“This is civil treason!”


The chairman of Sweden’s oldest conservative think tank, dating back to 1891, has submitted a scathing article in conservative newspaper Svenska Dagbladet on the new deal struck where the snap election was cancelled because the formerly conservative opposition agreed to roll over and blindly adopt socialism.

This is civil treason!


Long before the parliamentary election last fall, Stefan Löfven (S) in particular was pushed by the conservative opposition on the potential Government constellations he would go to the polls on. The few replies presented were mildly put evasive, and a historically weak red-green minority government with the support of the Left was thus a fact.

Because of this situation, the conservative Alliance budget won the vote in parliament and the government was thus forced to administer the same, something Stefan Löfven promised not to do – one of many broken promises. That he now shy away not to call an extraordinary election is yet another broken promise to add to the pile.

But it is obviously not only the Social Democrats who have trouble keeping their promises. The so-called “December Agreement” that had been developed during the holiday season and was presented last Saturday, the conservative opposition ceased to be just the opposition in parliament. Instead, they agree to act the role of an airbag to Stefan Löfven and keep his sorry government propped up through artificial support.

This is a danger to the political debate, but also a betrayal of the many volunteers struggling for their conservative parties and especially the millions of voters who cast their votes on any of the conservative Alliance parties. A group many of whom are guaranteed to feel deceived now, only a few months after parliamentary elections. And rightly so.

Instead of continuing to force the prime minister to seek support in parliament, the Alliance chooses simply to surrender. It is nothing more than pathetic. To the Alliance over the next few years promise to support red-green budget options (influenced by the now strengthened the Left) regardless of its political content is nothing more than a political betrayal that is unparalleled in modern history of Sweden. The agreement also forces the freely elected MPs to support the political opponents’ policies rather than to pursue the policies that voters have given them mandate to do.

This unsuspecting’s move has also shown that the Alliance obviously no longer has the vision of itself to form a state-supporting government without support from their traditional political opponents.

Sweden Democrats’ continued success in the polls is obviously one of the main reasons that Stefan Löfven made a 180-degree turn and reneged on his promised snap election. There was a risk that some of the conservative parties would get kicked out of parliament and the Sweden Democrats would strengthen its position.

However, this is an extremely short-term perspective. By jumping into bed with the Social Democrats and the Green Party is the established political parties cemented the image that the Sweden Democrats have long tried to maintain: The Sweden Democrats is the only opposition party.

If the other parties had engaged in a serious debate on migration and integration policies, and listened to many constituents’ legitimate concerns, the Sweden Democrats had not become so successful as they are today. Today they have a near monopoly on the issue, and to recreate a lost trust is difficult.

The possibility of civil renewal many looked for a time as opposition now is gravelled. Instead made further overtures to the socialist and the identity of political parties of the left. The Alliance could have taken a while and come back at an extraordinary election, but with this agreement, it will get the opposite. Instead of conducting conservative opposition politics worthy of the name, the Alliance has simply chosen to become useful idiots.

The values ​​that the conservatives has been previously identified with and stood up for the now vanished. What remains is a bunch of windbags who are obviously more interested in securing their own pay than to fight for a policy they actually believe. We are unable to name this as something other than high treason.


Chairman and other Board members of the association Heimdal

Footnote: The association Heimdal was founded in 1891 in Uppsala, Sweden’s oldest and largest civil student association. The association is open to all bourgeois students, both liberals as conservatives and those who sympathize with the bourgeois parties. At present, the association has about 250 members. Among the association’s former president may be mentioned Per Selstam, Anders Borg, Hans Wallmark, Per Dahl, and Leif Vindevåg.

[Reposted with kind permission by the author. Translation by Google Translate, edited by this blog owner. Article originally published in Svenska Dagbladet.]


7 thoughts on ““This is civil treason!”

  1. Here’s what I don’t get; the four Alliance parties got MORE votes than the S + MP constellation in the september elections. Why don’t they simply kick out the commies and form a new government themselves??

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    • A bit late for the answer perhaps, but the Alliance rolled over because that made sure that the swedish democrats where shut out from almost every bit of political influence they had. Because pushing out and bullying swedens 3rd largest party and spitting their own voters in the face is apparently more important then making sure sweden has a stable goverment.


    • Not really; I think they cling to some pie-in-the-sky delusion that this will benefit them in the 2018 election. By letting the Löfven administration get free range to continue pulling hard left, voters will be disgusted and vote for them to stop the madness.

      Problem is, now KD and FP will most certainly get less than the 4% threshold, and M will continue hemmoraghing voters to SD. C will probably hang on because of the Ayn Rand-liberals, but all in all the Alliance will be severely weakened in a way they probably can’t imagine atop their little ivory towers surrounded by yes-men and political strategists living on another planet than the rest of the population.

      In the end, joke’s on them. But most of all, joke’s on the Swedish people.


  2. It is interesting that Swedish newspapers rarely allow commenting in their websites for specific news or opinion piece unlike Finnish newspapers. I think that is part of the problem, Swedish media is not open enough. Ok, DN opened up for public for six hours today but come on 🙂


    • Swedish ” newspapers” are not worthy of the name as you will have to plough through article after article about celebrity gossip , how to loose weight fast, video clips from you tube, and even advertisment disguised as news articles before reaching” news” that has been censord and manipulated beyond all recognition so that Mr and Mrs Svensson can go on living in their fluffy little bubble.When they do allow reader comments it is useually on sport or some other harmless subject ,In the UK for example one is able to comment on every news story appart from on going court cases.


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