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Some readers ask why so many Swedes are idly sitting by when things obviously are going off the rails at a neckbreaking speed. The simple answer is, they live in blissful ignorance of it. Because according to mainstream news, everything is just peachy in the country of Sweden, except more and more people join this satanic league of soulless orcs in the nationalist party. It’s completely inexplicable and puzzling, since the only stories ever presented about SD is what fascist monsters they are — and yet they keep growing like nobody’s business!

Obviously, these “defectors” get unfiltered information online. Then they tell their friends and neighbors, who in turn also stop buying regular papers. And there’s the explanation why the Swedish mainstream media scene is rapidly going down the toilet DESPITE big investments in online adaptation of its material.

But let’s pretend for a second that you are one of the many who still rely on mainstream media for your daily news, unpolluted by alternative and dissenting voices. Your views of the world are dictated by people strictly adhering to the official journalist union code of self-censorship.

Any incidents of bombings, torched cars, shootings and gang rapes are either hushed up, downplayed and relegated to a tiny notice towards the back and/or distorted to fit the established doctrine. The only pictures published in these cases are when the perp is white; if there is no picture, the perp is of MENA-origin.

Now we’ll take a look inside Metro, a conventional ad-based paper available in all major towns in Sweden. This snapshot is from today, Dec 9, 2014.


First, the big headline story is that they’re launching a sob story series about the lives of the Romanian beggars (sometimes referred to as “EU-migrants” or the traditional slur, “Gypsies”) that now pack the street in any podunk Swedish town. Since Romania gained free access to Europe, there has been a tremendous inflow of beggars, and you’ll find at least one beggar outside every decent-size store.

While there are now court cases where the “beggar bosses” and their gangs fight for turf and abuse the actual beggars not unlike pimps, mainstream media vehemently denies that it’s organized. The office where I work has a view over one such beggar spot, and twice a day, 11-ish and 3-ish like clockwork, the boss comes by in a dark Mercedes and collects the loot. But according to the journalists, it’s a fantasy, and the purpose of the article series is of course to make regular Swedes open their hearts and wallets without realizing they’re merely helping the fat guy get a third Rolex.

As for real news, the main stories of the day is that more youths get gonhorrea, the release of the CIA torture report, and that airborne Brazilian police found a swastika in a residential pool.

Having dealt with the vital news portion, it’s time for the bulk of the paper: editorials, columns and opinion pieces. I want to stress that these two screenshots from the Dec 9 electronic edition are unedited in any way, presenting a typical sample of articles found in any given newspaper on any given day.


Top left: “We who are born in Sweden don’t deserve to be better off than the refugees”
A remarkable article that deserves a link to the full text, for those who really want to peek inside the mind of a Swedish journalist. Her basic point is that it’s a disgrace that Swedes get to enjoy the fruit of their ancestors’ hard work, and that the borders should be completely opened to everyone in the whole world who has lower standard of living than the average Swede.

On a side note, this is the same gem that wrote an earlier article protesting the very notion of deporting immigrant rapists. It is the poor MENA-men that are the victims here, she argued, because it’s not their fault. They rape because they are “emotionally scarred”.

Top middle: “Swedish kids don’t need an Ipad for christmas — take them to an asylum housing instead”
The same “How DARE you spend money on presents when people starve”-argument that have been used by leftists since the stone age, but with an added twist of focusing the bad conscience onto asylum seekers instead. Less than 5% of these are classified as actual refugees by the UN, and many reside in mansions with full hotel standard but that’s another story.

Bottom middle: “If an acquaintance spreads rumors about muslims — have a coffee at the local mosque”
Actually not all bad at first blush. A lot of friction between ethnic groups and religions WOULD disappear if people had regular contact as human beings. The problem is that it’s a unilateral adaptation being promoted. It’s only the westerner needing to gain understanding of the muslim; not a single word is said about the need for the immigrants needing to gain one iota of respect and understanding for its new country.

Bottom right: “The most primitive parts of humanity are revealed at Lucia”
Saint Lucias day is a traditional Christian event that takes place on Dec 13 in Sweden. Every town and every school has an election, a beauty pageant of sorts, where the most beautiful girl get to play the part of “St Lucia” and do some singing with an entourage of runner-ups. This tradition is waning, to the joy and delight of any true feminist despising such awful concepts as beauty pageants and gender stereotypes.


