Mosque set ablaze in Swedish town [UPDATE 3]

Photo: Expressen

A few hours ago a mosque was set on fire in the Swedish town of Eskilstuna. Who committed the arson is unclear at this time. What we do know is that the congregation supposedly belongs to the Dawa-movement, which is actively recruiting for ISIS.

There have been confrontation between the muslims and Kurds demonstrating against ISIS at this mosque before, and anyone familiar with the middle east knows the bad blood between opposing factions of islam.

But as previously stated, at this point nobody knows who threw the molotov cocktail. It is possible that a lone white supremacist made it into the immigrant-dominated neighborhood and out again unseen, unlikely as it may seem. We just don’t know.

This doesn’t stop the Swedish mainstream media from jumping to conclusions.

Expressen headline: “There is islamophobia in our society

Aftonbladet interview with the justice minister: “I find it hard to believe anything but that this severe violence was directed against Muslims as a group and Islam as a religion.”

Svenska Dagbladet manages to dig up some loon on Facebook who cheered at the news, then quotes Omar Mustafa, the head of the Islamic Union in Sweden: “There has been an intensification in the hatred against muslims.”

In Dagens Nyheter the indignant culture minister starts talking about hate crimes until even the Swedish journalist has to interrupt to point out that we don’t know that it IS a hate crime yet. But she assumes it will turn out to be, she defends herself.

And on Twitter? Whoo boy. Ugly.

Now that the media and the other seven parties have already decided this is nationalist party SDs fault for “encouraging” and “organizing” islamophobia, it will be interesting to see what happens in the next few days.

If it does turn out to be some contemptible white person who threw the molotov cocktail, watch for the greatest media orgasm in decades. The party will last for weeks and weeks, preferably all the way to the snap election in March. But if the story suddenly vanishes without a trace, odds are it’s another muslim faction or anti-ISIS activist immigrant. Stay tuned.

UPDATE: Facts surrounding this case is starting to seep out. For starters, the police has now very cautiously begun dialing back on the assumption that this was arson to begin with. In local newspaper Eskilstunakuriren, chief investigator Lars Franzell says the investigation is far from completed but points out that he can’t confirm that anything at all has been tossed into the mosque.

Meanwhile, through some grassroots detective work on web community site Flashback shows an odd timeline. The writer points out:

“The afternoon prayer started at 12:52 on the dot. The imam, located in the prayer room, then posts a Facebook update at 12:57 stating that he can ‘smell smoke’. But according to the media, the 112 call [911 in Europe] was not placed until 13:18.”

That’s quite a time gap if someone chucks a molotov cocktail in any scenario. He then posts several pictures showing the mosque interior with wall-to-wall carpeting, which would have made the spread of the fire quite quick. However, a kitchen fire, that starts small but gradually increases until someone panics and smashes a window to get out (creating a sudden inflow of oxygen that’d set off the fire in a semi-explosive manner) would fit this timeline like a glove.


Swedish news site Nyheter Idag also interviewed lead investigator Franzell. When pressed about the molotov cocktail he states they have not yet found anything. “We’ll have to see if the technicians can find anything,” he said.

But there was a witness, saying a man holding the molotov cocktail was on the scene just before the fire?

“We have no documentation that an offender has been seen by any witness,” Franzell said.

Franzell confirms that initially there was information that someone claimed to have seen a person outside the premises who may have started the fire. But the source of this claim remains unknown to the investigation, nor do they know any other details about the claim which is why Frantzell remains secretive.

“We do not know where these allegations of an arsonist comes from. We continue to investigate this.”

UPDATE 2: lead investigator Franzell has now gone on the record with state-owned radio SR to fully retract his statement yesterday that the fire was the work of an arsonist.

So… What it increasingly looks like is this: Someone in the muslim congregation starts a kitchen fire, as it gets worse someone panics and smashes a window, which makes the fire accelerate. When the fire department arrives someone makes up a story about a phantom arsonist and then refuses to fess up when it gets real.

