The Rise of Swedish Fascism


For once, I actually agree with the leftists about something. I, too, am very concerned about the rise of fascism in Sweden.

The difference is that their definition of fascism has evolved into Orwellian newspeak to mean anyone who does not unconditionally embrace open borders, denial of all forms of domestic culture, and flaming self-hatred under the White Guilt blanket. My definition is the real thing.

When Benito Mussolini started out, he was a socialist but found it wanting. He soon went on bring fascism to the world, with a Great Leader, the uber-strong state, corporativism, increased citizen surveillance, reduced personal freedom, and all the other fun stuff jackbooted thugs across the world tend to get all giggity about to this day.

Like Hitler, Mussolini was made prime minister as a compromise and a stopgap to bring order to chaos. The communist threat was dire in the early 1920s. Mussolinis politics, and perhaps more importantly, his blackshirt brigade, was just the antidote to keep the reds at bay, people believed.

But the fascist party was small and had little real political power. Mussolinis hands were tied, having only 34 deputies in Parliament and 10 Nationalist allies. So to enable effective minority rule, the Acerbo Law was proposed by Baron Giacomo Acerbo in 1923.

The cornerstone of the law was to abolish proportional representation, instead providing the single largest party a full two-thirds of the seats in Parliament. The last third was to be divvied up amongst the losers. Simply put: The biggest dog in the room was given absolute carte blanche.

The law was passed by the Italian Parliament in November 1923, gaining support by many (including the liberals (!)) as a way to end the political chaos of the time. The fascists immediately exercised the new law and grabbed power.

I bet many praised the newfound stability at first, having “taken responsibility” and “doing what is best for the country”. Unfortunately, we all know what happened after Il Duce was freed from the shackles of political opposition.

The new Swedish “December Agreement” was initiated with a handshake and a joint press conference on December 27, soon to be followed with formal legislative changes.

The new agreement explicitly states that the biggest minority government is to be given free reign without any bothersome opposition. The current government coalition only holds just over 37% of the votes, yet now get to dictate anything that has an associated cost or economic impact. In other words, pretty much everything.

If the leftist government decides to double the taxes and confiscate everything exceeding $1000 in the citizens’ bank accounts, they may do so. The conservative opposition is forced to sit on their hands and forfeit their votes, allowing the measures to pass.

On the flip side, if the conservatives would regain power in 2018, they could privatize and sell the entire famous Swedish medical care system in one fell swoop, to the seething silence of the leftist opposition.

In effect, Sweden has now enacted the Acerbo Law.

Let us pray that this time, just for once, the diminishing of democratic principles for “the good of the country” will not end as badly as it has every other time in history the phrase has been used.

1. “Fascist Italy and Nazi Germany” by Alexander DeGrand (1995), ISBN 0-415-10598-6.
2. Idiot politicians.


9 thoughts on “The Rise of Swedish Fascism

  1. Whenever politicians start maneuvering to infringe on democracy, it’s time to bring out the torches and pitchforks.

    What’s next? Any chance the 2018 election will be cancelled too? “For the country’s best,” of course.

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  2. Thanks for an good article.
    Well, as a resident of Sweden and imigrant from Chile this is highly disturbing to me.

    As you, the author of this article, being Swede may already know, it is almost impossible to get Swedish people to react..

    Myself I have been sharpening my pitchforks since this Saturday and I’m only waiting for a serious demonstration to be organized.

    Sadly, the Swedish media has put the lid on and no reporting what so ever is to be read in the main stream media.
    I know that many people are distubed by this, and really, this should be an issue for the Konstitutionsutskottet (KU).

    I hurts my heart to se that the Swedish people are giving their Democracy away so easily, myself I am planning to move on before it’s too late..

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    • Thank you for the kind words.

      It is really striking how it seems more and more of the grassroots movement to protect democracy is driven by immigrants, while most ethnical Swedes seems to take pride in clamping their eyes shut and pretending nothing is happening. Perhaps because those who have it, take it for granted, while its true worth is known only to those who knows what happens when it is lost.

      The truly bizarre twist is when blonde, palefaced “anti-racists” accuse immigrants of being “racist” for speaking up about this. And they’re applauded by media for it.

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  3. I suppose that is because many of us older immigrants (I came to Sweden when I was in the age of 1 years old) ran away from undemocratic states.
    I for instance have seen my parents suffering and how they continued their fight for democracy in our own country.
    When you come from a non democratic envirement I suppose that you value the democracy more..

    Many immigrants also have a totally defferent temper than the ethnic Swedes.
    Really, the traits I value the most in Swedes are also the traits that makes this possible.
    Swedes have a strong feeling for solidarity and are also very tollerant…
    It is time for the Swedes to rise and make our politicians know that we do not tollerate this anymore,

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    • Haha the dangers of just running down the list and reblogging everything with the right keywords in the title… This guy obviously didn’t read a word of the actual article before hitting “reblog”. Or do you think this post fits in with the hysterical anti-white propaganda? Just skimming through, this is as scary as the white supremacist nutjobs shrieking about Jewish plots everywhere.

      Begone, extremist crackpots!


  4. The idiot leftists of the countries in question brought on this so called “Right wing ideology”. But it’s more convenient for them to be “traitors” in their own country and side with the radicalized scum. Maybe they have an identity problem, mental health issues, attention-seeking mentality, who knows. But they are seriously deluded that’s for sure.


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