Top right: “The Alliance has granted SD the priviligie to trigger the government crisis”
An outspoken communist and editor of a tax-subsidized Marxist newspaper doing a guest column blaming PM Löfvens monumental incompetence on equal parts the conservative Alliance and nationalist party SD.

Middle left: “To all eager SD-voters: There is no ‘traditional Swedish culture'”
Total cultural nihilism at its finest. By denying a people it’s common history, value system and culture, the country ceases to be more than an administrative surface populated by strangers. Why would anyone fight wars to defend that country? Pay taxes? Bother to cheer at the olympic games? And of course, anyone arguing that there is no Afghan or Somalian culture would be crucified on the spot as a racist.

Middle middle: “The American consumerism culture affects us more than any other immigrant culture”
America has culture though. I guess I should be grateful for that merciful nod of acknowledgement. The bad news is that it is a plague strangling the Swedish culture that supposedly didn’t exist. And Burger King and Hobbit-movies are WAY more hazardous to the Swedish way of life than muslim no-go zones and returning IS fighters.

Bottom: “2058 cubic meters — the volume of those who drowned trying to reach Europe”
While nationalist party SD is desperately trying to scale down immigration to manageble volumes, this editorial tries to score a quick rethorical point by using the same term – volumes – when talking about the Africans drowning trying to sneak into Europe. Somehow, it is Europe’s fault that these people pile on unsafe boats in vast numbers, and then sink. And they’re not even fleeing war! Heck, look at a map — you reach Europe by way of Turkey, by land, if you’re fleeing unrest in the Middle East! Anyone drowning outside Spain or Malta merely did so in pursuit of higher standard of living!

And yet, this compassionate journalist is wringing his hands over these poor people, blaming us for their hazardous journey. The solution, of course, is to change the rules so that they can simply go collect their visa at the local Swedish embassies and fly by airplane instead.

More than 3 billion people live on less than $2,50 a day.
That cunning plan. I see a flaw in it. Can you?


25 thoughts on “Swedish Pravda

  1. Great article. You nailed a lot of important points.

    There are probably four billion people on earth who would rather live in Sweden than where they are now. Fredhammed Reinfeldt keeps claiming “We have room for everybody!”

    The influence of the MSM is pernicious. We like to see ourselves as independent-minded people who draw their own conclusions about things. But when you’re constantly immersed in a certain message and set of values propagated by the media, it effects you deeply on a level you’re not aware of. You tend to accept and believe that version of reality without really thinking about it. After all, these are professional journalists, and they presumably know what they’re doing. Why would they lie? Another factor that kicks in here is that most people want to believe in the best of things, instead of negative and depressing things, like, say, the fact that Blacks commit the majority of homicides in the US while only making up 14% of the population.

    I used to shop at a grocery store in San Francisco’s Japan Town. There was a community bulletin board in the store that listed robberies in the area. There would be about 10 bulletins there at a time, and they almost always described the offender as a Black male, or two Black males. Nearly every single time, Black males.

    The local mass media rarely provided descriptions of criminals. They censored themselves to be politically correct. The majority of violent criminals are Black or Latino, a fact that didn’t sit well with the political powers that be. So, rather than publish story after story that made Blacks and Latinos look bad, the media would simply whisk this fact away and disappear it. Poof! Nothing to see here, people! Ignore the man behind the curtain!

    If you are surrounded by a media environment that never mentions the race of offenders, you’ll have a vague idea that, yes, there sure is a lot of robbery going on out there, but you won’t associate it with race. You’ll have a vague idea that the offenders are probably spread across the board, if you think about it at all. This perception is aided by the fact that when the media does report the race of the offender, the offenders are usually white. It really is all very insidious, it’s a shaping of minds and opinions on a subconscious level.

    I remember standing there reading that bulletin board and initially having a hard time believing it (I was raised in a Liberal household). How could every single robber be Black? That wasn’t what I was seeing on TV and reading in the newspapers. I even felt a little indignant about this challenge to my ingrained beliefs.

