Birrogate: Hating in the name of Good

Photo: Rickard L. Eriksson / Libris

These past few weeks have provided a true spectacle in the isolated little duck pond that is Sweden. A good man, loved and respected by many, has been dragged through the mud, received dozens of death threats, been forced to leave the country, and now finally fired from his job as a columnist.
His crime: He criticized islam in a Tweet.

Let’s take it from the beginning.

Marcus Birro is a Swedish-Italian writer of 14 books, columnist, public speaker and musician. Popular in no small part for his courage to speak the truth, he was one of the most read columnists on Expressen, the national paper where he has now been unceremoniously fired. He is also an outspoken Christian and was close to becoming leader for the Christ Democrat party a few years ago.

On Nov 4, Birro posted a Tweet that reads (in translation):

“Not buying the talk about ‘religions’ being dangerous. What does the biggest part of the world’s religious terrorism have in common? Islam. Fact.”

In the politically correct mecca that is Sweden, this turned out to be the equivalent of soaking yourself in gasoline while playing with matches.

Before long, the full force of the left wing extremists, the journalists, the muslim community and the holier-than-thou PC fanatics were all mobilized and convened in one, singular spot: Marcus Birro.

The pure hate seeping through the thousands upon thousands of responding Tweets could sear through metal. A fellow blogger compiled a partial list of the onslaught. A few samples:

“I used to like you, but now I realize you’re just a worthless racist. You’re a bad person, for real. Simply revolting.”

“You f****ng clown. Your time will come.”

“You are the son of a whore. I hope ISIS slaughters you and those close to you.”

“It’s a good thing you’re a catholic convert. You get to f**k little boys in the ass. Enjoy!”

“Poem of the day:
Liverpool lost yesterday
What did I tell you?
Marcus Birro is still alive
That is unfortunate.”

“Ten grand to whoever makes Marcus Birro disappear. No questions asked.”

…And many, many more. The death threats poured in, the slander, the mockery, the insults and the belittlement rolled on day after day, all served up by the good people preaching tolerance and the importance of everyone’s equal worth.

Then, not content to limit the bullying to electronic media, fellow columnists upped the ante by bringing the crusade against Birro into mainstream media for a national audience.

Totte Löfström on news site Nyheter24 started with a Nov 5 column that set the tone right in the title: “Hi Marcus Birro, you’re an idiot but we can solve that together“. The solution, it turns out, was for Birro to roll over on his back and publicly beg for forgiveness in a guest column to be published on Nyheter24. Birro refused.

On Nov 7, Fredrik Virtanen wrote his first column on national paper Aftonbladet solely dedicated to smearing Birros good name. The accusations ranged from racism and fascism to crude insults to Birros mental capacities.

The storm would not subside. Enthusiastically orchestrated by Virtanen, who eagerly volunteered for role as ring leader, the constant barrage of hate started taking it’s toll on Birro and his family. On Nov 10 he wrote:

“My family is crying. I am afraid. My children are wondering what has happened. That is what these death threats have meant to us. I can’t take any more of this.”

Virtanen and his many foot soldiers responded by mocking Birro and egging each other on even further. The spectacle was not unlike the crowd of school kids that start smelling blood in the water and are getting ready to really lose all inhibitions about beating on the small kid with glasses. Now they could see the trembling of the lower lip and tears welling up. Time to go in for the kill, in a magnificent throwback to the most vicious aspect of childish immaturity perpetrated in the anonymity of a group.

On Nov 16 Birro had had enough and left Sweden for Milano. On his blog he described the feeling of leaving a pack of snarling, rabid dogs behind.
Like Cujo. Like spit, blood and blind fury.

Meanwhile, Virtanen continued his relentless drumbeat of agitation, slander and mockery back in Sweden, apparently enjoying his leadership of the crusade to the point one starts suspecting there is some kind of sexual pleasure involved. Any other explanation for this obsession has long since ceased to be plausible.

On Nov 22, Birro was interviewed in Radio Länsman, a popular conservative web radio station (“rightwing extremist” in Orwellian newspeak) for those tired of the heavily left-leaning national radio SR. Birro expressed surprise and mild dismay that his employer Expressen had remained absolutely mum and not uttered a word of defense in the face of multiple death threats, despite him being one of the most popular columnists and a loyal veteran of 5 years. The statement was very restrained and factual, in no way able to be perceived as anything but just that.

Then, late at night on Nov 23, the editor in chief at Expressen called Birro and bluntly told him that his services would no longer be required, effective immediately. The questioning of the lack of support combined with the hordes of politically correct demanding his dismissal finally overcame the loss of a popular columnist. Virtanen and his posse of Good people had won.

