McCarthyism reborn


Sen. Joe McCarthy led a crusade against communism in the 1950s, which at first blush may seem like a noble cause considering the very real threat posed by the Soviet Union at the time.

That perception peels away the instant you start looking at the actual witch hunts, which were carried out with little or no proof of any wrongdoing whatsoever. Character assassinations, blacklists, slander and every dirty trick in the book was fair game when it came to suspected communists. The method was systematically used as much to punish as to deter others; stay away from the Reds, or we’ll destroy your life!

Now, let’s not beat around the bush here. Communism is a vile, toxic ideology that must be actively opposed whenever encountered. But the way to combat it is in open challenge, not through lies and deceit. Because when you resort to dirt as your weapon of choice, you become dirty yourself. Eventually, you become the very evil you once set out to fight.

Witch hunt then

Over time, the McCarthy reign of terror got increasingly hysterical as the blacklists grew longer, and by the time it finally imploded at the end of the 1950s, McCarthyism had established itself as a scary definition for posterity.

McCarthyism: “The practice of making unfair allegations or using unfair investigative techniques, especially in order to restrict dissent or political criticism.”

Today, there is a perverse revival of McCarthyism, only this time the target isn’t the communist party; it’s the Swedish nationalist party SD. Anyone even remotely associated with the party is immediately branded as Satan himself and runs a serious risk of jeopardizing his career, union membership, social standing and integrity as a private citizen.

The most recent example of this phenomenon brings back an old acquaintance, Marcus Birro. As I wrote about last year, Birro triggered a magnificent media storm by sending a Tweet criticizing Islam. This resulted in dozens of death threats, losing his job, getting his book contracts cancelled and even forced him to flee the country for a while. The hatred was so intense you could cut steel with it, and the barrage was orchestrated by the “good guys” supposedly standing up for tolerance, empathy and humanitarianism.

Now, months later, Birro was finally getting back on his feet. Last week he signed a contract with sports website Solo Calcio as a staff blogger. No politics, nothing remotely controversial, just a sports site writing about soccer.

Then he went to lunch.

In the restaurant, a reporter from newspaper Expressen — the very same that fired him last year — suddenly barged in while a photographer started snapping pictures. Birro declined talking to the reporter, but they hung around outside to take more pictures and harass him further when leaving. Within the hour, the “story” was a big headline, even though Birro had said nothing and done nothing besides eating a plate of food.

Why? Because the two men across the lunchtable were members of Swedish parliament. Specifically, they were Sweden Democrats, the third largest party. Birro is not a party member and has publicly stated that he does not vote for SD, nor has any intention of writing for SD or collaborate with the party in any way. He simply had lunch with a couple politicians in a restaurant frequented by dozens others, since the restaurant is located right by the parliament building.

Witch hunt now

Still, the “scandal” sent shockwaves through mainstream media. Suddenly there were dozens of reporters chasing Birro on the phone, talking about the “incident” as if it was a crime and demanding a public apology (!).

That same afternoon his new employer Solo Calcio panicked as the inquisition descended and terminated the contract effective immediately, only six days after it was signed. It is uncertain which employer or publisher will dare take calls from Birro in the future, now that he is added to the unofficial blacklist.

How soon will we hear a paraphrasing of McCarthy’s standard question everywhere you turn?

“Are you now, or have you ever been, a member of the Sweden Democrat party?”


Swedish police further neutered

“Dialogue police” sent forth to grill hot dogs with the rioters and convince them to see the errors of their way. I am not making this up. This is real in Sweden. Google it!

The police officers of the future are facing steep challenges, as the criminal gangs continue to gain ground in Swedish society and keep getting better armed by the day. But new recruits should be mostly concerned with not stepping on any cultural or ethnical toes, apparently.

Starting this month, police training has moved from the old Stockholm Police Academy to a place called Södertörns Högskola. This “school” is known for many things. One of them is the principal Moira Wright’s infamous thesis “Gender and Text”, in which she argues that hard, scientific facts are “patriarchical” in nature and should be disregarded in favor of gender-correct theories whenever the two collide.