    I watched that bulletin board over a period of a few years, and the offenders remained overwhelmingly Black. Only occasionally would you see a token Latino or White. This was very much at odds with the message told by the MSM, and it induced a sort of vertignious confusion in me. I didn’t know who to believe anymore. It was the beginning of having my eyes opened to the truth.

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  2. This behaviour going on in Swedish media is a case of commitment fallacy or gambler’s fallacy. Sweden as society as invested hugely to this idea of multiculty utopia or humanitarian super power and that has lasted decades. They are so committed they cannot stop now no matter what.

    There was an interesting study of so called doomsday cults. After their final date arrived and nothing happened, very peculiar thing occurred. Instead of the cult breaking apart completely, the members left were even more committed to the cult and they just came up with a new final date! They closed their ranks even more tightly and spread the word even more eagerly. After all, many had sold all their assets and given the money to the cult leader. He must be right!

    The same thing is happening in Swedish politics. SD is the enemy, they must be closet nazis. We must try harder and anyone questioning it, is automatically a rascist or worse. No wonder the ex-PM came out and demanded even more refugees into Sweden. He is kind of one of the cult leaders and he is fully committed to this madness (with other peoples’ money of course).

    In Nazi Germany there was also similar case among people. Hitler promised total victory by 1942 but it never came. A lot of Germans believed until the very end it will happen with “wonder weapons”. The defeat was such a shock in the end that many mothers in Berlin simply walked into icy rivers during spring 1945 with their kids and drowned themselves.

    They will be a constant bombardment of these delusional attacks against SD and their supporters until the March election. It is kind of second round of a doomsday cult, the closing of the ranks and full commitment no matter what.

    This is very dangerous for any nation to wrap around themselves around some utopian idea that is not working. Basically, Sweden is giving race based criminal gangs free pass to do anything in the name of multiculty. No-go zones…very bad idea.

    Bad times coming to Sweden…the level of violence is already escalating.

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    • Ah, good point with the gambler’s fallacy mechanism. It was 20 years ago I suffered through the college psychology textbooks, but now that you mention it there is a documented thought process that drives the madness we currently see in otherwise sane people.

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  3. As an outsider, this reads like leftist propaganda on par with North Korea. Not one ounce of critical thinking, like ‘is this REALLY plausible?’ or ‘is this REALLY how I want things to be in my home town?’, but all gung-ho out into the socialist utopian fantasyland.

    Why do normal Swedes read this at all?

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  4. When it comes to immigration, it’s a mater of basic arithmetic. You can’t fit all the poor people of Africa and the Middle East into Sweden. Communism has never worked, it only serves to make everybody poor. Just stating the obvious…….


  5. As a Swede myself it’s not hard for me to understand who reads and believes in this garbage, I see them everyday, all around me, spewing socialist memes all over the place. These people believe in the theater of politics and the blessings of being a multiculty paradise.

    I myself used to believe that Swedish culture didn’t exist, that it was dead and gone. This was years ago, back in school. But it’s not hard to understand why when you see what gets read in school. You basically spend years and years reading about everybody else’s culture but your own. I didn’t realize how defined Swedish culture really was until I lived abroad. That is an eye opener and I recommend it for everyone.

    “Borta bra, men hemma bäst.”

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  6. I a Jewish man living in Stockholm and i Think the Swedes don’t deserve better then they have. No people are given freedom and rights. When they kicked ass with the Vikings and with Charles XII the good times where here. But they let a foreign minority run media (power) and the media run the politics who run the country.

    The Jews are not to be blamed, they just see a opportunity to get money and power in foreign land.

    The same scenario is everywhere in the western culture, I laugh when I think about the Americans, all buttf*cked by us and they still go out on the streets screaming that USA is free.


      • LOL!

        The best part is how he starts out by claiming to be Jewish, but in the second paragraph starts rambling about “They” and “The Jews”.


      • A wise choice. I didn’t realize they came that stupid.

        I’m from Denmark, and in many ways we’ve been spared the worst excesses of our strange, Swedish cousins. Even though there’s a hard-core segment of professional moralizers preaching predominantly on the left here, their numbers seem to be dwindling again – just as we thought they couldn’t get any smaller. It is as if the defections come in waves, as if, each time they are confronted with a particularly nasty piece of reality, a layer peels off the consensus onion. People can still be shocked to their senses here – even among those heavily invested in being “Swedish.”

