Sweden’s islamist minister involved in fraud

Mehmet Kaplan

Sweden’s new Minister of Housing and Urban Development, Mehmet Kaplan, has made headlines since his appointment for his hardline islamistic views and involvement with muslim hate preachers. Now his participation in a major mosque funding fraud is surfacing.

In Husby, one of the muslim enclaves outside Stockholm made famous for the 2013 immigrant riots, the community had been saving up for a proper mosque to be erected instead of the current facilities being rented by the city. They did so using a foundation called the Husby Islamic Culture Center, which collected membership fees and hundreds of voluntary donations over the years.

Now there’s suddenly 1,3 million missing from the funds, and the foundation itself is set to be disbanded entirely by the end of the week. This was decided by a board of directors that the members claim is bogus, since these board members were ousted long ago and thus had no legal right the foundation’s monies. As the foundation minutes filed with the local court shows, the chairman signing the dotted line was Mehmet Kaplan.

Imat Adwan, spokesman för the group, and Ridha Zaafrani, the legit chairman of the foundation, has been trying to get answers concerning the whereabouts of the missing money without success. As Kaplan was chairman, they demand a straight answer from the minister.

“We demand to know where the money has been moved, and why. Was Kaplan aware that they were plundering the mosque building project money?”

When confronted by the press, Kaplan denied any wrong-doing and refused to comment further on the issue.

There are many peculiar aspects of this story that are unanswered as of this writing, but we’ll keep an eye on it. The members have now hired legal counsel to bring the matter to court, where the full extent of Kaplan’s involvement will hopefully be revealed.


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