In what can only be a complete coincidence, Södertörn also consistently ranks at the absolute bottom of all institutes of higher learning in the country.

The school has also gained some notoriety for trying to revive the “race biology” concept, in which groups of people are assumed to have certain qualities based on the skin color. The Nazis were kind of big on this bulls**t, as you may recall. Of course, this time it’s “whiteness studies” being put forth as the focus, where all white people have a given share of guilt for all ills in history and should be condemned accordingly. The program is led by Tobias Hubinette, an immigrant with multiple convictions for violent hate crimes against whites (summary and court docs linked here). A 1996 quote from newspaper Creol sums up his ideology pretty well:

“Let the white race […] perish in blood and suffering!”

Perhaps not surprisingly, Södertörn is also ground zero for the politically correct journalists of tomorrow. The result is obvious to anyone used to balanced news reporting. This translated and analyzed sample from a regular Swedish newspaper last month doesn’t require further explanation of the phenomena of which I speak. Remember, this is the country where journalists can seriously claim that the Ferguson looting was “the evolution of democracy“.

So, as of last week, this is the esteemed seat of higher learning that will teach the police officers of tomorrow how to deal with well-armed gangs. The focus will be cultural sensitivity, gender awareness and other “enlightened” soft studies. But there will be a little bit of real police training too, principal Wright assures us as an afterthought.

“There will be shooting ranges, and there will be practice rooms for both bank robbery and… Everything you can imagine!” (Direct quote)

The same day she said that, the Stockholm Västerort police department announced they are replacing all vehicle windshields with super-hardened glass as the kids in the “exclusion areas” amuse themselves by hurling rocks at the patrol cars whenever they enter. In the linked video above, officer Erik Hasselrot describes one such recent attack in Husby.

“We managed to get our arms up to protect our eyes [when the rocks smashed the windshield] … But then we had to leave the area and call for reinforcements. We couldn’t drive our vehicle.”

Well, at least the young ones settle for just throwing rocks and chasing off the police officers on foot.

Synagogue to be fenced in to repel antisemites


The few remaining Jews in Malmö are subjected to increasing levels of harassment, and the town’s synagogue has been the target for various hate crimes and vandalism despite hiring private security guards.

Now things are getting so bad the congregation reveals they’re in the final stages for getting approval by the city to erect a sturdy fence around the building to deter further attacks.

“This is not nice,” says Jehoshua Kaufman, head of the Jewish congregation. “It would be much better to not need the fence and the guards. But there is a clear threat to the congregation members and the building.”

Malmö is Sweden’s third largest town and has had massive immigration from the MENA-region in recent decades. Ethnical Swedes are now a de facto minority, and “white flight” is in full swing which leaves the remaining Jews increasingly alone amongst a hostile population.

The anti-semitic attacks tend to intensify as the Israel-Palestine conflict flares up, but the simmering hatred is never far away. President Obama sent his special envoy Hannah Rosenthal to Malmö in 2012 after American rabbi Shneur Kesselman had been subjected to no less than 90 attacks in seven years while living in Malmö, including attempts at his life.

In 2009, the Davis Cup tennis finals between Sweden and Israel was forced to be played in an empty stadium as arabs and leftist hooligans had joined forces in rioting. Footage of the carnage can be seen here.

Let us hope the new fence can keep the hate at bay and prevent the synagogue from meeting the same fate as the Malmö courthouse.

Foreign talkshows instead of healthcare and defense


Anyone who reads Swedish news on a regular basis can’t help but get struck by a general sense of doom descending whenever finances are discussed.

Finance minister Magdalena Andersson made headlines last fall when she took office and started out by announcing that the coffers were empty, and there was no way to finance any new initiatives for anything. This week she held a press conference to announce that things were getting even worse than last year, wringing her hands about the government “bleeding money” with no end in sight.

The Swedish currency, the SEK, has dropped dramatically just since last year against both the Euro and USD.

