Swedish snap election cancelled


Swedish newspaper Expressen is now reporting that the promised snap election in March has been cancelled. The information has been confirmed by several government sources, and all parties except nationalist party SD and communist party V will hold a joint press conference at 10:30 CET to this effect.

UPDATE: The press conference is available live with a transcript on state TV website SVT.se.

As stated, the snap election has indeed been called off. Instead, the parties have agreed to cooperate to block nationalist party SD, the third largest, from getting any influence. This “influence” is the demand that Sweden reduces it’s extreme immigration to that of neighboring countries.

Sweden has ten times the immigration of the rest of Europe, primarily low-educated people from MENA that are greatly overrepresented in the unemployment and crime statistics.

But now the traditional parties have reached an agreement to maintain and even increase the inflow, despite deteriorating state finances and voter resistance to increased immigration (according to the SOM survey of 2014, only 18% of voters support increased immigration; most oppose it).

Nationalist party SD received 12,9% of the votes in the September election, but increased to the 17-18% range in polls after they put their foot down regarding immigration. Some believed SD would have reached 20% or more should the March snap election have taken place.

Now the government and the “opposition” can continue to railroad the voters with unwanted policies for four years unopposed.

Swedish Democracy
Rest In Peace


9 thoughts on “Swedish snap election cancelled

      • Ah, the Bilderberger conspiracy… And there’s the rub: it’s amusing to poke fun at the tinfoil hat nutjobs, but when the politicians starts acting exactly according to script it gets harder and harder to laugh.

        Or, I dare you, is there anyone here who will claim that Reinfeldt acted in the best interests of Swedish citizens in his 8 years as prime minister? Or Löfven, shouldering the PM mantle since?

        Honestly, if a US President had uttered the kind of crap Reinfeldt said about Sweden he’d been on his way out of time on a railroad rail covered in tar and feathers.

        “The historically Swedish is nothing but barbarian. All the good things comes from other countries.”

        “Who does the country of Sweden belong to? Those who lived here 3-4 generations, or those who just arrived? To me, it’s obvious the answer is the latter!”

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  1. Predicted this last week when word of negotations leaked out but I was nonetheless maddened that he actually went back on his word for the third time and killed our democracy… in one stroke.

    Seeing as the Moderate voters are enraged I can’t help but wonder how they figured this would work in their favour?


      • I doubt SD will ever top 30% and either way they need 50% to get any influence due to the December Agreement which is now valid until 2022 unless the liberals choose to co-operate in the 2018 elections.


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