Meanwhile, the lead investigator, now blaming “chaos on the scene,” took this totally unsubstantiated story before having secured one shred of hard evidence and announced to the world that some arsonist was throwing molotov cocktails.

Then the Swedish mainstream media and opportunistic politicians took this one step further and immediately started howling about “islamophobia”, interviewing muslim community leaders who of course pounces on the opportunity to wail about persecution, and even a government minister shrieking hysterically about “hate crimes”.

After that the story is picked up by BBC, AFP and Reuters, who displayed some curiously biased reporting by purposefully weaving together the leaf-thin facts of the case with references to the immigration debate and previous right-wing hate crimes in a painfully obvious attempt to smear nationalist party SD whose involvement in all this regardless of everything is, um, nil.

Finally, the Reuters, AFP and BBC stories get bounced around the globe across some 100+ news outlets, all echoing what turned out to be an epic fail on all levels.

We still have to await the final verdict by the technicians tomorrow, but based on the fact that Franzell now has gone on the record with a full retraction on the arsonist-angle is telling.

Well folks, it has been a fascinating story to follow political correctness and incompetence join hands to go off the rails in a slow motion, play-by-play fashion like this. It’s been a fun ride ladies and gentlemen, I hope you found it as bizarrely entertaining as I did.

UPDATE 3: The police has yet to release a final verdict on the cause of the fire, but it is becoming increasingly certain it was NOT a molotov cocktail.

News site Fria Tider interviewed lead investigator Franzell. His team spent yesterday fine-combing the place with dogs specially trained to sniff out flammable materials and accelerants used in fire bombs; they came up empty handed.

The technicians are still working and have “certain theories” on the cause of the fire, but for now the investigation is “ongoing”.

Any news on the witness who claimed to have seen the phantom arsonist? “No, no we don’t have anything,” he said.

So… It increasingly seems the only crime committed here is that of incompetence and opportunistic political correctness. I bet we’ll see equally dramatic headlines bounce across the globe on Reuters and AFP when it turns out Sweden is NOT a fascist hellhole packed with violent islamophobes. Not.


19 thoughts on “Mosque set ablaze in Swedish town [UPDATE 3]

  1. If Sweden imports hundreds of thousand people from MENA, straight from the witches’ cauldron of religious conflict and clan-based warfare, why is anybody surprised that the tensions of those regions follow the people to Sweden?

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  2. Haha so they set fire to their own kitchen and now they’re trying to spin it into some major sympathy story? Yes, this won’t backfire one bit, I’m sure!

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  3. As a muslim guy from turkey, i’ve just watched this from the news on tv and to be honest it made me upset for my fellow muslim brothers out there. I dont have any information if there’s a battle between two or more parties there, but i believe muslim or not, people CAN live in harmony, i believe.

    “Call upon your Lord in humility and privately; indeed, He does not like transgressors.” Surat Al-‘A`rāf , 7:55

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    • I am not affiliated with any political party in either country, nor do I intend to be since all politicians are untrustworthy scum regardless of faction.

      But to answer your question, SD are currently allowed to wield monopoly over certain aspects of common sense. In this, I support them. Just as I will support any other party that takes a stand on the right side of important issues. And I will have no qualms about ripping at any dumb suggestions and policies, whether it originates from M, S or SD. Stupid is as stupid does.


      • do you support this post by Sweden Democrats?..

        “This month, the leader of Sweden’s Jewish community condemned as “good old rightwing antisemitism” remarks by the party’s secretary(Sweden Democrats) that Jews could not be Swedes unless they abandoned their religious identity.”..


      • Now why would I do that? Racism and discrimination of any kind is vile and must not be tolerated, whether its whites going after blacks or arabs targeting white kids. It’s ALL bad.

        But why are you fishing for conflict?

        As I said, I am not affiliated with SD in any way. Since they are the only ones pushing for an end to the extreme immigration, I support them in that. But I do not give them carte blanche to speak for me nor do I automatically support everything they do; I only support the parts that make sense, in those specific areas, as long as they continue to make sense.

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