Down in flames

Stefan Löfvén. Photo: Folkbladet

The ill-conceived Löfvén government crashed and burned on the runway without ever really taking off. Thank goodness.

As expected, the budget vote led to a crushing defeat for Löfvén, who immediately announced a snap election to take place on March 22. Now, having been soundly defeated once, one might assume he’d realize something needs to change. Nope. Löfvén intends to campaign on the same budget. And he’s planning to campaign alongside extremist party MP, which turned out to be a huge liability the first time around.

MP is supposedly a green party, but they have made immigration their main focus for reasons that remain elusive. Their idea of reducing the carbon footprint is mass immigration of poor people from underdeveloped, warm countries to a cold, highly developed country where everybody including refugees consider a new cell phone every other year a basic human right. And they appear to be just as eager as nationalist party SD to make the March election in effect be a vote for increased or decreased immigration.

This is of course a fight they can’t win. According to the Swedish SOM institute, who runs an annual survey on the attitude towards immigration, the 2014 result reveals that just about half the population wants to decrease immigration and only 18% wants to increase it. And with every other month setting new records, it seems unlikely this will change in MPs favor.

Simply put, time is working against MP and the other pro-immigration parties as more and more Swedes (including older immigrants) are faced with the consequences of biting off waaay more than you can chew.

Graph by LAST years numbers!

The smear campaigns in the media will probably reach a new low before this is over, but it’s no use. The SD voters are jaded now. Media did everything they could before last election, and SD STILL more than doubled its mandate. And every time yet another Romanian beggar pops up on the sidewalk is a small nudge in SDs favor.

So what of the four opposition parties, the Alliance? They were ousted from power in September and the former prime minister resigned and stomped off stage on the night of the election. Shouldn’t they be eager for another run?

Uncertain. There are huge challenges for the government in the years ahead, with the bill coming due for the some predicted 500 000 additional immigrants. They know damn well what a can of worms Sweden is. They know. Because they were the ones who stuffed the can and left it for someone else to open.


6 thoughts on “Down in flames

  1. Perhaps it’s just me being thick here… But when he just lost doing exactly that – sticking by the green party and trying to push a leftist budget through – what exactly makes him believe it will work the second time around?

    Let’s see… “The definition of insanity is to try the same thing over and over, and expecting different results” springs to mind.

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  2. “MP is supposedly a green party, but they have made immigration their main focus for reasons that remain elusive.”

    They’re not the only ones. In Germany, France and Switzerland the Green Parties are all pro-immigration/open-borders. I presume it’s the same pattern in Italy, Spain, Portugal, etc.

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  3. I remember Sweden fondly (I am not Swedish) when I last visited the country over 35 years ago. In those days Sweden was the jewel of Europe, highest living standard, lowest crime, highest wages, ect. ect. ect. ect.
    Now Sweden is a joke!
    The image of Sweden has been shot to pieces. The respect is gone for good. When I hear news about Sweden I laugh and think “those idiots have done it again”. In one generation the country has fallen from grace and has now become an international ‘joke’. Swedes who once could hold their heads up high and be proud of their achievements are now the disgrace of the western world.
    Sweden is the only nation in the world which has deliberately set out to commit suicide. This is a new social experience which will end up in death and destruction.
    Where will Swedish refugees run to when their Muslim masters will cut of their heads?
    Where will Swedish woman run to when rape gets worse and worse that it will become totally unsafe for any Swedish woman to live in Sweden?
    What has blinded the people of Sweden?
    Everyone else seems to be able to see the destruction that has come over their nation but they can’t see it.
    Their once proud Viking ancestors must be turning over in their graves in great shame!
    It will not be long before Stockholm will be the Beirut of Europe.
    In less than 20 years the whole nation of Sweden will turn into a ‘no go zone’ for Swedes and they will have to run for their life’s.
    History will always expose the truth in the end.
    One day even the blind and deceived Swedish politicians and masses will wake up but by then it will be to late.
    They will have lost their nation and their culture for good.
    The future generation of Swedish refugees will never forgive their parents and grandparents for their insanity.


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