IS sleeper cells in Sweden

A defector from the Islamic State, the brutal terror organization made notorious by slaughtering civilians and beheading Westerners on the Internet, is now confirming the suspicion there are sleeper cells in Sweden just waiting to unleash acts of terror on the population.

The defector was stationed in Raqqa in Syria, where he was privy to information about many european IS sleeper cells including the Swedish ones. He has also been in contact with a friend receiving serious threats from one of the Swedish sleeper cells.

Columnist Zulmay Afzeli, himself a muslim, sounded the alarm earlier this year in conservative paper Svenska Dagbladet that half the people in his local mosque in Stockholm had left for Syria to fight for IS. Most of them will return having learned the ins and outs of terrorism while hardening their resolve to bring down the weak “infidels” of the west.

This, in combination with Sweden’s infamously lax background checks of new immigrants, suggest the number of sleeper cells is likely to increase dramatically over time.

It is worth noting that the news report source is actually Norwegian. Despite this being a big story in Norway that broke 5:30 am yesterday, mainstream Swedish media has so far kept absolutely mum. The big headlines in Dagens Nyheter, Expressen, Aftonbladet etc. are about the coming shortage of chocolate in the world, Charles Manson getting married, a hacking attempt of an SD politicians email account (the newspaper doing the hacking; the news story an attempt to scandalize the politican) and Peter Forsberg’s inclusion in the Hockey Hall of Fame.

It would appear the new Swedish journalist union guidelines are working as planned.


2 thoughts on “IS sleeper cells in Sweden

  1. Of COURSE there is no need for media to inform the public. Then they might start asking uncomfortable questions. And we can’t have that! Move along people, nothing to see here…


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