        Which is a blessing, because, when I look at your last two front pages from Metro (which we also have here!), it feels as if I have been catapulted into a strange, parallel universe: an alternate Denmark that might have been – if something had gone terribly, terribly wrong. The wall of righteous, Protestant rage that assaults you from those pages, the sheer lunacy of the mad woman who claims the non-existence of “traditional” Swedish culture, the inquisitor castigating the Swedish sinners in cubic m/ drowned refugee … it’s Salem 1692 all over again (or, at least, something very similar). And then they are so white! In fact, except for the Muslim guy who invites everybody over for coffee at the mosque, it’s just a massive wave of righteous whiteness gushing out at you. Why, some of them are so white they seem almost transparent … 😉

        But they scare me. I fear that they have set something in motion that has never been tried before, an experiment in social engineering that will collapse due to its own intrinsic contradictions. I fear chaos, segregation and, ultimately, war. And I fear the zeal and the fire burning in their eyes.

        Still they march on. Or as the man said: a href=”http://nfs.sparknotes.com/richardiii/page_334.html”>March on, join bravely, to the battle pell-mell. If not to heaven, then hand in hand to hell. 😦

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      • But maybe I am wrong. What do you think, oh master of this very interesting blog? Will the Swedes come to their senses? Will factions from övrigheten eventually decide that enough is enough and intervene, if only to save their own necks? Or will they just get the hell out of Dodge, and set out for pastures new where they can continue their moral crusade, while Malmö and Götteborg burn behind them?

        Or maybe I’m completely deluded, and Sweden will in fact become a harmonious, multicultural society where everybody respects each other and celebrates their differences in an atmosphere of mutual tolerance whilst rejoicing in their cultural diversity?

        What do you think?

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      • >Or maybe I’m completely deluded, and Sweden will in fact become a harmonious, multicultural society where everybody respects each other and celebrates their differences in an atmosphere of mutual tolerance whilst rejoicing in their cultural diversity?

        It may very well become that in many decades, but the price will be high and paid by the most vulnerable.


  7. Brilliant article with true insight into the Swedish thought police and their brain washing tactics.It really is like living in the twilight zone moving to Sweden once you learn the language and then read the constant leftist properganda in newspapers and on TV.You look around at people and wounder if they know whats going on, and the scary thing is most of them dont.

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  8. @ Jørgen Laursen:

    Unfortunately, WordPress doesn’t allow for more than three levels of “reply”, but I want to thank you for your interesting insights in the difference between the Danish and Swedish situation.

    I see news headlines from Denmark popping up frequently. Some decrying the bizarre political climate. Some openly mocking the Swedes, like a borderline retarded cousin who happens to be a pompous ass and yet tries to lord his perceived superior intellect over you. Some worrying about being de facto neighbors with a country whose population is growing increasingly different and in many cases unknown (with some 90% of immigrants having no ID whatsoever there’s bound to be a fair number of criminals, jihadists and similar pouring in every year).

    And what I think? I think we should talk about fleshing this entry out into a guest post. 😉


  9. Why, you flatter me, sir! 🙂 By all means, let’s talk about that. But let’s also postpone it till after New Year’s. I fear the onset of a post-festive headache tomorrow, you see.

    And oh, speaking of this:

    I see news headlines from Denmark popping up frequently. Some decrying the bizarre political climate. Some openly mocking the Swedes, like a borderline retarded cousin who happens to be a pompous ass and yet tries to lord his perceived superior intellect over you.

    Indeed. We certainly have those, too. But to most Danes, Sweden simply remains a fascinating mystery. It certainly does to me. On the one hand, we’re so obviously similar – on the other, it sometimes seems that one of our nations must have been switched at birth. I mean, you guys seem that alien sometimes, as we probably do to you. Weird, huh?

    Anyway, thanks for the invite and your reply. Have a good one! 🙂

    Venlig hilsen


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  10. Sad, very sad to read this, it looks like Sweden and the whole western Europe wants to commit suicide
    by bringing primitive people from backward places, the stupid leftists governments are to blame


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