New Swedish head of police announced

The rapid downfall of the Swedish police force combined with the emergence of clan-controlled no-go zones should come as news to few, except of course the Swedes who still rely on Swedish mainstream media.

As the Landskrona incident clearly showed, some thugs are losing respect for the police to the point where they openly attack officers — and when the police commander doesn’t dare send in reinforcements to back them up, it’s safe to say the situation is pretty bad.

Thus, expectations were high when there was a major restructuring of the police authority announced. Just what we needed; a tougher, more agile law enforcement apparatus to combat the new kind of crime flooding the streets every day!

Well, looks like joke’s on the Swedish taxpayer. Earlier this year it was announced that the Stockholm Police Academy will move to the infamous Södertörns Högskola, where the focus will be cultural sensitivity, gender awareness and a deeper understanding of ethnical differences. Exactly what you need when dealing with thugs equipped with machine guns.

But bold and steadfast leadership with rock-solid integrity can overcome a lot. Unfortunately, that’s not what Sweden is getting.

The new head of police is a political animal named Dan Eliasson. He was previously heading the disastrous migration bureau and the equally disastrous welfare service (notice a pattern?) Putting a real cop that has risen through the ranks thanks to skills and quick wits in charge would probably risk the new organization turning out to be an improvement, so steps were taken to prevent this.

Photo by Försäkringskassan, montage courtesy of Fria Tider

Another aspect of this is that he is heavily biased against nationalist party SD. He has been accused of breaking the law for making harsh political plays against SD, not as an individual, but in his role of welfare service director. Earlier this year he Twittered that “hearing J Åkesson [the SD party leader] debate makes me want to puke!” and accused the party of racism.

This animosity against SD is not an insignificant detail considering the widespread left-wing harassment and violence aimed at SD activists and politicians, who rely on the police for protection. If the police leadership starts cultivating an attitude of blaming the victims because they have the “wrong party affiliation,” we’re on a very dangerous path.

Other telltale signs of Eliasson’s lack of moral fiber is seen in incidents like the 2006 attempt to strong-arm the attorney general into ceasing his criticism of Eliasson’s dysfunctinal justice department despite this being exactly what the AG is supposed to do (note: Eliasson was justice minister Thomas Bodström’s right-hand man in this affair).

In August just this year, he tried to “clean up” his misdeeds a little and ordered an employee to alter his wikipedia page. People noticed the suddenly squeaky clean profile and tracked the IP-address right back to the welfare service headquarters, where a red-faced Eliasson had to confess.

Other than that, the most notable thing about the new head of Swedish police is that he is a former punk rocker who played in a band producing the immortal hit “F***ing in Bangkok“.


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