Pseudoscience and false flags


I guess it’s official; the Swedish election campaign for the impromptu snap election in March is on. And in what can only be described as a remarkable coincidence, the very first thing that happens is that two “scientists” released a report declaring nationalist party SD voters extremely racist. Yes, it’s all about simple bigotry and narrowminded hatred of the unknown when your country has 2% of Europe’s population, yet receives 22% of it’s total refugee inflow year after year.

The leftist mainstream press, whose journalists currently rank well below car salesmen in surveys regarding public trust, pounced on the news and turned the bizarre report into big headlines. Behold! The “ultimate proof” that almost 17% percent of the population secretly likes to don SS-uniforms and march around the living room with severe arm twitches behind closed curtains! Even though every fourth SD-voter is a non-ethnic Swede and thus manages to be racist against themselves! It’s science! A proven fact! Bank on it!

Meanwhile, the report provided great amusement in independent web media for obvious reasons. The undersigned and many with me were grateful for the morning coffee chuckle, since the “scientific” report and its “research methods” had as much credibility as the latest report on North Korea’s Great Leader hitting all hole-in-ones on the first golf round or bench pressing 800 lbs for 20 solid reps.

So what, you wonder, is the natural next step in this saga? Why, a follow-up story where the two “scientists” cry in front of the reporters about the evil, evil SD-voters threatening them of course. Aha! Validation of our precious research!

Unfortunately for the media, the meat of the story turned out to be about the amount you dislodge from the teeth with a toothpick after a meatball sandwich. “An anonymous email,” the so-called scientists coughed up. “But it was a MEAN email!”

It told us to “shut up,” said Peter Hedström, one of the “scientists” basking in the camera lights. Then I could go on enjoying life, he said. This he interpreted as a death threat.

The other part of the email was adressed to the other “scientist,” Tim Müller, who was told to stop wasting tax money on this kind of crap. And in the email, the anonymous writer said about Hedström: “We’ll deal with him later.”

While threats of any kind is of course completely unacceptable in any civilized society, the email above seem somewhat underwhelming in light of what happened to Christian profile Marcus Birro when he dared send a factual Tweet criticizing Islam.

And yet, the anonymous email that was the result of a major headline story in all mainstream media were treated as damning proof that the “scientists” had somehow hit a raw nerve among the one million voter base of SD confirming their ludicrous thesis. A police report has been filed, and university head Helen Dannetun was beside herself with outrage in the media over the horrible email her dear professor had received.

Of course, the very concept of false flag operations never entered the mind of a single mainstream journalist reporting on this facepalm-inducing story. Like the ancient Romans said: “Cui bono?” Who benefits from this, on the very first day of a new election campaign?

I would go on, but I have to start drafting an anonymous email. I plan to send it to prime minister Löfvén.

“Dear Sweden.

We intend to attack you soon! Stupid Swedes! You suck!”

Then I will cleverly sign it: “Denmark”

With such indisputable and damning evidence of an impending invasion, I expect full mobilization of all armed forces within hours.


5 thoughts on “Pseudoscience and false flags

  1. I thought SD got 13% in the election, not 17%. Are you counting the Sentio poll of october?

    That’s kind of cheating, don’t you think? It’s a Norweigian poll. Dumbass fascists. Can you spell cooked numbers?


      • Well, they voted in a nazi party into there governent, and their newspapers frequently run storys demonizing immigrants. Norway has a fascist culture rich with the nazi ideals.

        “For the first time ever a distinctly racist party under its own power made it to the office in the Nordic countries. Elections in Norway – and the new government that will be the result – thus becomes a dark event in European history.

        The Norwegian development are likely to spread internationally; traditional right may in the future receive increased impetus to include far-right and neo-fascist parties to obtain parliamentary majority. Racism – unlike the often mixed up the concept of “xenophobia” – is a conscious political strategy, where players make specific minorities into enemies. The goal is that racism will become an accepted “truth”, ie the racist hostility perceived as normal and that the defense of the victims’ rights thus becomes extremism.”

        The Norway nazis opened the door for the Swedish nazi party. Thanks Norway!!


  2. So you’re seriously using Henrik Arnstad as a source? That’s about as credible as quoting Weekly World News for proof that Bigfoot exists. Not even the most left-leaning journalists use him as a source anymore since the incident where he started rambling about why dead jewish babies are less tragic than others. Begone, troll!

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