They had destroyed a man and terrorized his family into submission for making a factual statement about islam. And now they’re celebrating the great victory of all that is right and good with the world, where a lousy hatemonger has been put in his place thanks to the courageous efforts of noble men and women.



27 thoughts on “Birrogate: Hating in the name of Good

  1. You can’t make factual statements about Islam in a Muslim country, and Sweden is effectively a Muslim country. I respect Birro greatly for his honesty, so very rare in Sweden.

    (This comment is intended for the Birro story.)


  2. Wow… Just, wow.

    Why do people let self-righteous bullying a-holes like this get away with it? Where was the Swedish church? Wasn’t there SOMEONE willing to step up in support of Birro??


    • Honestly, what gets me the most is that Virtanen is working for a for-profit newspaper. Giving him this kind of platform is like giving a machine gun to an inebriated simian. And who pays to read this kind of childish and hateful crap? Perhaps that is part of why all the major papers in Sweden are circling the drain.

      Virtanen is acting like a mean school bully that has been handed a giant loudspeaker, and now he’s drunk with power and enjoying every second of it. Worst part is, he probably honestly considers himself a “good guy” for having “taken the fight with the forces of evil”.

      Sometimes, words elude me.

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      • You put me in mind of Robespierre. Reason will not defeat these people. The wacko left is deserving of violence, and unless and until they receive it, they will continue to destroy western civilization.


  3. IIRC, until the 19th century, embracing the Catholic faith was a capital offense in Sweden. Now you have to be outspoken about it even to be exiled. Progress???


  4. “The wacko left is deserving of violence, and unless and until they receive it, they will continue to destroy western civilization.”

    So when will we appropriate the successful tactics of Islam and start beheading the leftists?


  5. The Swedish response to such an innocent, and factual, comment as Birro made about mohammedanism being the common factor in present day religious terrorism, is fascinating and should be studied from a sociological point of view. It is difficult to believe that, with all of the problems that the mad dog mohammedans have caused in Sweden–the huge increase in incidents of rape comes to mind–that there is a majority of Swedes who would defend the mohammedans and attack Birro, but who knows? It could be that the extreme liberalism and growth of government control could have produced a lazy, indifferent, populace which responds easily to such a perverted view that allows the attempt to destroy a person for a comment, especially one which is factual.

    But those mohammedanists cannot destroy Marcus Birro. I have been to cold, cold Sweden and actually lived in warm, warm Italy–there is no comparison, especially in human warmth.


  6. Sweden is in deep trouble. This is a case of group think on national scale. When someone steps outside of the pack by expressing an original thought they are set upon by the pack like rabid dogs. I see this with a colleague I work with who lives in Sweden. He is a brilliant scientist but sticks to the political orthodoxy thoughtlessly.


  7. Reblogged this on Honestly Said and commented:
    Cultural Marxism/Political correctness is destroying what used to be such a great country – Sweden. Sadly this is related to the whole western civilization. Unless brainwashed majority wakes up, there is no hope. Useful idiots of left wing multiculti braindead walkers will lead us to islamic paradise, where the only law is Sharia, the only ideology Islam.


    • You are very likely correct in your prediction; however, we are indeed resisting the mad dog mohammedan onslaught and our victory will be final very soon.


      • Who’s “we”? I agree with you in calling Muslims mohammedans because they hate to be called that. I like your “in your face” attitude. But who’s “we” as in “. . . we are indeed resisting the mad dog mohammedan onslaught . . .”? I’m serious. Because I believe that an organization will have to be inaugurated outside of the political parties to get rid of the multi-cultural insanity and to cleanse the ancestral land of the white race of the racial vermin who now infest it.


      • It appears that Word Press has screwed this whole thing up.

        This response is in response to the following post by deremes.

        deremes commented on Birrogate: Hating in the name of Good.

        in response to barbaro70:

        You are very likely correct in your prediction; however, we are indeed resisting the mad dog mohammedan onslaught and our victory will be final very soon.

        Who’s “we”? I agree with you in calling Muslims mohammedans because they hate to be called that. I like your “in your face” attitude. But who’s “we” as in “. . . we are indeed resisting the mad dog mohammedan onslaught . . .”? I’m serious. Because I believe that an organization will have to be inaugurated outside of the political parties to get rid of the multi-cultural insanity and to cleanse the ancestral land of the white race of the racial vermin who now infest it.

        deremes, you make a great point in asking this question. My statement refers to the huge, huge, number of Americans who will not allow the mad dog mohammedans to gain any ground in the US, and I am counting on the next president, Democrat or Republican, to realize that Barack Hussein Obama has been 100% wrong about everything he has done as president especially concerning the Middle East and mohammedans, whether the new president admits that much or not, and also realize that Americans have been manipulated and lied to about the nature of mohammedanism by Obama and his lackeys. You might be right about an organization outside of political parties to get rid of the mohammedan menace–I hope I have interpreted your closing sentence properly.


