If you had read some of the comments I’ve deleted on this blog, you would know that the stupidity of that clientele is a truly bottomless pit. And it’s an ugly pit, at that.

But to any reasonable person, the whole thing stinks. The left love to go on about how Iraq didn’t have any WMDs and scornfully talk about easily duped sheeple who just swallow every ridiculous claim being spoon-fed to them. “Why would Saddam have nukes? He wouldn’t do that, it’d be an invitation for invasion!”

And here are the same people, blinded by empathy and righteousness, not stopping for a second to question WHY their political opponents would be so hell-bent on wresting defeat from a great public opinion victory and saving their opponents from humiliation.

Cicero famously quoted the good consul because of his wisdom and keen sense of justice over 2000 years ago. It seems prudent we all, right or left, pause for a second once in a while and ask that crucial question: Who benefits?


18 thoughts on “Cui bono?

  1. It seems a lot of people nurse this deep NEED to be fooled into things, willfully playing the fool to satisfy the urge without having to take personal responsibility. Acting out and then shrugging it off as “I was mislead, it wasn’t my fault!” provides an excellent excuse,

    And that applies to all political camps I’m afraid; it’s part of human nature. 😦

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  2. Here in Israel we track carefully what the news-wires are up to. You’ve correctly asked who benefits from claiming a mosque was burned but there’s another strong part to this. Having a few small attacks isn’t enough: someone has to push this story to the world. In this case it was Agence France Press. An organisation we have a lot of problems with here in Israel.

    They put this out as a wire piece and it was their story that was picked up and regurgitated by half asleep (and probably drunk) editors all over the world.

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    • Yup. I believe BBC was the first out to regurgitate the story, but it was AFP that took it all the way and conjured up a laughable tale of fascism and islamophobia.

      But it won’t be allowed to pass unnoticed into history if I can help it. Without saying too much I have pitched this whole debacle as an article to a pretty large US publication as a case study in biased media going off the rails. The editor is interested and I’m just waiting for the final verdict by the Swedish police investigation. Stay tuned…

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  3. Thanks again for a very well written article.
    It feels good to know that they still are some sane people left in this insane country.
    I find your analysis well thought out.
    Who gains?
    That is a good question.
    When i read the aftonbladet article about the “attack” against the female entrance of the mosque the first thing that hit me was the language they have used.
    No Swede over the age of four would have used that kind of language.
    What bothers me with Swedish journalism is the lack of source criticism.
    Then, who gains that the government financed media shows only one way of the story?
    Who gains when public service television is biased?
    I don’t know but however, it is disturbing that most Swedes seems to accept this.

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  4. Good Article! I just found your website. I’m an American with many links to Sweden- I even speak the language pretty well, although I have not developed a taste for lutfisk or surströmming. My friends, relatives and acquaintances fall into 2 groups: Academics and high school teachers who are all aboard the multi-culti train- and who revel in the diverse paradise that Sweden has become; and my relatives- mostly people with jobs in industry, or who own small shops and businesses who are somewhat less enthusiastic about the changes of the last 30 years. Swedes are generally surprised that I know about places like Rinkeby and Rosengård. and many of my relatives will express their misgivings within the privacy of their own homes, but… I know enough, too, to not mention to my academic pals that, were I a Swedish citizen I’d probably vote for the Jimmster! My question for you is- is there hope? The press, government, and the ed establishment all seem lined up to push the “New Sweden”, and at least from my vantage point 4000 miles away seem invincible? Just wondering!

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    • God’s honest truth? No. I don’t think the critical mass of ethnical Swedes will wake up before they are a de facto minority in their own country. But I fervently hope I am wrong.

      Personally, I have a “get out of jail free” card and can go back home to USA anytime I want. In fact, I am most likely moving back with my family later this year. But I have people I care about stuck here that will continue to suffer the idiocy of what’s going on right now.

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      • I hope you are wrong, too- but it seems that the necessary first step is honest discussion+ which, in my limited experience is lacking.

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      • ‘An American Living in Sweden’ – How do you remain sane?

        I agree with everything you write. Very well written piece. 90% of mosque vandalisms throughout North America and Europe are carried out by muslims themselves. You know it’s a muslim when only a few windows are broken, when a swastika graffiti is painted or words to the effects of ‘get out of our country’ or ‘go home’; same modus operandi everywhere.

        Whenever non-muslims are the culprits, very rare situation, you’ll find the words ‘islam is the devil’, stuff like that. Muslims are not allowed to blaspheme their own ideology or ideal guy, Mohamed.

        Sweden is lost. It’s over. Most Swedes are brainwashed and dumbed down beyond recovery. In my opinion, they deserve it. I saw the pro-Palestinian Hamas demonstrations against Israel last summer. Extremely disappointed with the Swedes.

        Once upon a time, Norway was going down the Swedish road and then Breivik showed up and jolted the Norwegians awake.


    • Swedes in general just want to go with the flow and don’t want to have their little lives turned topsy-turvy….
      They prefer to “knyta näven i byxfickan” i.e. grit their teeth (I guess would be the equivalent) rather than upset the cart. They prefer peace above anything and everything.
      However, there are about 14-15% who have seen through the BS that MSM and politicians spew out on a regular basis and are protesting in their own way on the alternative media. But if they will be strong enough to do something about this whole mess? Only time will tell….. Hopefully, if we all do our part, something good will happen!


  5. On a more cheerful note (sort of, now that the US is out early AGAIN!) I’ll be rooting for the Tre Kronor tomorrow against the Russkies! Heja Sverige!


  6. Great article.

    Those of us in America are suffering from the hordes of third world immigrants while the political class benefits politically and economically, especially those on the left.

    I have learned a lot from this site and appreciate the first-hand perspective, as most of the English news I can find regarding Sweden is of the mainstream variety.

    To the author: I think you may find the piece I wrote about Multiculturalism in Sweden interesting:

    I hope you are wrong about Swedes not waking up before they become a minority, do you have any success bringing local Swedes in your area to their senses?


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