The news stories chime in on this tale of spreading malaise. The Swedish health care system, hailed across the world as proof that socialized medicine is working, is actually crumbling. According the Swedish state radio SR, the number of hospital beds have decreased from 120 000 in the late 1960s to just 20 000 today. During that time the population has increased from just under 8 million to just under 10 million today.

Of those hospital beds, a significant percentage are unused due to staffing shortages of qualified personnel. A number of doctors are sounding the alarm about inadequate funding for proper cancer care. The mental health field is no better off. These are just a few samples; there’s a constant stream of alerts about inadequate availability and lack of qualified specialists (many leave for Norway upon completing their training, as the salaries are considerably higher).

The Swedish defense has gone from a well-funded, respectable force in Scandinavia to a non-existing joke. The stated goal is to defend the capital for a week. That is the best-case scenario. These days, the Russian troops are just laughing at Sweden, says Russian-born expert Vera Efron. “We do not consider Sweden as a country anymore. Sweden has no longer any army, no defense.”

Schools? Don’t even get me started. The responsibility for scools was shifted from the state to the individual municipalities in 1991. The governments own investigation call it a “failure” and the PISA results speak for themselves. Fellow blogger Swedish surveyor has more on this.


The only area that seems to be really growing is the immigration industry, where fortune-seeking entrepreneurs collect tax money hand over fist to provide overpriced housing and services.

But that aside, the sky appears to darken by the day. So it’s a good thing Sweden can pride itself of being a “humanitarian superpower” to counter all the bad news. Things may be going bankrupt on the home front, but at least the citizens can keep their heads high for being the altruistic do-gooders of the world, damnit!

Besides taking in ten times as many refugees per capita as the rest of Europe, a significant chunk of the GDP is doled out to various countries in foreign aid beyond any UN guidelines. Recipients include North Korea, “Palestine” and various heavily corrupt African nations. The Swedish general accounting office has issued a number of scathing reports over the years for the poor control of how the money is spent.

Government foreign aid organization SIDA handles 19,2 billion of the 38,4 billion total, so it should come as no surprise they play a central role in such critique.

Well, this week’s headline is the revelation that SIDA has spent upwards 100 million on media talk shows and pro-EU/pro-NATO advertising in former Soviet member state Georgia. The effort is done in cooperation with American aid organizations funded by, and partially run by representatives for US oil interests, most notably Chevron.

Only a cynic would start speculating about this having anything to do with oil and gas pipelines in the area. Personally, I am absolutely convinced there is no corruption whatsoever to be found here. So I will settle for breaking out the pom-poms and cheer the generous spirit of the Swedish taxpayer, whose trust in the government employees handling the common tax funds so responsibly remains as pristine as ever.

Gaming as a sport


Political party Centerpartiet (C) used to be the “farmer’s party” and once held as much as 25% of the votes (1973). It has since abandoned the down-to-earth politics and instead sought to profile itself as the ultra-liberal party with open borders, polygamy, abolished mandatory school and many other ideas that doesn’t quite mesh with your average voter. As a result, the party got just 6% in the 2014 election.

Desperate to make some kind of play to combat the wildly unpopular December agreement (Decemberöverenskommelsen) where C and the other opposition parties agreed to support the left contrary to their few remaining voters’ wishes, it seems the party has now found a truly pressing issue: Having computer gaming recognized as a legitimate sport!

In an op-ed in Svenska Dagbladet, parliament member Rickard Nordin makes a passionate case for why computer gaming should be acknowledged alongside track, skiing or basketball. He actually cites health reasons, and suggests the “sport” should enjoy the societal support and subsidies a soccer or hockey club would.

Now don’t get me wrong here. I play games and love to immerse myself in a solid story like Dishonored, Assassins Creed or L.A. Noire. I fully recognize that first-person shooters demand lightning reflexes and strategy games require complex thinking. It takes great skill and lots of practice to gain success in competitive gaming. But of course it’s not a sport.

The “mental” health arguments put forth by C has some legitimacy. Problem is, the exact same line of reasoning can be used to classify playing the trumpet as a sport; Coordination and teamwork. And heck, the lungs get a good workout to boot. Photography? Sure, it’s a sport since it exercises the aestethics part of the brain. Soon, everything except watching WWE smackdown and eating potato chips becomes a “sport” if you just jigger the definition enough.