  8. These people that eagerly seek someone to call racist and send there hordes of bullies after are so full of hate and envy! They are in constant need to spill there hate on anyone to get a moment of relief. Disgusting future if these lackeys isn’t manoeuvred away from media influence.


  9. A big problem now is that your career in many professions can be over if you take a stand against this political force of political correctness. And this is not only a problem for Swedes! I would say France is worse! But it look like Sweden wants to take the lead in the race to the bottom! We have to do with a political power that try to force there view on how west should look like in the future. If you’re proud of western values and culture and want to preserve that. Be prepared to be called racist from Australia to Europe and up to Canada! Haha it’s crazy!


  10. Now, hating and trying to destroy someone’s life because you disagree with their point of view is intolerable no matter who it is aimed at but let’s step back a little here. Marcus should have apologized for his tweet if only because it was FACTUALLY WRONG, even if he doesn’t want to apologize for having a skewed point of view that in itself seems at least bit hateful, he should at the very minimum have his facts straight – he does (did) work for a news organization after all.

    In the last five year, less than 2 percent of all terrorist attacks in the E.U. have been “religiously motivated.”
    In 2013, there were 152 terrorist attacks in the EU. Two of them were “religiously motivated.” In 2012, there were 219 terrorist attacks in EU countries, six of them were “religiously motivated.”
    In 2011, not one of the 174 terrorist attacks in EU countries in 2011 were “affiliated or inspired” by terrorist organizations. 2010, 249 terrorist attacks, three of them were considered by Europol to be “Islamist.” In 2009, of 294 terrorist attacks, only one was related to Islamist militancy.

    In addition, an FBI report shows that only a small percentage of terrorist attacks carried out on U.S. soil between 1980 and 2005 were perpetrated by Muslims. (the full data set here:

    Princeton University’s Loon Watch compiled the data in this way (as explained below, this table is over-simplified … and somewhat inaccurate):

    Latino: 42%
    Extreme Left-Wing Groups: 24%
    Others: 16%
    Jewish Extremists: 7%
    Islamic Extremists: 6%
    Communists: 5%

    According to this data, there were more Jewish acts of terrorism within the United States than Islamic (7% vs 6%). These radical Jews committed acts of terrorism in the name of their religion. These were not terrorists who happened to be Jews; rather, they were extremist Jews who committed acts of terrorism based on their religious passions, just like Al-Qaeda and company.

    (The data is misleading in several ways. For example, it labels “Extreme Left Wing Groups” and “Communists”, but not “Extreme Right Wing Groups” or “Fascists”. It should have either discarded all partisan labels, or included labels for both ends of the spectrum. In addition, “Latinos” is misleading, as Loon Watch is actually referring to Puerto Rican separatist groups, Cuban exile groups and the like. However, many of the basic concepts are correct.)

    Loon Watch article here:

    There is more data on this topic available but why take all the fun out of y’all finding out for yerselves.

    So before y’all start yelling “The sky is falling (with Mohammedans [sic])” lets get the actual facts straight such as this one: The Islamic population in Sweden makes up about 4% of the entire population in Sweden of those (and of all immigrant populations in Europe) the vast majority is very patriotic toward their host country. So, it is literally Impossible for Sweden to become a majority Islamic country in this lifetime or even the next several lifetimes. It may feel like it is to you, but it just ain’t so Bubba.

    Personally I prefer facts to Religion and Personal beliefs because unlike Religion and Personal Belief, facts are true whether you believe in them or not.


    • So according to Loon Watch we are permitted to portray the vast majority of terrorists as nonwhite leftists. I’m okay with that. The terrorism of rightists pales in magnitude by comparison, which is probably why the lefties at Loon Watch decided not to waste their time including them, albeit they would have loved to have done so.

      But if you look, not at the number of terrorists, but at the number of people they succeed in slaughtering then mohammedans walk away with first prize. No one else comes close. From the 3,500 people slaughtered in the 9-11 attacks in the U.S. to the thousands slaughtered by Islamic State mohammedan fundamentalists in the Middle East, we can put it that the 6% of terrorists who are mohammedans are very effective killers. And I’m not talking only about mass beheading of Christians, either.

      You did say you wanted to get the facts straight. Well, I’m helping you get ALL the facts straight.


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