Malmö is exploding!

Malmö is the third largest city in Sweden, balancing on the southern tip right across the water from the European continent. It is also heavily infested with criminal gangs that have taken over large parts of the city, making them in effect no-go zones for police, emergency services and ethnic Swedes.

It appears the gangs are now upping the ante and advancing their positions against society. Shortly before midnight last night, two men were spotted placing a bomb at the entrance of Malmö’s “Justice Center,” a building containing the local court and the equivalent of the District Attorneys office. Moments later it detonated, causing severe damage to the building as well as the surrounding residental buildings.

Despite several shattered windows and debris flying about, noone was hurt in what can only be described as crazy luck.

“We’re seeing fairly massive damages in the area,” said Police Commander Fredrik Svensson. “There are shattered windows and pieces of metal from balconies that have been ripped away [by the blast].”

Unfortunately, this is but the latest in a long row of explosions rocking the once peaceful town of Malmö. The rise of the gangs combined with easy access to military-grade explosives have put Malmö at the top in Europe for bomb detonations.

Roland Nilsson, technician at the national explosives unit of the police, points squarely at organized crime as the cause for the dramatic increase. The statistics are sticking out like a sore thumb compared to the rest of the continent.

“Now we’re up at the top spot in Europe,” he said.

While most blasts are aimed at cars and businesses in the ongoing gang warfare, it is alarming when the criminals are specifically targeting the justice system. Not long ago there was a similar attack on a Malmö police station, and the message is clear: This is our town, not yours. If you try to enforce your rules, we will strike back.

Sweden’s legal system is poorly equipped to handle the new kind of organized crime. Witnesses and prosecutors alike are already subject to threats and violence, because there simply is no structure in place to shield them from the perpercussions of relatives and others gang members. Time will tell how this frontal attack on the legitimacy of the court itself will impact future legal proceedings.


3 thoughts on “Malmö is exploding!

  1. This is warfare against society, plain and simple. When war has been declared, you either fight until you win, or you surrender and bow down to your new masters.

    Now, are the cops going to grow a pair and do what needs to be done, or will they go with option two?

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