Journalist: “Ferguson riots is a democracy movement”

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The whole Ferguson, MO story was a tragedy no matter how you view it. A few months ago, a young black man attacked a white police officer and was shot. The young man was a known criminal, but he was unarmed. The officer was smaller and the thug tried to wrest the gun from his hands, but he fatally shot the man no less than six times.

Beyond that, there are probably a hundred more variables we’ll never know for certain. The one thing we can be sure of is that anyone trying to claim this is a clear-cut case of anything is obviously full of beans and/or trying to score cheap political points. Hence the need for due process. Which has now been completed, and deemed the officer’s actions appropriate. So that’s that. Like it or not, it’s time to move on.

The problem is that now people take it as an excuse for looting and torching cars, and that makes them nothing but opportunistic criminals. There is no grandiose MLK-like posturing in stealing things. And in any case, smashing a store window and running off with a stolen TV is perhaps not the best way to protest perceived racial bias in the justice system to begin with.

Naturally our dear Swedish journalists, the natural-born experts of everything, do not agree. Sticking to their strict journalistic rules where facts are secondary to the politically correct, the Ferguson riots are either completely hushed up or trivialized, depending on which paper you open. And then there are those who go for broke.

Irena Pozar is a writer for Expressen (who fired one of their most popular columnists for criticizing islam just this week) with strangely deep insights into the Ferguson affair. In an article titled “Beyond the riots there is a movement” she boldly states that:

“What the people of USA are now doing in Ferguson, New York, Chicago and Washington is a democracy movement.”

Indeed? Oh yes, she argues, because:

“Democracy is not a static entity wherein the implementation is always the same.”

So rejoice, this insightful young woman on the other side of the globe has figured out that there’s no need for the national guard troops, because this is merely the next evolutionary step of our grand democracy. And what prompted the need for change, you ask?

The well-known statistic that young black men run a much higher risk of being killed by cops than young white men, of course. But strangely, she left out the part about the overall crime statistic being equally skewed, which kind of makes the whole thing logical. If I live in a house with three cats, my odds of getting scratched are considerably higher than my neighbor who has none. Still:

“The fundamental racist structure that permeates the US police force is so strong that I want to join the rioting.”

And it’s a good thing to go rioting, mind you. Everyone should pull on a ski mask and grab a molotov cocktail. It’s your civic duty, because:

“[…] we have a democracy problem, and what the people in the streets in USA are doing right now is trying to solve it.”

Police = Evil fascist pigs who shoot minorities for sport.
Masked looters = Fighting for democracy through burning & plundering.

Now, bear this in mind next time you read stories about rioting in the immigrant ghettos of Sweden. It’s people like this that are the sources for what gets reported in the mainstream media, nationally and internationally. And it also gives a hint as to why many Swedes are blissfully misinformed of all the trouble brewing in their own home towns. Because hey, every burning car and smashed window is just another step towards improved democracy.


6 thoughts on “Journalist: “Ferguson riots is a democracy movement”

  1. Haha priceless… Whatever it is you guys smoke in Sweden, you should export it here and an make a fortune because it’s obviously a lot stronger than the domestic offerings!

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    • Standing on the sideline and looking in from the outside it never ceases to amaze me how a nation once known for it’s high education, intelligence and level headedness can descend so rapidly in self-destruct mode.
      A 100 years from now antropologists will study the case of the disapeared Swedish nation and scratch their heads. What made them do it? Why did they destroy themselves?


  2. “Because hey, every burning car and smashed window is just another step towards improved democracy.”

    If only you knew…. I have several relatives who are being fed Expressen and other idealistic garbage on a daily basis. These relatives have experienced arson and other serious crimes in their own neighborhoods. When attempting to discuss the issue they excuse the perpetrators.

    “It’s only kids playing”

    Sort of like talking to a brick wall of denial.


  3. The ‘journalist” who attempted to make an accurate assessment of the occurrence in Ferguson, Mo. undoubtably does not reside in the Unites States.
    I also believe she is under 40 years of age, perhaps closer to 20.
    Has never experienced the sadness and terror within the communities, watching a very small percentage of their population ruining where they live and work.
    The majority of all races within the USA abhor this senseless violence.
    How this “Journalist” can make such inflammatory accusations ?
    I assume has some credible evidence to prove her incendiary statements, or perhaps it’s all fantasy.


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