The current gaming scene has grown organically, without the meddling of politicians. The annual Dreamhack event in Jönköping attracted 26 000 attendees last year. Players form online communities to support and coach one another. Companies sponsor events and leagues are created according to natural consumer demand and free economic principles.

Real sports have significant overhead; fields that need to be maintained, equipment that needs replacing, teams that need to be bussed around every week. With the clear need for monetary support, and the obvious benefits to society, it makes sense to run various tax-funded programs to keep the kids active and healthy.

A gamer may need to replace his computer mouse every 6 months. Would formalizing this justify the bureacracy and involvement of politicians who, for the most part, hasn’t even seen a game since dropping a spare coin into Pac Man back in the 80s? I think not.

But apparently, the party views this as a hot-button issue to turn the political tide. Who cares that the migration bureau is facing imminent systemic collapse? Or that the term “systemic collapse” is also used when describing the employment situation? Nope. We’ll plod along as before with that stuff. The priority of the day is mucking about with computer gaming in the hopes of scoring a few quick political points. I doubt C will find any hidden 1UPs there though.

Behead an infidel, get a job


Like local politicians everywhere in Sweden, the ones in the municipality of Örebro are grappling with a surge of radicalized young men going to fight for the Islamic State (ISIS) in Syria and Iraq.

With luck, they catch a stray bullet and never return. But since Swedish politicians are too cowardly to ban these “terror vacations,” the ISIS warriors can come and go as they please without fear of being held accountable for the atrocities committed abroad.

So, what to do with a horde of fanatical, battle-hardened terrorists suddenly popping up in the midst of a frail civil society? Why, coddle them of course.

“We have discussed how to work with these guys who have returned so that they don’t go back again, and that they should get help processing their traumatic experiences,” says local politician Rasmus Persson. They are also “discussing the options for helping these young men get jobs”.

The open unemployment rate for Örebro is consistently above the national average and currently hover around the 10% range. Many more are tucked away in various stopgap-measures, such as temporary trainee jobs and dead-end job training. Youths and immigrants in particular are vastly overrepresented in this region, as there simply aren’t that many unqualified jobs available.

Örebro unemployment rate

So now ISIS has an awesome recruitment tool: Come to Syria and participate in the carnage, rape a few sex slaves and gain fame for beheading a few infidels before the camera. Then, when you’ve had your fill, you simply hop on the plane back to Sweden, where do-gooders are falling over backwards to welcome you home and get you set up with a job and apartment. Go straight to Go and collect $200.

Yes, this will discourage future ISIS recruitment for sure.

Sweden’s 38 000 mutilated girls


The Swedish welfare agency Socialstyrelsen estimates that some 38 000 girls have already been subjected to severe mutilation of their private parts, with another 19 000 being “in danger” of the procedure.

The procedure is the removal of parts of the female anatomy, so that no pleasure can be derived from sex as an adult. The procedure is usually done with a razorblade or simple knife without anasthesia. More info on Female Genital Mutilation (FGM), also known as female genital cutting and female circumcision, can be found on WHO and Wikipedia.

This barbaric practice is common in Africa and has followed the tide of immigration to Sweden. FGM is of course illegal, but since Sweden has a knee-jerk response to drop anything questioning the religious customs of any immigrant, virtually no enforcement or tracking is in place to protect the girls. The report linked above is an estimate, since noone has the guts to actually address the issue. When local health workers try to sound the alarm about the rise in FGM, the decision-makers wring their hands and start mumbling about “personal integrity” to avoid the risk of being portrayed as “racist” in the media.

The result is that absolutely nothing is done to protect these girls from lifelong mutilation, right here, in a presumed civilized country governed by just laws intended to shield children from exactly this type of thing.

Meanwhile, the main issue being discussed by the “feminists” in Sweden is the need for affirmative action to force more upper-class women into the board of directors of the country’s publicy traded corporations.

Because that’s where the dire and urgent need for action is.