Sweden embraces returning IS fighters

A growing number of muslims that have already acquired Swedish citizenship become radicalized and travel back to the middle east to fight for the Islamic State (IS). Columnist Zulmay Afzeli, himself a muslim, sounded the alarm earlier this year in national paper Svenska Dagbladet that half the people in his local mosque in Stockholm had left for Syria.

Noone knows the total number of “Swedish” IS fighters currently slaughtering civilians, but we do know they are in the process of becoming full-fledged terrorists with the skills and fanaticism to make Sweden a very dangerous place in coming years when they return.

To combat this looming threat, eyes are turning to Mona Sahlin, the former leader of the leftist Socialdemocrat party currently in power, who was recently appointed National Coordinator for Prevention of Extremism. An extremism czar may seem like just what the doctor ordered, considering that the police now has officially ceded control over 55 areas to criminals in the predominantly muslim ghettos popping up all over the country.

Unfortunately, Sahlin is a notoriously one-eyed person with deep personal ties to the extremist left, and in her world the only truly bad guys are found in the miniscule neo-nazi scene. Jihadists are primarily victims.

Mona Sahlin wearing hijab in support of female oppression in muslim culture

When pressed to respond to the public’s growing concern about muslim extremism, she grudgingly addressed the issue yesterday. The approach is basically two-fold. The first part is so obvious it should have been done years ago, namely turn off the tax funding spigot for muslim organizations with ties to Jihadism.

The second part is to provide support for returning IS fighters. The idea here is to help the Jihadists return “home” when they get tired of beheading and raping, then coddle them with therapy to process their experiences and provide incentives to return to normal society. Not a word is uttered about holding anybody accountable for the atrocities committed. Nor is the concern about the returnees applying their new skills to Swedish targets addressed.

For comparison, anyone who’d suggest rolling out a tax-funded red carpet for veteran Auschwitz camp guards would have been branded as insane, but when Jihadists with just as much blood on their hands return, everybody is supposed to bend over backwards.

The obvious solution of immediately stripping anybody taking part in the IS bloodshed of their citizenship and refusing them re-entry to Sweden, as suggested by nationalist party SD, is dismissed as “racist” by the other seven parties.

It should also be noted that these “Swedes” enjoy unrestricted travel, often without any visa requirements, to the rest of the western world.


7 thoughts on “Sweden embraces returning IS fighters

    • The Swedes have shown that they are not able to do anything but be passive–they deserve every little bit of the nastiness that these mad dog mohammedans give them, such as the skyrocketing increase in rapes, all perpetrated by these very same mad dog mohammedans.

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  1. The actions of the extremism czar are actually racist and elitist, though she would never think so. What she’s basically saying is that while she will hold people from the West accountable for their actions she considers these Islamic terrorists inferior (which, civilizationaly, they genuinely are) and thus, like little children, not responsible for their actions. I say treat them with true equality. Hold them responsible for their actions, however distasteful that reckoning may be to them.


  2. the only country which helps these shits is russia.

    While the Westerners fight and destroy islamic fanatics everywhere-russians help them,train and arm them!


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